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Building a Successful Mobile App for Loyalty Programs: Best Practices

5 Jun 23  

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ankitha Prasannan

Content Writer

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Customers get motivated by their intentions and will remain loyal to the business, which aids in their accomplishment. However, even if they’ve had good experiences with your business, a rival with a more enticing offer may succeed in converting them. In light of this, a successful mobile app for loyalty programs is gaining huge significance.

If a loyalty program is available, 68% of existing consumers will sign up, and the prizes and special offers will encourage them to keep making purchases. In addition, users participating in these programs usually spend additional funds since they assist their companies.

So why not give them another incentive to continue because they love doing business with you? The simple answer is that providing rewards and receiving nothing charges excess. When you examine a particular purchase, this is the case. However, the advantages of loyalty programs for your company go beyond simply a couple of purchases.

What are Loyalty Programs?

A loyalty program is created to draw in, comprehend, hold onto, and communicate with consumers. You may develop one to serve your clients better and grow profitable, lasting relationships with your company’s users.

At their core, loyalty schemes are strategic tools for changing how specific consumers behave. The behaviors you desire, nevertheless, can be quite distinct according to your company’s strategy and the state of the market.

A loyalty program can aid client identification if you cannot do so across channels, shops, or business divisions. In addition, a successful mobile app for loyalty program may give you additional chances to contact clients if you can monitor them personally but have little opportunity to do so.

Best Practices for a Successful Mobile Loyalty Program

Since rewarding loyal consumers has been a practice since the start of commerce, most firms are mindful of the possibilities of loyalty programs. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that we have transformed a lot in trading.” 

Businesses need to be more explicit about how to promote loyalty due to shifting customer purchasing behavior due to the evolution of digital transformation and the widespread use of mobile applications.

Let’s dive into the best practices for developing a successful mobile app for loyalty programs, specifically focusing on the dos and don’ts.

The Do’s for a Successful Mobile App for Loyalty Program

Empower Earnings Beyond Expenditure

There needs to be more than simply linking your loyalty program to purchases. Why? As a businessperson or an enterprise, it could appear that you have no concern regarding the consumer’s demands if you have them pay anything to join a rewards program.

Rather, you are merely attempting to get customers to put away more money. It’s crucial to offer ways to engage other than making transactions in loyalty programs since they focus on demonstrating your care for your clients.

That might be any of them, such as posting reviews on social networks, participating in various surveys, or virtually any other activity you can think of. Being a part of winning ventures is highly prized. They want their thoughts to be appreciated and their ideas to be heard. 

Show your appreciation for customers by freeing them to engage with your company. This shows them that you value them both personally and as a customer. What better way to promote for a successful mobile app for loyalty programs?


Consider offering a discount to a mobile-focused consumer who purchases a PC. They won’t only reject the proposal right away; they can even harm your connection with your clients. Ensure that all your promotional deals are properly tailored since you shouldn’t let your clients wonder, “Why is this being sent to me?” 

Fortunately, digital platforms can assist you in gathering an abundance of essential data concerning your clients, enabling you to customize and cater your services to various demographics. Create customized offers using the resources at your disposal, and then evaluate their effectiveness to realize their maximum potential. We have previously talked about how in-app personalization is a creative form in itself.

Enact an Efficient Route to Benefits

Consumers will quickly leave your loyalty program if the route is extended, particularly if the prize isn’t worth it. It is debatable if it will harm the business. However, it will undoubtedly hinder your efforts to keep your clients happy and interested in purchasing more from you.

To get the most from rewards programs, you need to raise awareness about them and gauge the speed at which clients may accumulate capital. Naturally, it shouldn’t happen too quickly; nevertheless, when it takes a lengthy time, it won’t succeed.


Current businesses have noticed two significant facts. One is that most of the sales come from a smaller customer population. The second is that the customer needs to be retained, which is possible through loyalty programs.

This heavily influences loyalty programs. However, many businesses must acknowledge how technology alters interactions and customer behavior.  Therefore if businesses want to thrive, they must be distinctive in their strategy, provide individualized, pertinent, and unique material, and ensure that it is simple to access and participate in.

The loyalty program onboarding techniques are foolproof and cater to the appropriate demographic groupings. Finally, they must remember to assess and improve their loyalty programs using the data they have collected. It only sometimes guarantees something will operate tomorrow because it did yesterday.

The Don’ts for a Successful Mobile App for Loyalty Program

Absence of Onboarding

Customers must remain committed to the loyalty program. Otherwise, it won’t function. It must be straightforward and efficient. Customers must comprehend the program’s advantages, and you must ensure that these advantages are worth their valuable resources and effort. Maintain clarity in all of those communications. 

Ultimately, it’s necessary to examine your onboarding approach and collect data on the potentially recruited loyalty program members. Lacking these components, you may anticipate a rapid decline in your participation curves.

Disregard Gen Z

You don’t suddenly develop loyalty. It takes extensive energy and patience to construct and is an outlay for the future. Considering this fact, retail businesses sometimes disregard Gen Z and focus primarily on Millennials.

First, this is because they believe youngsters to be the perfect population. This is because they are somewhat older, make the most of modern technologies, and have significant spending power. Although Gen Z may not already have that buying power, it will be soon that they do. Therefore, since loyalty is an attribute you develop over time, it is essential to start considering the younger generations.

Neglecting Statistics

The phrase “What gets assessed gets handled” is well known. The correct metric is utilized for assessing everything, even loyalty programs. Today’s analytics solutions have evolved along with users. Emphasize how your people operate your schedule rather than dwelling on self-important statistics.

A powerful customer behavior analytics tool could not just assist you in determining if a particular program is effective. Still, it may also provide fantastic suggestions for subsequent iterations. You can immediately identify usability problems in your loyalty program and take appropriate action by analyzing user activity using technologies like touch heatmaps and behavioral cohorts.

Final Thoughts

You must put the client experience first before you can begin to construct your customer loyalty program. A loyalty programme is a more engaging way to say, “Please visit us. “Once you’ve gained your customers’ confidence, they’ll be striving for an opportunity to receive incentives for using your company’s services. If you are looking into integrating loyalty programs into your mobile apps, Mindster is the right choice for you.

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