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Know These Benefits Before Integrating Loyalty Programs in Mobile Wallet

18 Aug 23  


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Ankitha Prasannan

Content Writer

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Have you thought of integrating loyalty programs in mobile wallet for seamless user experience? Mobile wallets that are part of a loyalty program have swiftly established themselves as crucial tools that firms can use to offer an intuitive consumer experience.

Users are constantly looking for easy and beneficial methods for making their purchasing experience more comfortable. Mobile wallets and contactless payments are the most user-friendly options compared to performing transactions.

As more customers choose mobile wallets and contactless payments annually, companies must prioritize integrating these payment choices into their business models. Businesses and services, such as food delivery app services,  truck booking apps, taxi booking apps, and e-commerce, might benefit from loyalty programs.

They allow you to express gratitude to devoted consumers, raising client happiness and improving sales. According to Statista, the global market for techniques for managing loyalty programs is predicted to develop quickly and reach $24.44 billion by the end of 2029.

It’s high time to include mobile wallets in your loyalty program strategy so that users can navigate to and utilize their loyalty cards on their mobile gadgets without requiring physical cards or coupons. This will provide a quick and streamlined customer experience.

What’s a Mobile Wallet & It’s Working?

Users may use a mobile wallet using a mobile app on an electronic gadget that accepts NFC payments. A mobile wallet is a particular sort of digital wallet. With its main feature, customers can conduct purchases in shops just like they would with a regular contactless credit or debit card.

Customers use NFC technology to make payments by holding their mobile gadgets close to the payment terminal. Consumers who purchase smartphones or tablets rather than cards find mobile wallets practical and safe.

Some Popular Mobile Wallets

1. Apple Wallet 

A mobile wallet called Apple Wallet offers features comparable to Google Pay. The critical difference between the two services is that Google Pay is accessible on Android and iOS devices, while Apple Wallet is only accessible on Apple devices.

Furthermore, Apple Wallet works with Apple Pay, a contactless payment method that enables customers to use their Apple devices to purchase in shops, inside applications, and online. Unlike Apple Pay, Google Pay does not use an exclusive contactless payment method.

2. Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile wallet among the world’s leading broadband networks. It functions as an online wallet that customers may maintain for credit cards, digital tickets, and loyalty program cards, allowing them to purchase using their smartphone or tablet.

3. Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay mobile wallet lets customers send cash, make transactions, and save multiple cards on their smartphones or tablets. Samsung Pay offers characteristics comparable to those of other mobile wallets, like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. It can be operated with Samsung and Android cellphones, despite what its name suggests.

4. WeChat 

The Chinese app WeChat is a multipurpose tool that may be used for interactions, online shopping, networking sites, and mobile payment. Many individuals in China consider it a need.

How Mobile Wallets Increase Customer Loyalty?

About 69% of buyers say they’re more inclined to use a loyalty program if it’s available on their mobile devices. Comparable to the previous statistic, 73% of consumers are more prone to sign up for a loyalty program if their bonuses and incentives are continually refreshed and accessible on their mobile loyalty cards.

According to these figures, mobile wallets may help loyalty programs take off. They may significantly boost your client loyalty and, consequently, your total income. Mobile wallets provide message channels on the user’s mobile device, allowing you to capture their interest and create an effortless relationship successfully.

It is simple to change wallet credentials instantly, including coupons, loyalty cards, membership cards, etc. These cards also have geographical awareness, allowing them to convey messages on locked phone displays.

One significant issue that loyalty programs ran into was that consumers would either need to remember they were participants or lose their cards. Customers may now use mobile wallet credentials for their loyalty memberships, which is how mobile wallets handle this issue.

Let’s take a closer look at the many methods by which you may integrate loyalty programs in mobile wallet now:

  • When a consumer advances to the following incentive or loyalty programme level, send them a notice alert.

  • Provide extra perks like a unique promo code or exclusive access to a forthcoming sale.

  • Make it easy for your clientele to see and use their benefits and reward points.

  • Display unique offers and deals, such as a link to special access, to increase visitors to your store.

  • Every time a consumer opens their mobile wallet or comes close to your store, notify them to know they’ve got incentives waiting for them.

Loyalty Programs in Mobile Wallet: A Competitive Advantage

Given that 45% of customers reserve locations using their mobile devices, travel and hospitality companies have a unique chance to embrace mobile payments to boost customer loyalty.

A convincing way to increase appointment booking app rates and loyalty is through mobile wallets with integrated reward programs. Businesses who provide their clients with this power expect to benefit from each of these advantages:

1. Improved Consumer Involvement

Customer involvement will rise due to mobile wallet loyalty programmes significantly simplifying a previously complicated procedure. Businesses may employ this promotional tool for push advertising, special point-usage discounts during off-peak periods, or to notify consumers of their present balance and how their points can be used.

Customer involvement can be further increased via customized offers. More involvement will result in more bookings from returning customers, a crucial target demographic for the hospitality sector.

2. Enhanced Client Comfort & Interaction

Companies in the travel and tourism sectors should engage with a payment processing provider that allows them to use the growing popularity of mobile wallets and provide their clients with this preferable payment choice.

Visitors can easily book their upcoming trip via mobile devices with a click, swipe, or press. Companies will gain the loyalty of their consumers by simplifying the mobile booking system while rendering it easy to use, building up advantages from pertinent loyalty programs. This will encourage more repeat business and positive online reviews.

3. Safe & Secure Process

Users may conveniently store and utilize e-gift cards, online membership cards, and loyalty reward cards with mobile wallets. They promote contactless payments because they offer essential benefits in some situations, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your clients no longer need tangible wallets filled with paper or plastic cards. They only require access to their mobile device. Furthermore, huge organizations frequently handle such platforms with extensive safety protocols, guaranteeing the confidentiality of any data about customers.

Nevertheless, it’s critical to comprehend how they operate and vary from conventional wallets if you intend to integrate digital or mobile wallets within your loyalty program.

Why is Using a Loyalty Program in Mobile Wallet Profitable?

“Customers can not just monitor each of their loyalty programs in a single location, additionally transfer these points between different programs and pay them effortlessly with any transaction,” claims Danielle Brown.

However, it is possible due to incorporating loyalty points into the mobile wallet. Clients and companies benefit from mobile wallet loyalty because of it: 

  • It gives your company a competitive edge because you’re providing something new and different.

  • It gives your consumers the most seamless experience by allowing them to earn incentives and buy points from one application. Additionally, it increases brand loyalty among customers.

  • It enhances consumer loyalty by integrating your company into people’s daily lives.

Why Create Your Loyalty Programs in Mobile Wallet With Mindster?

Digital and mobile wallets are becoming increasingly prevalent as future generations become more accustomed to technology and less inclined towards cash payments. With this pattern, you can use online loyalty programs in mobile wallets that attract new customers.

Implementing a reward program that interacts with mobile wallets couldn’t be easier than using Mindster. With Mindster as your loyalty program app, you can enable your customers to accrue points and get incentives while using the wallet of their choice and making payments through a service they are comfortable with.

With ten years of expertise in creating logical mobile app solutions with a proficient UI/UX design team, we are recognized as the top mobile app development company globally.

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