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How we Implement Taxi Hailing App with Taxi App Customization?

26 Mar 19  

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Ankitha Prasannan

Content Writer

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‘Get more Passengers on your taxi mobile app’- This is all what every company aims to. A taxi app was developed to book taxi using an app and ride around the world. This totally hit the nail right on the head. With big fish like Uber and Ola apps, which are already on the market, all service providers are looking forward to expand their user base and develop a competitive edge. In this article, we are going to talk about how mobile app customizations make taxi booking and riding possible according to one’s comfort.

However, the taxi business owners were among the unsatisfied-crowd. Their basic operational model was challenged seriously. They don’t feel particularly great about the basic features. Therefore, they started customizing the basic taxi booking app for iOS and android. 

The first thing you need to know about taxi app development is that, you have to build two slightly different apps connected to your admin portal: one for your passengers and one for the drivers.

Features of a Taxi Booking App

All the essential features in the passenger app include:

  • Register/login page

  • Booking interface

  • Fare calculator 

  • Driver’s rating and reviews

  • Push notifications

  • Ride history

The essential features in taxi driver app include:

  • Driver registration, login & Profile

  • Order alert

  • Navigation 

  • Cost Estimation

  • Trip Reports & History

These are the general features, which every taxi business owner would add in his app. Now look at some additional and much requested features to consider for a online cab-booking app.

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Additional customizations

  • Split the bill: Uber recently introduced this feature; here the ride cost can be shared with friends.

  • Request favorite driver: All of us develop certain likings towards some peeps. Some would like to hire a regular driver for the drives.

  • Voice inputs: When you are too buzzed to type, you would love if your taxi app can take voice commands as input.

  • Waitlist: With this features users can add themselves in the waiting list during the peak hours rather than refreshing the taxi hailing app over and over again in search for a ride.

  • Advance booking:  The customer can book the cab in advance and take the ride later.

  • Mobile payment gateways: The payment option can be further simplified by integrating with mobile payments apps like PayPal, Airtel Money, and Paytm etc.

  • Chat Provision: A provision of chat should be provided for the customers and the drivers. Driver to customer chat, Driver to admin chat, and customer to admin chat.

The Admin Panel

Your admin panel is a robust web app to store, manage and review all the in-app activities. It has total control over all the Dispatcher panels, Drivers, Passengers, taxis and transactions occurring. This offers you a quick overview of all the processes, suggest the best navigation for trips, and manage ROI. Although your company can survive without one moving forward without one will create many hassles. Therefore, it is advisable to develop an admin panel right from the beginning.

How to build the best taxi booking app?

  • Intensive research: You should know the needs of the customers. Researching user preferences and dislikes is crucial. It’s essential to consider users’ state of mind and comprehension abilities during the development or customization process.

  • Differentiation is necessary: Going fully behind the Uber features is not always good. Although the basics of your app ought to be the same, everything else must have powerful verities that attracts the customers.

  • Customization: The more flexibility the app has, the better is it for the taxi business. Customization ensures the customers comfort. Keeping customers at the heart you have to customize your taxi hailing app. Pay much attention over the payment options and language settings to give the ultimate taxi ride through the booking app.

  • Taxi booking app customer care: The taxi-booking app should have a separate column through which customers can reach out for a solution. The app should either feature a dedicated complaint section or provide a digital customer care address for easy access.

Best Mobile Apps for Taxi Booking Globally

Though there’s room for innovative hospitality and transportation mobile apps, several are already succeeding and generating decent revenue. Let’s take a look at the most successful taxi booking applications.

1. Uber – Simple, Cheap Trips

For both iOS and Android, the software is accessible. Nearly 445 locations and 70 countries offer access to this app’s features. Apart from accepting cash in various cities in Kenya, the Philippines, and India, it is also linked to internet payment systems.

2. Grab

Want to drive safely? The Grab taxi booking app is a must-try since the developers went above and beyond to guarantee visibility between the drivers and the passengers. Users may use cash, credit, or Grab points to make payments. Both the iOS and Google Play stores provide the option of installing the app.

3. Hailo

This is another of the best taxi booking applications accessible in Spain, the UK, and Ireland. With only a few clicks, users of this software can quickly and easily reserve a taxi for themselves. What about this app, then? It is among the most popular applications because of its characteristics, including trip histories, car alternatives, online payment methods, and ride receipts.

4. Gett: Taxi Cab Booking App

This one is accessible across networks and competes fiercely with Uber. The taxi service supports respectful interactions between customers and drivers. Customers can reserve their rides two weeks in advance and avoid surge pricing, which is one of this app’s most vital features. More than 100 cities in Europe and the United States offer this one.

5. Curb: The Taxi App 

One can download the app for iOS and Android, as it is considered one of the premier taxi booking applications in the United States. Users can choose to pair up and pay now or later. We carefully select taxi drivers under this app, ensuring they meet qualifying requirements regarding their driving, experience, and license.

Summing it together

Customize a free taxi booking software app for iOS and Android; the taxi app contains a cloud-based self-hosted solution for real-time vehicle tracking on the map. Cab booking script’s latest amendments and features set you free from all hassles. The dream of having a digitized taxi business turns practical with the unparalleled idea of taxi booking apps.

At Mindster, we offer branded taxi booking app solutions for iOS and Android that are simple to use and customize for your business needs. Our mobile app development company is known for the outstanding work done to bring mobile app solutions to our customers globally. Our Taxi App lets you choose the right track to boost your business. Get the maximum return on investment by opting for our complete taxi solution. Develop your business requirements with our open-source taxi dispatch software