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How to Promote Your Essential Business During Coronavirus

3 Apr 20  

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Bineeta Thomas


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The novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 as we call it today was first identified at the Wuhan city in China. 

Since then the thing has literally become the talk of the world and the saddest part is that it still is. 

The world has entered a semi-lock down the situation in which most of the businesses are having a hard time.

The people are worried about the whole pandemic situation and are practising social distancing to keep themselves safe.

The time can be divided into before and after COVID- 19.

The world as we remember before a month doesn’t exist anymore. 

People are stuck at home taking their works along with them.

Many businesses have coped with the situation by choosing work at home option for their employees and needless to say, it is going well for some businesses.

Businesses are categorized into essential and non-essential ones to determine which ones to remain open and which ones cannot.

Well, by keeping in mind the agony which such a global disaster can bring upon any business today, we’ve compiled some methods to promote your essential business during coronavirus situation.


We all know that you can’t just do your advertising stuff like before as people are on edge lately.

If you try rubbing your ads on them, you might rather lose a loyal customer than retaining them.

So be wise and plan your moves accordingly. 

We are all a bit on edge, so the first and the best thing you can do is empathise.

For doing that you don’t have to be in their shoes, because now we are all wearing the same shoes.

If your solution was a grocery app development before, link it with the resent situation and show them how a grocery app can solve the present lockdown situation by delivering groceries at your doorstep.

Be in regular contact with your existing and older customers just to know that they are good and safe.

Contact those leads in your pipeline and present your solutions as a means to solve the present situation.

Tell them how your product will be a blessing for the users and how you can help to make the present situations better.

Adapting to the situations and evolving is necessary for the existence of any business.

Connect Digitally

I assume that the readers are smart enough to figure the connecting digital part by themselves in the panic situation due to coronavirus now.

Since most of the world is under lockdown and going out is considered a luxury, the online world has become active than ever.

Tools like zoom, hangouts, slack and many more have entered the scene and have become stars overnight.

Needless to say that these tools are giving a great opportunity for businesses to connect with your potential customers. 

Be present and super active in your social media platforms and make sure that you’re posting contents that add value to the visitors time they spent scrolling through your profile.

For example, if you have a doctor booking app as your product, you can tell your potential customers how it is going to make the users lives easy.

Doctors will be available online and you can talk with them and even send them the prescriptions of medicines you were taking before.

Online consulting will be a thing in the future, why not practice a bit now?

Being in touch is what really matters and make sure that your customers are safe and at home.

Work Smart

By working smart, I mean being present at every interaction point of your customer’s digital journey.

Automate your marketing strategy and by automate I don’t mean sending out tons of automated emails into your potential customer’s mailbox.

We all know that won’t be a very wise move now.

I mean sending out personalised and customized details at every touchpoint systematically and digitally will reduce human efforts by increasing the ROI.

Less effort more results, isn’t that we all want?

The essential eCommerce app is gaining momentum in these difficult times due to coronavirus.

COVID-19 has let us all off guards and caught us on our necks limiting the life supplies.

But as humans, we’ve learned survival techniques long back.

So mobile app development companies are finding ways to serve the people by developing apps that will help in their daily lockdown lives.

E-commerce app development, medical equipment delivery app are some of the apps which have gained popularity these days.

As I have mentioned earlier in this blog, creating content that empathises with your customers will help and not the ones that rub your product or solution on their face.

Keep an Eye on Stats

Measuring everything you do and monitoring its outcomes is crucial.

Promoting your essential business during COVID-19 situation might seem a bit tough. But keeping the right figures in check, you’re going to conquer it.

Keep an account of every money sent and what you’re getting out of it. 

Count the number of leads, potential customers, those projects which are about to close and those which needs a nudge to convert.

This figures will give you a clear understanding of where your customers are at present and where you should concentrate to bring in more leads to your sales pipeline.

These numbers also give you a grip on which strategy is working and which one is not.

Even if the coronavirus fears settle down, people might feel a bit uneasy to be in the crowd again.

So calling in and booking slots at restaurants, salons and hospitals are going to be the normal situation sooner or later.

A salon app which gives you access to the free slots and rush hours of different salons in the town will be able to aid the public to solve their inhibitions about the crowd.

Final Words!

We’re all equally hit and we know how bad it feels to be at home always.

But we’re holding up and we’re learning to get our things done even from home.

This can be an opportunity for some business sand doomsday for some other.

Either way, keeping the spirits up and hoping for the good old times when we never thought twice before going out to do a chill with friends will be back soon.

This blog will help the readers to understand ways to promote essential business during coronavirus pandemic grasping the world.