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A Complete Guide To Why You Must Build An App For Your Food Truck Business

26 Nov 21  

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ezzat Abdul Ghafour

Ezzat Abdul Ghafour

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Have you ever wondered how you can build a business around your passion for food and expand it over the years, but with a lower initial investment? Well, the best and most trending choice you have is starting a food truck business.

Food truck is a safe way to get your business started, as it requires lower initial investment and operation cost, making the start-off much affordable. It is a safer and healthier alternative to street food and also gives you the ability to experiment with location and find the one that best suits your business and target customers.

With this being said, you must also know that successfully running a food truck business requires a lot of effort. You must be able to market and attract the target customers back to your business. One of the most applicable initiatives that you can take to ease your business operations is to build a food truck app. It will bring a remarkable difference to your business and make your workflow much more efficient. Here, we will dive into some of the major reasons why you should build a food truck app and how it will benefit your business.

Why Build An App For Your Food Truck Business?

The food industry provides many apps in the market. These apps connect customers with restaurants that are linked to them. Unfortunately, these apps do not provide any information regarding the wide range of food available in food trucks. This puts the food truck business at a disadvantage. 

By building a food truck app with features that can help ease your business operations and user experience, your business is more likely to reach more people and, in turn, bring more customers. Let us look at some of the features that can be added to your app to make it more efficient.

Key Features You Must Add To Your Food Truck App

Food delivery app development has advanced to a great extent. With high-quality apps, people are able to enjoy their favorite dishes in the comfort of their own homes. Mobile app development companies use advanced technology to develop extremely user friendly apps with great features that can help track orders and other useful information. Let us look at some of the key features that can help your food truck business reach its optimum level of success.

Live Map and Navigation

This is an important feature to make your app function as a location tracker. It helps users to track the food trucks in real time. By integrating GPS into your app, you can enable users to easily navigate their way to the truck.

Search and discover Option

Nothing is more annoying to users than not being able to find what they are looking for. By providing advanced search and discovery options, users can search for their desired food and discover food trucks near them that offer the same. 

Access To Menu

The app must have the items menu of all the food trucks available. This will help customers find their required menu from the trucks nearer to them.

Time Scheduling

Providing a scheduled time in which the users will receive their order makes it more convenient for them as it saves a lot of time. It also helps inform the users how much time is required to prepare the food, which gives them the option of choosing a dish that takes less time to prepare.

Rate and Review

You can add rating and reviewing features into your app to get feedback on the food and services that you provide. It will also help you identify the best and least moving dishes and make improvements according to them.

Push Notifications

By using an in-app push notification feature, you can inform users about the change of locations and new food items to be added to the menu. This feature also helps in marketing new arrivals and analysing the impact it makes.

Benefits Of Using A Food Truck App For Your Business

Restaurant app development has made a significant impact on the food industry. People are highly dependent on apps like Swiggy and Zomato to get their food on the table. By creating a similar app with more specialised features, food truck businesses are sure to succeed even more.


By having an app that provides all the information regarding your food truck, it is easier to update location and menu items to your customers using push notification and automated texts. You can also provide a route map that will help users know your future location. 

Menu Listing

By making the menu and price list available in the app, customers can easily order food that they desire and reach the food trucks once the food has been prepared. This also helps to cut off waiting time and long queues.`

Easy and Paperless Transaction

Digital payment is a growing trend. By either providing in-app payment options or  integrating PayPal into your food truck app, you can enable users to make paperless transactions. Additionally, you will be able to keep track of the total sales and expenses on a regular basis. This allows you to make future decisions regarding the location, marketing techniques and menu items.

Truck Locator

One of the most important benefits the app has to offer is ease of locating the food trucks. With the map view and GPS feature, users can locate food trucks and navigate towards it. 

Enhanced User Experience

With the help of a mobile app, customers get access to all the information regarding your food truck which gives them a certain level of control. They carry your business around in their mobile phones and get connected to you whenever they desire. They also have access to in-app customer services in case of any queries.

Better Understanding of Business

A food truck app helps you to analyse your business by using the data recorded. They have access to information regarding orders received, number of dishes sold, number of app users, highest moving dishes etc. which helps to get a clear understanding of how the business is doing.

How To Make Your Food Truck App A Smash Hit

Mobile apps are efficient in customizing your food truck business according to consumer requirements. They are in high demand as it provides customers a convenient way to get their food. Now that you have a clear idea on how to make your app user friendly, taking note of these few tips will help your business and app do much better.

Advertising New Arrivals

When it comes to food, people always look for variety. Selling the same dishes over and over is less likely to grab attention. To survive in the food industry, you must constantly experiment and bring out new dishes to the customers. These dishes then must be advertised using push-notification features. This allows users to be fully updated on what is new and will make them look forward to trying those dishes.

Getting Feedbacks

Not all customers enjoy the same dish. You are likely to get mixed reviews on most of the products. By receiving feedback, you can analyse the best dish, preferences and least moving items and make improvements according to it. You can also receive suggestions on what the customers are looking forward to. This could help increase user experience and improve their time with your food truck. 

Promoting Discount Options

Everybody likes a little discount. It drives you to make the purchase. By providing discount offers when using mobile apps for the first time, people are motivated to install the app in their mobile phones in order to avail the discount. This helps to increase the number of app users and overall customers. You can also provide additional offers when multiple dishes are ordered. This increases the number of items sold daily.

Wrapping Up

Having an app for your food truck business is the best way to have an edge over your competitors. The mobile apps help you reach more customers and make much of the business operations smoother. By providing extremely convenient features, customers are able to reach your food trucks with ease. With the use of an app, you are able to stay connected with your customers and create a community that supports your business. So what are you waiting for? Boost your food truck business with mobile apps and watch your business flourish.