How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

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There is no doubt that the applications are taking over the websites recently. Statista, analysis states that there are about 2 million apps in Apple’s app store and over 2.1 million mobile applications in the google play store. These humongous numbers prove that mobile app development is moving the whole tech industry into an entirely different realm of a digital dynasty.

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The primary question which always lingers around anything is ‘How Much Does It Cost?’. Well, it is applicable for the apps too. If you ask a developer, the answer would be cliche – ‘It Depends.’ However, it depends on several elements. But to understand how much the app in your mind would cost approximately can be calculated once you finish reading this article.

How Much It Really Costs?

Generally speaking, mobile app development breakdown cost may vary from $2k to $250k. The price is based on the number of hours spent on the project. Time and expertise are the resources here, and so they decide the money. Another deciding element is how complex you like your app to be. The more features, the higher the cost. The basic model of an app (just the basics) will cost you about $15k and, the complex ones start from $50k. 

Let’s have a look at the number of hours taken to create an app when some additional features come in.

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This is how the basic timing goes when it comes to creating a mobile app. It shoots up with the increase in the number of screens, buttons, fields and amount of logic required. Besides, if your app is more complex, it will demand bespoke coding and third-party APIs which will even bring the cost up again. 

Here’s a time estimate to develop an average app with 7 screens.

  • Wireframing – 24 Hours
  • Visual Design – 32 Hours
  • UX Design – 24 Hours
  • Backend infrastructure and admin panel – 60+ Hours
  • Third Party APIs – 20+ Hours
  • Basic controls – 10+ Hours
  • Dedicated administration panel – 40+ Hours

The basic rule is adding platforms will add the cost parallelly. Deploying the app into the stores is not the end. Post-release services, like app promotion, ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and future proofing, are also as important as the app development itself. Again, the development costs change as geographic location changes. Here is an analysis:

  • US/Canada – $20-250 per hour
  • Indonesia – $20 per hour
  • Eastern Europe – $20 – 110 per hour
  • India – $10 – 18 per hour

Here we can see that India charges much less than the other countries to develop an app.

An application is an investment. It should be well thought out, well designed and professionally maintained at a price you can afford. A holistic and dedicated approach will give you the desired results. 

As the approximate price is stated, let’s move deeper by exploring different possibilities of mobile application development.

Developing An App By Yourself

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Since you are cutting down the service charges by creating it yourself, the app development cost will drastically come down. The approximate amount will start from $1200 and will go up as the features and screens increase. But, unless you are an expert developer with years of experience, possibilities of facing the bugs and coming up with the best user experience will be a cumbersome task. Anyways, trying once will give you awareness about how things work and what you need to improve. 

If you are keen enough to learn the skills and make an app all by yourself, Great! You are a real enthusiast. There are many guides out there for a ‘Do It Yourselfer’ like you. However, the app should have a database, and you should know a language to develop the app. For example, Xcode can be your database and Swift can be your programming language. Simply put, if you are writing a letter, you need a language and a canvas. Here, Swift is your language and Xcode is your pen and paper. 

Now that you are ready with the database and the language, decide what app you want to create. 

  • Make sure that your app solves a problem people face.
  • Stick to a particular service and finetune it to match world-class quality.
  • Choose the simplest and user-friendly design(Plan the UI flow).
  • Design the database.
  • Prepare the UX design.
  • Research extensively.
  • Build it.

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Since it’s your first time and you are doing it all by yourself, follow the Test-Driven Development(TDD). Since you are not under the pressure of a timeline, adopting this method will make your app free of those demon bugs. 

Types of Apps And The Cost Differences

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Now you have a basic idea about how much the apps costs and how it varies according to situations. Now let’s discuss how different mobile applications will change the pricing.

Standalone app

The Standalone app can be widely defined as an app that does not require a network connection to function. These apps are not so popular today as the functions are minimal. Another advantage is that it does not precede an installation process and it is portable. Also, it doesn’t demand an operating system’s service to run. The examples can be stated are our age-old clock, settings, and camera in our smartphones. 

Basic utility app

This kind of apps are the basics. They consume data and provide you the information. No login or authentication, just the data checks, and updates. Examples are calendar or maps or stocks which come embedded in your smartphone.

Login App

Next comes apps which ask for a login or authentication. Nowadays most of the app falls under this category. Entering your details will create a customized account to provide a more personalized user experience. The examples are all around now.

Social Networking app

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Recently, Facebook purchased Whatsapp for 19 billion US Dollars. Yes! I said ‘billion.’ The most popular social networking app purchased the most engaging social networking app. 

Further explanations are unnecessary to understand this type of applications. The names explain it all. Another addition to this app can be the dating apps like Tinder which is gaining attention from the people who find it difficult to interact with people in real time. They seek virtual reality and feels comfortable in the confines of a virtual mobile world. 

E-commerce app

eCommerce apps are ruling the world now. It comes with a display of products and a payment gateway. Also, it has different login options for customer and producer.  The features are a lot more in these applications compared to the basics. So the cost will comparatively rise.

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On-demand app

On-demand apps help users to fulfill a requirement immediately. The backend wheels should turn immediately as a customer summons an action. Uber is the best example. The ride reaches you within the minimum time once the booking is made. So this type of applications demands even more features and user interfaces. On-demand applications are gaining traction in the digital pathway. So developing one will be a benefit.

Two-sided marketplace app

The Two-sided marketplace is an application in which there are two users and both of them having different login platforms. Facebook and Google serve as examples. It has two separate logins for users and advertisers, and it connects them both. Two-sided marketplace app is trending today as it unites the consumer and advertiser at a common platform. 

IoT/Hardware app

IoT apps are the future. They connect hardware to facilitate ease of interaction and usage. Just imagine how lazy people would get if speaking to your smartphone will control every gadget you want to connect with. The technology is still at the stage of growth. Still, the future sounds promising. 

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The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and we are at a stage where the future can’t be predicted as change is inevitable. The things we expected to happen in the future might have already occurred in the past. Times are tricking the people and technology is taking over human conscience. The contemporary world is witnessing the mobile application being the tyrant. Appropriate changes in the marketing strategy and trends will benefit the business at a scale you have never thought about before. 

The world is going online and adapting to the changes is not just a choice, but a necessity. Some of the apps on our smartphones are now more of a part in our daily lives without which the survival itself is difficult. Being obsolete is out of the question. So approach a mobile app development company now and share your ideas with them to upscale your business and witness the benefits the growing tech world has to offer you. Don’t just be a witness to the change, be a part of it.

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