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55 Mobile App Ideas That Will Inspire You In 2024

31 Dec 22  

Reading Time: 24 minutes

Fazmeena Faisal


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[Last Updated On: 12/02/2024]

How often have great business ideas struck you?

Many times, right? 

But how often have you acted on them?

Probably never.

To err is human but to ditch is just inhuman. And to ditch an idea is evil. The mobile platform provides you with the most effective way to work upon your business idea. In an era where mobile app development interlinks every little aspect of our lives apps are easily the best way to establish your business. An app is a natural marketing tool, as well.

A mobile app idea can transform the very core of your business. Companies like L’Oreal combined AR(Augmented Reality) to make a virtual make-up app. The app got an emphatic response around the world. Check out the features of this cool app in the video below :

Why Mobile Apps for Business?

A mobile app is the most potent business tool in 2024. And there are plenty of reasons for it.

Reason #1: More than 65% of people are using mobile to go online.

mobile user graph

The above report by Statista reveals the global trend and usage pattern of people around the world. The statistics underline the definitive that online is the future of business. Especially when android app development is at its peak.

Reason #2: Internet has attained almost 50% of global penetration

internetpenetration by region

This analytics from shows the growing penetration of internet across the world. The penetration is above 85% in developed countries and near 50% in developing countries. Since the most thriving economies like India, China, etc. are all growing, the numbers are going to shoot up soon.

Reason #3: The mobile share of internet time is crossing 50%

This trend is going to continue with mobile devices becoming light and handier.

Industries have already taken the hint and are going mobile. Take a look at the sectors that have taken a leap into the world of apps. The mobile apps help them market effectively and reach customers better.

The mobile is now, right here and the future is born from this moment right here. Take care of your present moment, and the future falls into place on its own. So revamp your business with some of the coolest and never before mobile app ideas, we have in store for you.

55 Trending Mobile App Ideas for 2024

Mobile app ideas are those innovative business plans that can be implemented and operated through a mobile app. It could be a product, a service, or even a utility.

1. My Personal Chef

My personal chef

Well, it’s been a challenging task to put down the first idea. Because priorities change from person to person. But we came to the understanding that food excites everyone. Well, hunger at least is something we all agree upon without much ado. And nothing satisfies you like a delicious homely preparation.

So here is the first trending mobile app idea for you: An app that serves those with a craving for specific homely dishes and wants it prepared at their home. The app will include the list of verified home chef’s who are experts in particular dishes. Users can rate the chefs and make a list of the most loved chefs for different dishes.

The app will be suitable for urban customers who are missing their home. The app can integrate booking the chef, sharing location to the user, and providing a route map to the chef to locate the user’s apartment. The app will better fit the ios app store as the target customers are likely to be well off and from developed countries.

2. Ecommerce App

If you are thinking, isn’t it too late to start an ecommerce business, let me tell you, it’s never too late. Although the ecommerce market is loaded with business ideas and almost every segment has an ecommerce presence by now, if you have a unique idea, the stage is yours. A positive aspect of the ecommerce business is that there is no limit to potential buyers. So if you can offer something that no one else can, you are sure to succeed. 

It is important to find a niche and build around it. For example, in today’s times, where the Internet of Things is very popular, an ecommerce platform that sells smart home products will have great value. Similarly, as people move towards a sustainable lifestyle, they are open to the idea of reusing second-hand products. If you venture into ecommerce app development with such unique and pertinent ideas, you can make it big in the field.

3. Lyrics Tracker App

Most of us have fallen into the following scenarios at least once. We hear a song, we like it, but unfortunately, we forget the lyrics, and all we have is the humming part or a fragment of the song. 

Otherwise, some lyrics come to us suddenly, and we don’t know which song it is. In both cases, we steam our memory to find out the music.

So won’t it be an excellent idea for a mobile app? An app to find out the song from a few lyrics or from the humming. It will be even better if you can sing the portion you know, and the app can find out the song and the singer. 

4. Grocery Delivery App

A mobile app idea that has taken off with the onset of coronavirus is grocery delivery apps. While we saw big companies like Amazon start grocery delivery, we also witnessed the move of several local brick and mortar stores to online platforms. It guarantees one thing- there is a vast market out there for you to sell. Specialize in selling organic/natural grocery products, or focus on selling frozen foods. So fix an idea and start your grocery app development

5. Toys Give Away App

Those who have kids at home know how much space the toys take. And the kids, as they grow, interests change quickly, and soon the house will be flooded with a lot of toys.

The next mobile app idea is to develop a platform where the parents can sell old toys or even exchange them with others. Exchanging can be a better idea, as your kid will be happy with the new toy and won’t mind losing the old one.

It can save the parents from the hassle of storing old toys and save their money without buying brand new toys. 

6. Travel Plan

We all plan long dreamy trips. But when the time comes, we are all stuck. An intelligent travel planner can make a difference, though. The Travel Plan app idea gives a new dimension to the traditional traveller apps. It lets the user sync their office schedule with the app. It is possible with the Google MyAnalytics and other Office 365 tools.

The app will collect data inputs on your favourite destinations. It will use your preferences and the schedule to match your common vacations to give you the best trip date. It will use BigData analysis to capture the opening time, the best time, and the essential places to visit for you and fit them all into your trip chart.

7. Taxi Dispatch App

Since the inception of Uber, taxi app services have been in demand. By 2024, 1588 million people are expected to use online taxi services. Although it requires a certain amount of investment, the good news is that within a financial year, you can double the amount of your investment. The success of the app depends on the quality of services you offer. If you can assure good quality service, taxi app development is a promising field to enter into. 

8. Classified App

Gone are the days when people give a second thought before performing online transactions. Today, buying and selling things online have become very common. The popularity of classified apps like OLX, Quikr, eBay, etc., are proof of the same. Classified apps are more versatile than ecommerce apps and have better reach. Whether you have products you want to sell or want to help people find the perfect buyer/seller or have some marketing purpose, classified app development will have you covered.

9. Expiry Date Tracker App

Most of us would have ended up using things past their expiry date at least once. People often forget to track down the expiry date and keep on using the same product.

It is an app idea with real practical use for everyone. So if we have an app to track down the expiry date of perishables, you can save your stomach from a disaster. 

10. Your Interior Design App

You are moving to a new flat or thinking about redecorating your house and have no idea about the interior design part. So why not develop an app for it.

An Augmented Reality (AR) based app can give a 3 Dimensional model of how your house will look with the furniture and other designs. The app can solve interior design issues. Other features, like color suggestions, can also be included in the app. 

11. Food Delivery App

Food delivery apps are not a new idea. It has been some years since they have made an entry into people’s everyday lives. But Covid-19 accelerated the growth of food delivery apps. So this is the right time to venture into food delivery app development with some innovative ideas. For example, an app that uses augmented reality to create interactive menu templates /cards so that people can make better choices about what to order. This would add an extra dimension to your food delivery app and attract more customers.

12. My Parking Space

Cities are magnets that attract people. Developed or developing the city is a space of very high population density. It makes space the most valuable asset in a town. We have brought you an app idea for finding a parking space in the city. It will have some prerequisites like setting up parking spaces, identifying the peak hours, congestion areas, etc.

The app can leverage GPS and traffic analysis data from Google and associated services to pinpoint and suggest the most appropriate parking lots. The app can, besides, suggest parking early in the days of festivals, unusual events, accidents, or special events. This mobile app idea can indeed leverage the latest mobile app trends to win many hearts.

13. The School Supplies Hub App

After the end of the school year, all the students will be left with their old books and tools. Some of these might not be of any need in the future. 

Especially when there is a change of stream, there will be many school supplies left with the students. If there is an arrangement to collect old books and other tools like geometry boxes, other students can use them. 

If an engineer can create a successful mobile application to collect these school supplies and give them to the student in need, it would be a significant venture.

14. Your Wish Fulfiller App

It is the era where people make a lot of new year resolutions and do not follow them. People make many good decisions like learning new things, reading books, traveling around, or staying healthy. But these decisions don’t even last a month. 

But things can be a little different if you get the constant motivation to fulfill the wishes. It is human nature to get inspired when someone motivates you daily.

A mobile app is an ideal choice. If your app continually reminds you about the target, people will put in the effort. There can also be features to set intermediate goals. It will be a good idea if there are some appreciation messages too if they reach the goal.

15. Doctor Appointment App

Digital healthcare services have made the lives of doctors, patients, and healthcare providers easier. Doctor appointment apps are a useful mobile app idea that can help save time and effort for all parties involved. It can be an application that lets patients book appointments themselves or through a provider. Such booking apps save patients the trouble of travelling long distances and waiting in long queues. Doctor appointment app development is on the rise, and now is the right time to invest in one.

16. Integrated Medicine App

Our ancestors have walked this earth for over 6 million years. Hence, the nature of the solutions they found to illness vary from place to place. Today people travel a lot outside their hometown. Thus, the raw materials for those age-old Granny remedies may not be available to you always. Hence, the app idea to make a standalone healthcare app solve the problem.

We propose an app that has a repository of all the home remedies — mainly classified on the geographical and cultural lines. The current location details will sort out the kind of medication the user can try out. There is also a need to classify remedies based on symptoms and illness. One can also add “call the doctor,” as a last resort.

17. Payment Wallet App

The economy is going completely digital, and cashless transactions are the new normal. Several online payment apps have already won the hearts of people. But there is scope for more. If you can develop a payment wallet app with unique features and safe services, there is a great chance that it will make a big mark. Just think of how people have adopted Google Pay recently and how it has become a normal mode of money transfer now! If you have any ideas along those lines, now is the time to act!

18. Song  For Your Mood App

It can interest the music enthusiasts, and undoubtedly the number is significant. The music a person listens to depends on their mood. The kind of music a person plays when working will be different from party music. 

The music depends on the person’s mood and the kind of activity they are doing. So why not an app to identify the spirit of the user and give them the desirable music. 

The same can be done for movies too. If an app can suggest movies according to the user’s mood, they can avoid choosing movies from a big list starting from the genre.

19. Flight Booking App

In the past decade, we have seen the travel and tourism industry flourish. The period also marked the boom of mobile apps. So naturally, it led to the development of mobile applications for facilitating travel-related activities. An app idea that is much in demand and has a constant market is the flight booking app. To be able to book a flight at their convenience and not have to wait at a travel agency makes things very easy for people. If you can add some extra features, like weather forecast and rewards and develop a flight booking app, it has great potential.

20. Find Out Your Missing Item App

There are usual sets of items that magically go missing like keys, spectacles, or tv remotes, especially when you are in a hurry. We spend a lot of time finding those. 

Why not develop an app to find out these essential items. We can list the items on the app, and when it goes missing, the app can help you find those items. 

With the help of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, the app can be practical. It can be of great use to everyone despite age.

21. Healthcare App

Digitization is transforming every industry, and healthcare is on top of the list. There are several mobile app ideas related to this sector. Medical record tracking apps, fitness apps, wellness apps, remote monitoring apps- opportunities are endless! Recently, with the outbreak of Covid, telemedicine apps are rising in demand. It provides online consultation, making healthcare more accessible and wide-reaching. Healthcare app development has a promising future and will be a worthy investment! 

22. Share a Book

A social-media like app exclusively for book lovers. Not all book lovers are wealthy, and libraries are so far and rare. Especially in the countryside and villages. This mobile app idea can make the day for book lovers.

It is a sharing platform for readers who are happy to collect and share books. The users will register apps by declaring the books both online and offline they possess. The app allows readers from the location to chat, arrange meetings, conduct literary meets, etc.

The app allows readers to make an online repository of e-books and facilitate the exchange of printed books. Apple better supports such utility-specific apps, as iOS app development integrates a classic touch always.

23. Give-Away Your Items App

When someone is relocating or redecorating their houses, there will be a lot of stuff that goes into the trash, mostly because these things cannot be accommodated in the house.

So there is an app idea, a platform to give away your used products online. It can be furniture, gadgets, or even clothes. You can give it away to charity or any other people in need.

24. Salon App

People are no longer sticking to old school technologies to increase their business. Instead, they are finding new ways to reach out to customers. Salon apps are a great example of the same. We all need to avail salon services at least once every month. But in our busy lifestyle, it may not always be possible or easy. Salon app development creates a perfect solution for this problem. When people can access salon services at their fingertips, imagine the ease they would experience and the sales it would bring to the business!

25. Make Your Phone Silent App

We know how embarrassing it is when the phone rings while an important meeting is going on or in a religious place. It is not intentional; people forget to make them silent. So here is an app idea to avoid those situations.

If the app can track the user’s location and automatically change to silent mode, it can be helpful. So while you are in a religious place or educational institution, you don’t have to worry about turning the phone silent.

26. Restaurant App

Do you own a restaurant and are having a tough time finding some business with the onset of food delivery apps and the like? Or do you want a simple way to manage your restaurant business? Mobile apps can come to your rescue. Integrate a food ordering/delivery app to your restaurant business and increase sales tenfold. Or develop a restaurant managing app that allows customers to book tables and pay bills and restaurant staff to receive orders. Restaurant app development can help you stay ahead of your competitors and improve your business.

27. Invest in Ideas

A great idea needs greater support. It requires the right nourishment and the resources to actualize it. Our sixth mobile app idea is to save ideas from pitiful demise. In this app idea, every user can create a profile and share their thoughts. It will require some minimum benchmark to give optimum visibility to provide the deserving idea of greater visibility.

Collaboration from the investor side will be essential before developing the app. A proper user interface to make investors find ideas they are looking for will be vital in making it successful. The classification of ideas based on the industry is one way of creating an interface.

This app can spur a creativity revolution like never before, a place where idea meets investors.

28. Food Give Away App

Another mobile app idea is for a social cause. Most might have wondered what the restaurants or caterers do with their extra food. It is probably wasted or going unused. What if we can feed the needy?

What if someone can design an app to make use of these extra foods? An app that guides the restaurant or caterers to find out people who have no food to eat. 

There are thousands of people who don’t have enough food to eat; many are there who can manage only one meal a day. So if a mobile app can help few people survive, won’t that be great.

29. Laundry App

App ideas emerge when needs emerge. As on-demand services are gaining more visibility and appreciation, it is the best time to introduce creative ideas in the on-demand sector. Creative ideas don’t have to be out of the ordinary. The best ideas are the ones that can make people’s everyday lives simpler, like laundry app development. In the busy everyday life, who wouldn’t love to have their laundry taken care of, right? By developing a laundry app that will pick up laundry and return cleaned clothes, your app will be doing a valuable service to many!

30. The Virtual Study Room App

In the current pandemic time, the classes are conducted online. So there is no provision for students to sit and study together.

An app to create virtual study rooms where the students can exchange their notes or talk about the lessons they have learned. It can be beneficial for every student, especially those who are reluctant to ask questions to their teachers.

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31. Car Wash App

If you own a car, you know car washing can be a headache. Every week or two, a car needs a good wash. A car owner either washes the car at their home or takes their car to a car wash centre. Both of these take time and cannot always be done at their convenience. So what about you develop a car wash app that will let customers schedule car washes from their smartphone itself? If you can provide some customized features and great service, it’s sure to be a hit!

32. The Skill App

We live in a world where talented people are looking for an opening and they can’t find it. Education is undergoing a substantial transformation with the evolution of mobile technology. Today, companies know that individual talent and skills always surpass certifications and formal recommendations.

Creativity is the sizzling spirit in the informal ordinary being, formalism always unknowingly kills it. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Rabindranath Tagore and many more are examples of those who stood out because they refused to be conditioned by a formal “one-size-fits-all” schooling approach.

This app will suit such dynamic and vibrant individuals. They may be seeking a trainer, a skilled specialist. The others may be looking forward to sharing their skills. The app will showcase the master trainers from various fields and the user can connect with them and arrange classes. The app will enhance the employment and skills simultaneously.

33. App for the Color Blind

Color blindness is a common disability. People with these issues find it difficult to distinguish colors, mostly red and green. And we know how important red and green is, the traffic signals, grocery shopping, choosing clothes can go difficult. 

An app to recognize the color blinds. They might often find it embarrassing to ask people around for help. If an app can help them identify the colors, it can help them overcome their disability significantly. It is one of the best mobile app ideas on the list.

34. Fuel Delivery App

An app that delivers fuel- sounds handy, right? We all might have gone through situations where we got stuck during a journey due to running out of fuel. It is a frustrating situation to be in! If you were urgently going somewhere, it could ruin all your plans because finding the nearest fuel outlet and refilling the fuel tank is an arduous task.  Fuel delivery apps give an easy solution to take care of this. It enables people to use their smartphones to arrange fuel delivery at whichever location they desire. It is a market with a large potential and not much competition, so fuel delivery app development is a great idea if you have the interest.

35. Freshness Checker App

This app idea can help you figure out the freshness of fruits and vegetables. When you are in a supermarket for daily shopping, you can use the app to check items’ freshness. The app can also have features to predict how long the thing will stay fresh.

The app can be beneficial to people who have started living independently or for people who haven’t done grocery shopping.

36. Digital Magazine App

Digital readers are growing in number. Being able to get hands on tons of information with a simple Google search has transformed many of us into online readers. The introduction of ebooks, and online newspapers, has further fueled digital reading. Investing in this trend, an innovative mobile app idea is a digital magazine app. It will help readers access magazines on their devices while helping the magazine creators reach a wider audience. You can go creative with what type of magazine you want to launch. It could be comics, journals, current affairs- the possibilities are many!

37. Own a Farmer

We live in a world where organic is the trend. But most people use even organic products with an internal conflict. They simply don’t know how it was made?

This app idea will create a friendly partnership with the farmer and the seekers of health. The greatest reason farmers switch to artificial means is the cost and difficulty in producing organically. And the solution is to let the fund and the farmers meet. 

Our mobile app concept proposes – own a farmer scheme. The app allows interested users to form a group or act individually. The individuals or groups will then connect with the registered farmers. The farmer will be displayed based on the items he cultivates. 

Once connected the app allows access to the farmer’s field with strategically placed CCTV cameras. Round the clock access to area ensures trust and satisfaction. The funds will be transferred beforehand to enable farmers to get resources. The farmer may either choose to keep the money or a part of the produce. There are many top mobile app development frameworks available to execute the app concept into reality.

38. Save Your Important Day App

We all have that important day on which we need everything to be perfect. It can be an interview, a business meeting, or a seminar. People get excited or nervous. They often tend to forget certain essential things.

If an app can predict all the possible disasters that can happen on the day, people can get prepared. For example, if there is heavy traffic, you can get late or forget your laptop. All these predictions can help you prepare better. It can be another add on to the trending app ideas of 2024

39. Field Sales App

Field sales is one of the most effective and tried and tested approaches for marketing. But it is not an easy field. A field salesperson may often have too many things on hand, which tends to affect their productivity and peace of mind. So what about a mobile app idea that makes their days easier? These can be daily target apps, where field sales agents can record and update their targets, order management apps where they can manage their daily order and ensure deliveries or agent tracking apps that enable agents to cover their entire assigned area easily. Field sales app development definitely has a good market and a promising future.

40. What You Want to Eat App

You open all your food delivery apps and keep searching for food and finally end up ordering the same old food from the same old restaurant. We have all been in the above situation.

How about an app where people can find out the kind of food they want to eat. The kind of food depends on your mood. It can be super spicy biryani at times or maybe cheesy pizza.

If an app can identify the kind of food you want and then all you need is to search for that food. It can save a lot of time and effort.

41. Logistics App

The logistics industry is growing tremendously and can hugely benefit from digital services. Good communication, ease of transportation, and assurity of delivery are three main aspects required for a logistics service. And what better way to implement them than via mobile apps? Some great ideas for logistics app development are logistics tracking apps that take care of consignments, management apps to delegate parcel services to drivers, and booking apps for vehicles.

42. Your Power App

United Nations is pitching up the need to go green in its UNFCCC forum to save the earth. And every one of us owes it to this beautiful green planet. And thus our 9th mobile app idea is dedicated to earth.

Now, the app concept involves syncing your green energy grid and your conventional power supply to generate usage data. The app helps the user to get the amount of power available at his solar cell pool or wind energy, etc. The app will suggest a green target depending upon the user’s available renewable energy storage capacity.

The app can integrate power electronic switching tools to allow switching between green and conventional power. You can work more upon the idea with the assistance of other power experts.

43. The Brand Authenticity Checker App

Huge offers on big brands often make us doubt the authenticity of the product. It is not easy to find out if the product is original or the first copy.

Here is an app idea, to find out the authenticity of the product. The app helps you find out if the product is original and is from the claimed brand. 

Other features, like brand information, can be included. If you can scan the brand name or the logo, you get more information about the brand.

44. Event Management App

Event management is something that has risen to huge popularity in recent years. Today, most events-big or small, employ an event management service to conduct events successfully. Doesn’t an app that helps them organize better and do their job more effectively sound like a good idea? The app can let them plan everything to the t, collaborate better, and coordinate every task most efficiently. As new event management companies are emerging and it is becoming a mainstream profession, building an event management app can add incredible value to the companies.

45. Track Your Mood App

All of us have our times in a day. There are night owls and early birds. Our work depends on our mood too. The most important things are to be done when you are in your best mood.

The coming mobile app idea is to find out your mood changes in a day. When is it that people feel the best and worst? According to the output, people can plan their day. It can make every day more productive and enjoyable.

46. Truck Management App

One of the biggest challenges of the logistics industry is managing the truck fleet. Checking the availability of trucks, ensuring their arrival, departure, running status, and managing consignments- it’s a difficult task. A mobile app can greatly simplify things. It can save a lot of time and hassle. A simple app can be used to list all the trucks and their status so that all the required information is available at a glance. Developing a truck booking app to facilitate better transportation services is also a great mobile app idea!

47. My AR Carbon Print

The role of citizens in pollution control is paramount. Our next app idea is a tool that makes every individual conscious of the carbon footprint they are leaving behind. And it is based on Augmented Reality (AR) and machine learning.

Before we move ahead, a few words on the carbon footprint for the newbies. It is the amount of carbon that we release into the environment as individuals, community or as companies.

The app idea involves a scanner that needs the user’s fingertip assistance. Suppose you are burning coal for fuel (a hypothetical situation). You want to know the amount of carbon footprint it leaves behind. You can circle the activity on your screen to aid the scanner to identify the action.

Activities that are unknown to the app database will need your assistance. The app will be self-learning and over the course of the month will generate a daily, weekly and monthly chart. It will also suggest the necessary changes in behavior, habits, etc. make your life more eco-friendly.

48. Dabba Wala App

You must have heard about the famous dabbawalas of Mumbai. Dressed in a white outfit and Gandhi cap and delivering lunches to thousands of offices throughout Mumbai, they have received even international acclaim. The next mobile app idea we have for you is inspired by these dabbawalas. Imagine an app that will help you get homemade lunch delivered to your office! You are already rooting for it, right? It will be a great app idea that will attract several customers.

49. Places Not To Visit App

The idea is pretty different. You often find apps that help you to plan your trip. But what if there are places you would like to avoid. For example, areas where there is a lot of robbery or social issues. Or even the food that you should not eat, maybe because you are allergic to something or can give you a sour stomach.

An app to tell you about the places you should not go to and what food not to eat. It can be a problem when you visit sites whose local language is unknown to you. The app can help you avoid undesirable situations. 

50. Your Food Buddy App

What if you want to try a new restaurant, you don’t have a company. Eating alone is not everyone’s cup of tea. So what do you do now?

An app to find your food buddy. A platform for people with common food interests, they can connect on the app and hang out. 

Food is an emotion that holds people together; we have seen how successful restaurant app development has become. Food-related app ideas can be a big hit.

51. The Try On Store

Who doesn’t like shopping? But what if you can get to try on the products for real. The app will use Augmented Reality (AR) to optimize the user experience.

The concept is to make an online e-commerce application with things that you can try on. The store can have multiple sections like, gadgets, ornaments, make-up, clothes, watches and anything that a customer needs to try own before a purchase.

Once the customer selects the products, it will qualify for charged or free delivery as you intend to operate.

52. Find Flexible Work

With the arrival of millennials and gen Zs in the workforce, flexible work culture started to gain prominence. And with COVID 19 rewriting the way offices operate, the traditional office setup is also adapting to flexible work.

In this scenario, an app that provides a medium for people to find flexible work would be ideal. The app can act as a platform where employers share the requirement for the skills they need, along with the period of hiring and details. Interested candidates can connect with them through the app.

This can be beneficial for both parties. The new generation doesn’t want to be tied to a single job or a strict work schedule. Flexible work opportunities can satisfy their creative needs while also giving them the safety of work and versatility in carrying it out.

For employers, this will provide a platform where they can hire based on demand. The need for varied skills is increasing day by day, especially in industries such as IT. Recruiting full-time employees for all the requirements would be costly and challenging to manage. Flexible work can be advantageous in situations like this. 

Further, it can also be beneficial for students, remote workers, etc. who need fluidity in their work schedule. 

53. Sports App

If you are a sports fanatic, this idea must have definitely crossed your mind. Especially with the recent boom in fantasy sports with apps like Dream 11, sports app development is in the limelight. The great news about fantasy sports is that demand is plenty, and players aren’t many. So it’s definitely an idea worth giving some thought. Or, if you aren’t interested in fantasy sports, think of apps that provide online sports training. With the growing number of people interested in sports, it will be an app idea worth executing! 

54. Book Review App

Readers have a never ending list of books to read. They are always confused when it comes to picking their next read. Mostly, they make the choice based on book reviews. However, it’s not easy to find credible reviews. Our next app idea is to help readers find book reviews easily. An app that helps people upload a picture of a book cover and use it to find reviews. Interesting, right? The app would fetch reviews from established platforms like Amazon, LibraryThing, Goodreads, etc. Users can compare reviews from multiple sites in the app and use it to make an informed decision on whether to buy or read the book! 

55. Pet Fit App

Famous German-American writer Charles Bukowski said, “When I am feeling low, all I have to do is watch my cats and my courage returns.”

All through the years, pets have been a favourite companion of humans. Pets are found to reduce mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, increase happiness, and improve physical health.

Keeping their pets healthy and playful is something every pet owner wants. Our next app idea is about fitness for pets. It can track the pet’s activity and exercises, analyze it and create a report. This can be helpful if you are going to a vet. It can also help you choose pet products or services based on pet’s activity.

The app can also provide notifications and reminders to pet owners such as buying food, or time for walking, etc. It can notify the owner if the pet activity is abnormal so that they can get a heads up and give proper care to the pets.

Our understanding is that ideas operate like a chain reaction. One thought triggers another idea and so on. So, utilize our mobile app ideas or have it trigger your imagination for new ideas.

Mindster is a leading mobile app development company that has a decade long experience in bringing innovative ideas to apps. We have expertise in creating e-commerce apps, flight booking apps, fuel delivery apps, restaurant apps etc. If you have a wonderful app idea and want to bring it to life, contact us and let us help you on your journey.