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Mindster has ideated and developed innovative restaurant mobile applications. With the years of experience we've gathered, we'll make sure that it comes handy at any situation necessary. With Mindster at your service, mobile app development for your restaurant is no longer a dream. Our developers are capable of building applications to serve every need you wish for. No more confusions at the table, we've sorted it out through our restaurant app development strategy.

We will assist you in your restaurant mobile app development to design an impeccable solution that will transform your business. With years of experience in application development, we will make sure that your project is one of the best in the industry. With Mindster, your applications will be an agile, feature-rich and seamless solution in the restaurant industry.

Mindster Restaurant Applications

We will help you develop flawless applications to manage your restaurants hassle-free

Mindster Restaurant Apps are Integrated With High-Performing Features

The users will feel like they’ve witnessed the fastest process ever with our agile applications.

Menu Management

Smooth management of menu with eye catching presentation of dishes. The customer will feel happy to see all they need in the menu.

Inventory Management

Perfect inventory management feature to avoid the last minute surprises for the customer. The waiter will know what is available.

Location Based Search

This feature will make your restaurant visible to those who search for restaurants near your area.

Pre-booking System

Calendar can be integrated to allow the customers to make their bookings in advance to avoid the rush.

Online Payment

Payment wallet integration to provide the customer ease of payment. This will make things quick and simple.

Social Media Integration

Our applications integrate social media for quick login and interaction

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management will help the restaurants to handle the raw material income and management

Ratings & Reviews

After the experience the user can leave their ratings and reviews in the section provided for the reference of future users.

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We develop seamless and agile mobile applications. The outputs never disappointed us and never failed to delight the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Developing a mobile app will provide easy access to your delicacies at the restaurant. The ease of ordering will attract more customers to your restaurant. Developing a mobile app creates more access for the customers.

Mindster is a leading mobile app development company and we provide world-class service quality for our clients. The experience we hold is unmistakable and the technology we use will never fail to amaze the users.

The time required to complete a restaurant app development will vary based on the features you want to integrate into your app. The basic app will take 3-9 weeks to reach its completion.

The cost of restaurant app development will differ based on the number of additional features you need to integrate with the basic app. As the number of features increases, the cost will also increase.

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