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How To Build A Customer Loyalty App?

4 Jan 23  

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Manu Sanker

Manu Sanker

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Customers will be loyal to a business that helps them achieve their goals because they are motivated by them. Even if they have a good track record with your brand, a rival with a better offer still has a chance of winning them over. As a result, building a following of devoted customers is challenging and even guaranteed, but the steps below will help.

A recent study says – the worldwide loyalty market was esteemed at USD 3226.76 million in 2019 and is supposed to arrive at a worth of USD 11442.24 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 23.3% over the period.

Let’s see how creating a customer loyalty app can help you gain a foothold in this lucrative market. To start, we’ll discuss the most important features and some loyalty apps to determine the target audience.

Characteristics Of Customer Loyalty App

  • The loyalty cards need to be individualized. Information, layout, branding, etc., should all bear your distinctive, brand-identifying signature.
  • It is necessary to integrate with POS and eCommerce providers fully.
  • Loyalty programs, promotions, and marketing campaigns are never “one-size-fits-all.” It would be best if you created distinct programs for various market segments. The app should address it.
  • The web application’s user interface (UI) ought to be elegant.
  • A loyalty program app must provide push notifications.
  • You must be aware of the operation of your loyalty programs. Real-time, aggregated analytics and reports are required.
  • The app must adhere to security guidelines like PCI DSS.
  • The app should seamlessly incorporate social media marketing.
  • Users should have an easier time managing their loyalty points with your app.
  • It is essential to use geolocation-based search so that your customers can locate coupons and rewards near them.
  • Finally, the loyalty program needs to provide excellent customer service.

Best Customer Loyalty Apps In 2023

Before moving into how we develop a loyalty app, we can go through some of the most popular customer loyalty apps in the market.

1) Starbucks rewards

The Starbucks rewards application is accessible on both Android and iOS. It has a loyalty program with two levels of tiers. Through their app, their reward program gives their loyal customers access to the following features:

·         Refills are free.

·         Mobile ordering and payment.

·         Exclusive deals for members only.

·         individualized rewards

2.Sephora’s beauty insider

Accessible on both Android and iOS, the Sephora Versatile Application offers elite prizes as a component of its client dedication model. It coordinates with the organization’s retail locations, sites, and Sephora stores inside JCPenney stores. Customers must use their email addresses to earn points when they check out.

3. Kohl’s yestoyou rewards

The Kohl’s app gives new customers 50 “Yes2You” points when they download it. Their rewards program is called “Yes2You.” They have apps for iOS and Android. Through its app, the company provides a cashback point system. Members receive reward points for birthdays and other special occasions and annual rewards.

4. NikePlus rewards

The NikePlus rewards program is available. Their app is the only place you can use certain features. Members receive exclusive offers, and the app makes it possible to shop quickly. Birthdays and other special occasions can be celebrated with rewards. The company offers apps for both Android and iOS.

How We Implemented A Customer Loyalty Mobile App For Our Key Client

While the basic application builder is enough for organizations without a talented team of developers, a custom-featured app requires a custom turn of events.  

UI and front-end design 

In this custom advancement approach, you want UI/UX originators to plan your versatile application UI. Your app’s success depends on having a good UI design that is easy to use.

Custom-built APIs /SDKs.

Their customer loyalty app focused on custom-built APIs and SDKs to enhance their business and customer retention program. Some of the keys features we integrated using our APIs are

  • Reward points
  • Loyal customer program

Backend for the loyalty program

Several essential aspects of the mobile backend are addressed by integrating the PHP Laravel Framework. Infrastructure, database, persistent storage, user administration, security, API integration, and scaling are all included in this. Maintaining the backend in the PHP laravel framework can free up your time so that you can concentrate on the front end.

Our customer loyalty app development team

Your team needs testers, Android developers, iOS developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and a project manager (PM). The PM ought to be well versed in important project management techniques.

Key features of the Customer Loyalty App

Loyalty Program Features

  • Admin User Management
  • View KYC Enrolled users
  • Set Billers (Categories for which Earning is applicable)

  • Earn Rule
    1. * Number of Points during checkout
    2. * Minimum cut-off cart value for earning rewards
    3. * Maximum points that can be earned per checkout
    4. * Applicable Billers (Categories)
    5. * Expiry

  • Configurations
    1. Set Reward points conversion value against currency
    2. Maximum consumable reward value percentage
    3. Sync with existing ERP system
    4. The Loyalty system will sync with the external ERP system during earn/burn of points.
    5. Two-way integration will be done between the ERP and loyalty systems

The Cost Of Developing A Customer Loyalty App Solution

The custom development of an app for a loyalty program has numerous costs. SDK/API service providers either display or provide pricing information upon request.

The cost of flutter app development personnel will vary based on your requirements. It is also influenced by your local labor market and geography.


If you require expert assistance with this end-to-end development approach. A custom loyalty app’s initial development costs can be reduced by developing a minimum viable product (MVP) with the right key features. Mindster can assist you in developing a structured customer loyalty app based on your specifications. With our industrial expertise and technological strengths, we can create the best output.

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