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How Does Restaurant Mobile Apps Boost Your Sales?

31 Jan 20  


Reading Time: 6 minutes

Bineeta Thomas


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It has been a while since food delivery mobile apps started stealing the show. 

Ever wondered what humongous change a mobile app could bring into your restaurant business?

Or, what features to add in your app to get the desired users and user experience?

Well, you will get an answer to most of your questions about the effectiveness of restaurant mobile apps by the end of this article. 

Let’s start by stating some examples which will help you understand what the restaurant app has done to some of the big players in their business.

Heard of GrubHub or UberEats?

They have reaped success in the online food industry with their unique and innovative features and user interface.

Even though they are not operating based on any restaurant exclusively, they give us enlightenment into the kind of business a restaurant app allures.

Next, let’s talk about Starbucks.

16% of their entire transactions are done through mobile apps. 

Think again, 16% of the Starbucks total transactions.

That means an amount of $1.6 billion!

Of course, they’ve taken it to the next level.
As this has been said, let’s see how restaurant mobile app development will boost your food business.

Getting Over the Location Constraint

A restaurant app provides you with the benefit of overcoming location constraints. 

Reaching out to those customers who wish to dine at your restaurant to get a taste of your unique cuisines, will delight them. 

Also, delivering the dish, they order at their doorstep is yet another feature to attract users to your app

Another location-based benefit that comes along with restaurant mobile applications is that you can alert the users if they are at a defined proximity level within your restaurant. 

Let’s see how this works.

When a customer who is using your mobile app reaches inside the before set vicinity of your restaurant, the GPS service will detect his presence and send a push or text notification to your customer.

You can offer exclusive offers they can’t reject so that they can order and enjoy the delicacy at the discounted rate.

Today, where people are less often taken care of, your customer will be rather happy to see you care about them.

We are just talking about a chance.

You can set the proximity radius based on your ability to deliver the dishes as soon as possible. 

Attract Customers With an Appetizing Menu

a women reading a brochure

Restaurant app development is gaining pace recently. 

And obviously, it has a reason. 

Developing an app to mobilize your restaurant business will bring in more business if done correctly. 

Presenting your users with enticing digital menu cards is something which should never be taken for granted. 

Creating a mobile app for restaurants gives you this advantage.

The menu cards are underrated these days.

It is time to give your customers a whole new perspective. 

The way you present your dishes will leave the users hungry and craving.

Add appealing photos of food which will make the user’s desire to have a taste of it in their mouth. 

Of course, you can print your usual menu cards attractive.

But, with an exclusive mobile app at your service, you can take your menu to the user’s fingertip.

The user can surf through your menu and get the visual delight, and you can induce that want into their mind through visual communication. 

The menu cards are only for those who can access your restaurant.

But digital menu cards overcome this location constraint.

You can take your restaurant to them in the nick of time.

It Makes Everything EASY

With a mobile app, everything is easy for the user. 

Mobile apps for restaurants are a boon for both the user and the restaurant business. 

The user can sit in the comfort of their homes and order something they love to savour using their smartphone, just like that!

The order will be placed just by some swipes and clicks.

Easy for the user as well as the restaurant to track and categorize the orders and delivery.

If you create a mobile app for your restaurant, which provides the ultimate user experience, you are asking for nothing less than success and popularity.

Another feature which attracts users to mobile apps is the in-app payment.

A lion share of the people using online food delivery applications are millennials.

They tend to pay online mostly.

This is how mobile apps make things easier for users.

They no longer have to carry liquid cash to pay for food, and it is all done in just a few clicks. 

Also, mobile apps offer multiple payment methods to make things hassle-free for users. 

Who doesn’t like an app that brings you food in just a few clicks without even moving from your chair?

Increased ROI

Who doesn’t like an increase in the returns they’ve invested in the business?

Well, sticking or believing in the notion that mobile apps are important for business, might help.

Offering your users discounts that they can’t resist will, of course, tempt them to order food.

Especially what they want for the weekend is just Netflix and chilling.

The app analytics allows you to understand your user’s preferences, and you can even send a personalized offer notification. 

This makes your customer feel valued and increases the chances of coming back.

Or even a happy hour weekly will raise curiosity among the users to find out what the restaurant is offering every week.

Infusing features into your app that gives the user a feeling of saving money is how you can bring them back.

The number of repeated customers means more publicity through word of mouth.

This means more new customers who might turn into repeat customers.

All this eventually lead to an increase in the ROI as expected. 

Customized App Features

While approaching a mobile app development company to build your app, you can customize your app the way you like it. 

You can add whatever feature you wish to add to your application by explaining it to those who develop the app for you. 

You can manage your inventory or track the employee performances using the same app with which the customers place their orders. 

Mobile app development is common these days.

But developing it the ordinary way won’t bring you the desired results. 

This is why you should choose your development partner wisely. 

Having an app helps you to multiply customer engagement without much effort. 

You can be in touch with them through the app.

When you engage your customers actively at regular intervals, the chances are likely that they order from you often.

But, make sure that you do not vex them. 

Millennials nowadays are becoming more health-conscious than ever. 

Adding a ‘healthy meal’ option will draw their attention.

Offering tasty food at affordable rates is what the users want.

If you can fulfil their wishes the way they like it, your success is a sure shot.

Pre-Orders are Life Savers

Adding a feature which allows the user to pre-order their food or to schedule their order delivery at a particular time will be an excellent move. 

The users will get to make sure that they’ve ordered everything beforehand so that the last minute hustle can be avoided.

For the users who like to pre-plan things, ‘schedule order’ feature will be a boon when it comes to welcoming guests. 

Final Words!

Since the whole world is witnessing transformations, it is your turn to do your part.

Technologies are evolving daily to make the lives of people more straightforward and hassle-free.

The internet is brimming with mobile app ideas which have the power to transform an entire industry if appropriately executed. 

Developing a mobile application for your restaurant business will boost your sales in numerous ways as you’ve seen in this blog.

Just look around, and you will see many successful online food delivery mobile apps uniting many restaurants and running the business profitably. 

Online is a new opportunity. 

Adapting to the changes in how you can survive in the ever-evolving IT sector around you.

Being left behind is easy.

But transforming your business by integrating it with contemporary technology is brilliant.

If you are worried about the cost to develop a mobile app, think about the multiples of profit it will bring in to your business.

This one-time expense is worth it as it has the power to upscale your restaurant business to scales you never thought of once. 

One thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you approach a reputable and reliable mobile app development company to develop your mobile app.

Do not make the mistake of choosing someone who doesn’t know what they are doing just by looking at the cost.

Mindster is an experienced mobile app development company in USA, and we’ve developed many mobile applications which people use daily. Our developers have first-hand knowledge in developing restaurant applications or food ordering mobile apps. They’ve gained it through years of experience in the industry. Contact us now and let’s build your app together!

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