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How to Hire the Best Mobile App Developers for your Company

21 Jan 21  

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Fazmeena Faisal


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This question is universally applicable in the business world.

A company fully achieves its vision only when the right mix of people handle it. 

The ultimate vision of any business is to strengthen its market.

Considering the recent trends, you already know that mobile apps are the best way to make it happen.

When you don’t have the skill sets and resources to develop apps, naturally your decision is to hire mobile app developers for that.

But how should you move forward?

How to hire mobile app developers to bring your vision to reality?

These are the questions that cross your minds in that direction.

Hiring a suitable app developer is not as simple as it sounds.

If your ideas are not in good hands, it can even mess up your whole game plan.

But, if you follow the right steps, you can quickly master the art of hiring.

This article will guide you in that direction.

So get your eyes steady and read on.

What is the First Step to Hire Mobile App Developers?

An app idea is the cornerstone of mobile app development.

There is never a shortage of app ideas on the internet.

Perhaps you have some of them in mind as well.

But the key is picking an app idea that is best suited for the size and nature of your business.

Then build appropriate marketing strategies for it.

Because without an effective strategy, the app will be pretty much futile.

For that, you need to fully study your target audience.

Pay attention to their needs, preferences, dislikes, constraints and so on.

When you analyze this thoroughly, you’ll get the gist of it.

Then brainstorm different ways to market your apps to those users based on your budget and priorities.

                    “A good beginning makes a good ending.”

Once you carefully tackle all these factors, it’s safe to say that you’ve passed the stepping stone in the process.

Now you can slowly pick up the pace and move on to the next moves.

1. What Type of App Do You Want to Develop?

Once you are clear about your app idea and before you take another step towards app development, stop for a moment and ask yourself- “what type of app do I want?.”

Whether you are going to build the app yourself or hire mobile app developers, it is crucial that you are clear about the type of app you want to create.

Because without this clarity, the app development process will get very confusing as it progresses. 

Do you want a simple app or a complex app?

Are you launching a company, or is this an extension of your existing business?

Be clear about these as it will influence the type of developers you should hire and the approximate development time and budget you can expect. 

After all, if you don’t know what you need, how can someone help you achieve it?

2. How Should Your App Look?

The design of your app very much influences the potential users.

Yes, “first impression is the best impression” can be applied here as well! 

Before finding a mobile app developer for your app idea, you need to have an idea about the look of the app.

To achieve this, you can think of your brand and the personality it intends to portray.

Depending on it, you can determine an appropriate design.

It is ideal that you research the similar apps existing in the market and see what kind of design they have.

Check the response of users to those app designs.

Think about what you can bring in your app that will make people want to use it. 

Looks are as important as performance!

How to Proceed With Hiring Mobile App Developers?

If your app is an extension of your website, the app also should look and function in a similar way.

The apps are supposed to make the user experience better.

So pick only what is needed.

 It’s time to focus on the matter in question, as in ‘how to hire a mobile app developer?’. 

The influx of mobile app developers has given us too many choices.

But on the flip side, it also made the finalizing part a bit harder.

That said, it’s all about how you want the app to be received.

If the developer promises to meet your expectations at your preferred budget and time, we are about halfway through the process.

Then the rest is about keeping that level intact at all times. 

So first, address your priorities and concerns about how you want to move forward with app development.

This includes which mobile platforms you are opting for, what features and functionalities you want in the apps, and many other things.

If your app is an extension of your website, the app also should look and function in a similar way.

The apps are supposed to make the user experience better. So pick only what is needed.

So let’s focus on the things to do to go ahead with hiring mobile app developers.

1. Get On the Internet

We don’t need to tell you about this part. You are already on the internet.

Well, how about you try and find mobile app developers from the internet? 

Hiring a mobile app developer is a giant leap.

You can’t afford to invest your plans and money in any random mobile app development company.

At this stage, you really need to hold your horses.

                                   “Don’t rest till you get the best.”

A good mobile app development company will have its presence on the internet.

So it’s a great place to get started.

Look for authentic and reliable developers you can approach. 

It’s also worth noting that you can find offshore developers or companies to outsource your mobile app development from the internet.

Some of the best app developers are from countries like India, UK, US, Ukraine, and Poland.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t from other regions, only that they are few in numbers.

2. Look for Experienced App Developers

In any field, the work experience of a company is always a priority.

It’s just an extension of what they can offer to you.

The same applies to a mobile app development company as well.

If the company has a long experience in the business, they just know what to do.

They know what to expect.

They know what the possible obstacles in the process are and how to fix them. 

Inexperienced developers can’t handle all these very well.

When unfavourable situations and crises arise, they will be completely clueless.

It’ll take them too long to figure out and fix the issues.

So it’s always best to go with an experienced mobile app development company.

3. Study Their Previous Works

There is no way you can hire a mobile app developer without analyzing his previous works.

This process is also pretty simple.

You can easily check their previous works on their websites.

It won’t take too much to check out the apps by yourselves.

You can download the apps from different app stores and see how they look and feel.

To check the quality of the apps, you need to examine the app completely starting from their designs, user experience, functionalities, and so on.

4. Evaluate Their Technical Expertise

The quality of the app depends on the skill level of developers.

Overestimating the capabilities of app developers is a common mistake while outsourcing app development.

People tend to hire mobile application developers with no deliberation.

Often it backfires pretty hard. 

Sometimes app delivery gets delayed.

The app itself will dysfunction if they use the wrong tools and technologies. 

So the developers need to have a clear understanding of the latest and effective approaches like agile development, cross-platform app development tools, mobile app frameworks, testing tools, and other related tools.

The users demand many of the latest technologies in the apps.

So the developer’s grasp on technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, virtual reality, etc. is also equally important.

5. Read Reviews and Client Feedback

Reviews help us get an overview of what a company can offer.

It includes the quality, schedule, and cost of their app development process. 

To get authentic reviews of a company, you can check Google reviews.

Google reviews are a very credible source.

You can also go to B2B review sites like Clutch for reviews.

For client feedback, you don’t necessarily have to contact the development company.

Many app development company websites have their client lists.

If the app developer is confident in their track record, they’ll provide a detailed reference list if you ask.

Things to Not Forget While Hiring Mobile App Developers

So you have gone through several options and found a mobile app development company with good expertise and experience.

Is that all you need to look for?

Do you think you are ready to make the final call? 

Hold on! 

Experience and expertise should definitely tick the checkbox on how to hire mobile app developers.

But that is not all.

You also need to consider some other factors like communication, maintenance support, budget concerns and development timelines. 

1. Proper Communication is Key

I mean, you are willing to invest a large amount of money in app developers.

So the relationship with the app developers has to be pretty smooth, right?

Otherwise, it’ll be hard for both parties.

There should be an easy and free-flowing partnership between the company and the developers with no communication barriers.

They need to be able to share their concerns and ideas with one another properly.

App development is a collaborative process.

Midway through the process, there can be minor plan changes.

So without a friendly professional relationship with the company, this may lead to confusion and conflicts.

So always make sure the company has a very responsive and accommodating working nature.

2. Prolonged Service Should be a Priority

Mobile app development is not all about merely developing the app alone, app maintenance is also a huge part of development.

The app should work in perfect condition at all times across all devices.

Along the way, the associated business organization will have specific demands or they require to add new features to the apps.

So developers will have to implement suitable actions.

The apps may slightly misbehave at times.

Bugs and performance issues need to be immediately detected and fixed.

So keeping all these in mind, it’s always wise to opt for a mobile app development company that has a long term service validity.

Along the way, the associated business organization will have specific demands or they require to add new features to the apps.

So developers will have to implement suitable actions.

The apps may slightly misbehave at times.

Bugs and performance issues need to be immediately detected and fixed.

So keeping all these in mind, it’s always wise to opt for a mobile app development company that has a long term service validity.

3. Ask for a Reasonable Development Timeline

You know you can’t just hire mobile application developers and presume they will deliver the app at the predefined time.

I mean, if the company is trustworthy, you certainly can.

It’s always better when you get regular heads up about each phase of the development process.

The app development goes through a series of operations and transitions along the way.

They include planning, designing, developing, app testing, and app delivery.

The time consumption is different for both Android and iOS app development.

So if the developers provide a reasonable timeline for all these phases, we can pre-plan and implement various actions by adjusting to the defined schedule.

4. Discuss Budget Expectations

App development is also a long process.

This includes ongoing app maintenance as well.

The cost of app development is not the same for everyone.

Different developers have different approaches and price ranges.

The longer it takes, the costlier it gets.

When there are various features and functionalities in the apps, imaginably the price will be higher.

But, if you know exactly what you need, you know what you can give.

      “ Never compromise on quality for the price”

The competitive nature of app developers has given us the luxury of negotiating the prices.

But at the same time, we can’t compromise on quality for it. 

The company may have reasonable price ranges, But if the quality is inadequate, it may not be the right one for you.

On the other hand, the lower price doesn’t necessarily imply lower quality.

There will be some developers who can offer you high-quality apps at reasonable price ranges.

These are some of the best practices in hiring mobile app developers.

If you follow these steps carefully, we can guarantee you that you’ll find your solutions as quickly as possible. 

Freelance App Developer or Mobile App Development Company?

And finally, one last question. freelancers or full-time developers? 

This debate never seems to be settled when the question of how to hire a mobile app developer arises.

So let’s settle this once and for all, shall we?

Creating an app has become so much easier now.

So imaginably, there will be many freelancers in the scene as well. 

A freelancer may be able to develop an app at a cheap rate.

The app may even look pretty at first glance.

But app development is not nearly over once the development part is over.

It has to be maintained and updated for a long time.

At times, the scope and stakes of business will be higher, not to mention bugs in the apps.

So how will a freelancer be able to manage all these?

The freelancer doesn’t have the strength of skilled developers.

So the app will be abandoned midway.

And you’ll be left with a useless app.

A mobile app development company can take care of this part pretty well, be it Android app development or iOS app development.

They can even work around your priorities and appropriate demands.

They also provide continued technical support for a long time.

Take a look at this comparison of mobile app development company and freelancer to get a better idea of the differences. 

If you are looking for such an app development company, you can wholeheartedly rely on Mindster.

We turn your dreams into reality exactly the way you envisioned.

Over the course of last 10+ years, our well equipped team has developed many innovative apps like e- commerce apps, taxi dispatch apps, flight booking apps, etc. for both Android and iOS platforms.

So you can rest assured that you’ll always be in safe hands.