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Why Do Food Delivery Apps Need a Mobile App Development Company?

4 Aug 23  

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Ankitha Prasannan

Content Writer

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Is it astonishing that experts predict the online food delivery market will hit $200 billion by 2025? The total might even go up if the Corona epidemic materializes fully. Social isolation has driven high demand for online food delivery apps development, resulting in this outcome. To succeed in this industry, it is essential to be professionally prepared and ready to expand your firm.

For this purpose, we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons a food delivery business requires a unique mobile app development service partner. Let’s have a look! Due to the introduction of technology, companies have been undergoing rapid digital transformation. Another factor can be the rapidly growing usage of mobile devices and their simplicity, which has compelled firms to prioritize developing mobile applications.

Additionally, due to the booming on-demand food delivery app development sector, food ordering and delivery firms require mobile applications. Before continuing, Let’s look up the market size data for food delivery services.

Online Food Delivery App Development: Market Analysis

Are you considering developing an online food delivery application but need to know if the cost is justified? Statista’s results are as follows to give you a clear picture.

  • In 2022, the online food delivery market achieved $63.2 billion in sales, reflecting a 10.7% growth compared to the preceding year.

  • The market is projected to expand to $96.50 billion, with an annual revenue growth of 8.90% expected for 2027 (CAGR 2022–2027).

  • By 2027, there are expected to be over 217.1 million users of online food delivery applications.

  • In 2022, the online food-delivery business will generate $312,153 million in sales.

  • By 2024, the market is anticipated to reach $182,327 million, with an annual revenue of 7.5%.

  • Platform-to-Consumer Delivery will have a market value of $169,193 million in 2022, making it the industry’s biggest market.

  • Regarding downloads, the most widely used food delivery app, Uber Eats, came in third on the list of the best apps for food and drink in Canada in 2018.

These figures demonstrate online food delivery services’ popularity, meaning you do not need to pass them up.

Role of Mobile App Development Companies in Food Delivery Apps

You may be considering ways to launch a food delivery business. To grow your firm, you’ll need to create a mobile application in addition to your online food delivery business strategy. The food delivery experience is improved highly with the intuitive UI/UX design making it more attractive and feasible for users. But why make a mobile app before launching a food delivery service? The top 5 reasons to check are listed below.

1. Boosts Repeat Traffic

Regarding your on-demand food delivery service, obtaining a tailored mobile application is crucial if you want to achieve excellent results. If you own a food delivery company and want to keep your consumers longer, you should concentrate on creating an app with unique characteristics and attributes.

You must consider fundamental characteristics while developing a food delivery app to increase loyal customers and bring in new ones. Thus, create a customized app for your food delivery service if you want your company to succeed. Then, employ a reputable iOS app development business with expertise in building on-demand food delivery apps.

2. Covid-19 Outbreak

The need for food delivery businesses has increased because of the COVID-19 outbreak. As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, lifestyles are undergoing significant changes. Society has been entirely altered as shutdowns have been declared in most countries, changing life as we know it.

Amidst this scenario, essential sectors like food and grocery delivery apps are experiencing remarkable growth. Startup enterprises notably channel investments into 10-minute delivery platforms, exemplified by apps such as Dija and Weezy. Delivering high-quality foods in a short amount of time is the goal of many food delivery businesses. 

The target market likewise consists of time-constrained individuals who want a restaurant delivery service. Currently, all comprise the target audience. Most individuals now want deliveries made to their homes. Developing a food delivery application akin to Uber Eats or GrubHub may be fantastic if you operate a restaurant or food delivery service. Most importantly, you can get it created without leaving your home. You may hire a mobile app development business to provide it for you.

3. Enhanced Visibility & Efficiency for Users & Retailers 

The market for on-demand food delivery has expanded significantly during the last several years. Despite the general level of investment and technological adoption, this business is already established. The situation is not yet over, though. Increasing efficiency and accountability for both ends, i.e., consumers and traders, is another important motivator.

Both users of the app and retailers benefit from the ease and visibility offered by the on-demand options available on the food delivery app. Because this sector has been booming over the past few years, it is crucial to establish a unique mobile application if you intend to launch an on-demand food delivery app.

4. Future Advancements

In the modern technological environment, change is a good and evident thing. So, we may anticipate improvements in the food delivery sector for a brighter future. Based on an analysis by McKinsey & Company, the worldwide food delivery market held a value of €83 billion in 2016. The food delivery sector is primarily mature in nations with projected five-year growth rates of around 3.5%.

Most food delivery apps’ current goals revolve around placing online orders from restaurants. Consumers no longer often wait at restaurants for their food as of late. Consumers consider it much simpler to have food at their residences after ordering using a food delivery app a short while beforehand.

There is little doubt that the market for food delivery is undergoing a significant transformation. This corresponds to what you interpret as the customer base for on-demand food delivery growing exponentially. Additionally, this market has an opportunity for rapid expansion. A food delivery app may work wonders for your company if you run a delivery service. So this is an excellent opportunity for your company to create a food delivery app.

5. Target Right audience Easily & Engage 

A food delivery app might be highly beneficial to your company, from encouraging customers to place the initial food order to using promotional offers. Typically, consumers consider it intriguing and place orders. To effortlessly target the correct demographic and get remarkable results, it is crucial to think about creating a customized app.

Reaching the target market would be very beneficial for your company. Consider developing a mobile application to attract the target market, reaching hundreds of thousands of people genuinely in need of dining or delivery services. You can easily accomplish that with the aid of the mobile application. Additionally, you may continue to communicate with your audience. Your target market’s customer happiness is a top goal.

Further, offering ongoing specials and discounts encourages customers to stick around. Therefore, if you’ve considered creating on-demand food delivery applications like Postmates, Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Deliveroo, we want to emphasize that a customized mobile may work wonders for your company.

As is well known, this is a crucial time, especially for new food businesses and their owners. People require reassurance that the food establishment’s order delivery is healthy to eat since they are very concerned about their well-being. For this reason, we have developed a few strategies that will enable you to offer a secure food delivery service.

Wrapping Up

The food delivery service sector is seeing rapid expansion; therefore, now is the ideal moment to develop an online food delivery application. What distinguishes an exceptional food delivery app? Customized food delivery software development can assist you in achieving your goals and expanding your food delivery company in a highly competitive market.

To ensure your idea for a food app is an achievement, you may speak with an expert in mobile app development services. Our talented UI/UX design team has developed profitable food delivery applications for over 13 years. Connect with us if you have any business ideas that have come to you. We are a premier mobile application development company.