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Top 9 Reasons Why We Use Flutter For Mobile Application Development

9 Feb 23  

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Manu Sanker

Manu Sanker

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The Statement of the Problem

In this competitive market, businesses want to launch products quickly and easily to gain a competitive advantage and satisfy customers’ needs. When you are into mobile application development, the process of developing a new product can be complicated and time-consuming.

Many businesses are turning to Flutter for mobile application development to create user-friendly, efficient apps that can be released quickly and easily to reduce the amount of time and effort required to launch a new product.

Businesses can concentrate on providing high-quality goods to the market and satisfying customers’ requirements by streamlining the development process. Overall, Flutter is a powerful tool that can speed up product introduction and simplify mobile app development for businesses.

The app can be updated automatically whenever the app’s state changes thanks to Flutter’s framework. This means that we won’t have to manually update the user interface to add new features or make changes to the app. The user experience is improved, and the development process is made more efficient as a result.

Why Flutter App Development

Flutter is an open-source platform developed by google. Due to its distinctive approach, it is well-known in the Flutter app development market. Because it combines the best aspects of native and cross-platform development, and creates apps for a various platforms.

What does Flutter Platform Provide?

· Highly optimized applications

· Excellent text support

· Framework with react-style functionality

· Make use of material design and a lot of widgets.

· Utilize APIs to carry out integration and tests for plugin APIs that are connected to the system and third-party SDKs.

· Test and debugging can be done with Dart Dev Tools.

· Presence of command-line tools for app development, testing, and compilation.

What is the need for using Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

1. Single Codebase

Flutter makes it possible to use the same code base for both Android and iOS apps. It ensures that your app development costs will be minimized.

When compared to other platforms that are available, Flutter would require fewer resources to build apps. The framework uses a cost-effective strategy to design apps that are simple to manage by using a single code base.

2. Simple and well-written Documentation

Google’s introduction of Flutter has received full support from the material design team. For beginners, this has made app development tasks significantly simpler. Developers can begin a project with the framework’s excellent documentation feature. The documentation is understandable and aids developers in resolving all project-related issues.

3. Reusability

Developers can use the same code language for multiple platforms with the cross platform. Apps for iOS and Android can be created by developers using a single code. The widgets and designs for the Flutter for Web are unique. As a result, developing a flutter cross-platform application becomes significantly simpler.

4. Make Use of Widgets Like Other Progressive Languages

Flutter uses widgets as its central component. With these widgets, developers can see what they’re doing with the code and avoid wasting time developing basic platform-specific user interface elements. It is the most significant feature of Flutter that makes it advantageous to developers.

Flutter makes it easy for developers to create a single UI element that can be used on any screen. On the other hand, Quality professionals would save time by not having to test the Flutter mobile app design on a variety of devices with varying screen sizes.

The widget toolkit is included in Flutter, but all components operate independently. It improves performance and replicates the experience of a native app. You can even get mobile app development services from well-known Indian companies to get the most out of Flutter.

5. Native Functionality

Flutter is essentially an advanced framework that connects native languages and data via a particular communication channel. Platform Channels are used for linking, making it easier for developers to access hardware.

Flutter has libraries that allow you to connect to device hardware like microphones, cameras, and GPS chips when you use it. Using Flutter libraries, you can complete all essential tasks.

6. Greater Performance

One of the outstanding frameworks that ensures standard performance is Flutter. When compared to other cross-platform technologies, it is even superior and more effective. This framework’s current standard is 60 (FPS), which makes it unique.

Flutter makes use of JavaScript Bridge to give screens a fluid appearance. Flutter Inspector and Dart Analysis are two specific development tools that help developers analyze their code and keep the highest possible performance.

In addition, Android Studio contains several tools that are comparable and aid in code optimization and debugging. Approaching Flutter app development firms for the anticipated outcome may also be a good idea.

7. High Popularity

Flutter was found to be the best framework for creating cross-platform apps by developers.

There are several reasons why it is so popular:

· Developers can do anything a native language can do because Flutter supports and approves native code.

· There are numerous widgets in Flutter that offer outstanding solutions.

It reduces development time, which is advantageous to businesses that anticipate immediate results.

· Six different operating systems can be supported by the special framework.

A developer will only need to use one code to launch their app on six different operating systems—Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web.

8. Flutter Community

Every year, the Flutter community grows. The number of GitHub stars now stands at one lakh and seventeen thousand, up from sixty-four thousand. It demonstrates the development community’s interest in Flutter.

Numerous developers are contributing to this community and improving the framework, which continues to grow. It is an excellent integration and development tool that Flutter app developers use to effectively resolve issues.

The Flutter team now has an easier time finding and fixing bugs on time. App sizes and operative memory consumption can be reduced by developer communities. Even better, they were able to boost the performance of all iOS apps by 50 to 60 percent.

As a result, the community plays a crucial role in Flutter’s growth. It may be simple for newcomers to learn about and locate Flutter app development service providers for investors interested in new projects if its supporters increase.

9. Flexible and Efficient UI

You can control every pixel on the screen with the Flutter app development tool. This is due to the fact that it moves widgets that render within a single framework as well as themes, animation, and gestures. As a result, you can customize, develop, and animate app designs with flutter software.


Using a single source code, Flutter allows for the development of both Android and iOS apps. It possesses every set of characteristics that accelerate development. Google is constantly adding new features to the framework to make it easier for developers to use.