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13 Best Android Camera Apps For High-Quality Images In 2024

31 May 22  

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Bineeta Thomas


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Photographs bring memories back and give us a chance to reminisce. Today, we all wish to take back the memories of everything beautiful. Let it be a great place, a magnificent sunset, a baby’s heart-melting smile, quality time with friends and family or even good food. Those are the moments we wish to cherish for our lifetime. Today everybody has smartphones as their best mates, and they come handy with camera applications that will make the photos look surreal. Mobile app development companies are coming up every day with ideas that will delight their customers. Developing the best android camera app for worldwide smartphone users is one such idea. In this blog, we’ve listed the best 13 android camera apps in 2020 to capture high-quality images of your precious time. Without further ado, let’s move on to the list. 

1. Camera MX

One of the pioneers in the android camera applications, Camera MX, provides many features that will surely delight the users. Autofocusing, customizable JPEG quality, and multi-resolution support are some of the features. The developers are open to the changes in quality and types of images in the modern world. Regular updates are made to the app to keep it from being obsolete. Camera MX also allows you to record lively and brilliant videos and edit it later for further perfection. Live photos and GIF mode makes Camera MZ one of the best quality camera apps available. There is a built-in photo editor that will give you access to just the basic editing options. But the camera will do a great job as it allows you to set even the resolutions of your picture(camera specs of your phone might be a constraint). 

2. Google Camera

The tech giant has laid its experienced hands in-camera apps too. The result is incredible as we expect it to be. The vivid features and futuristic picture quality will draw all the photography lovers to the Google Camera android app. It is the best free camera app for Android available now. The HDR+ and Nightsight features help the user to capture perfect pictures in low-light or backlit scenes and the dark, respectively. Other amazing features include portrait mode, top shot, playground, super sez room, google lens suggestions, and HDR+ enhances settings like ZSL(Zero Shutter Lag). Some other fantastic video features are also available in the Google Camera android app.

Download on the Google Play Store

3. Pixtica

As the minds around the world are brewing with millions of mobile app ideas, the availability of applications that we desire is increasing day by day. Pixtica is an android camera app that is designed to keep up with the pace of today’s world. The app is intended to be the best mate, even for beginners. With its impulsive and fast techniques, Pixtica will reward you with the perfect pictures of your perfect moments. Major features that make Pixtica stand out are exposure control, hyper-lapse, active filters, manual controls, tiny planet, panorama, GIF recorder, slow motion, quick resolutions, photo editor, QR scanner and many more. 

Download on the Google Play Store

4. HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam 2 is an android camera app that evolved from the Open camera source code. Some of the features that make HedgeCam 2 popular among photography lovers are listed below:

  • Face detection
  • Customizable UI
  • HDR(High Dynamic Range) and DRO(Dynamic Range Optimization) modes
  • Advanced selfie mode
  • Exposure bracket support
  • Focus bracketing mode
  • Native language support
  • Flexible photo and video settings
  • Customizable shutter sounds
  • Automatic image alignment

I hope that explained something about HedgeCam 2.

Download on the Google Play Store

5. Open Camera

Mobile app development companies try pushing their limits by developing applications with advanced features and higher levels of customer satisfaction. The Open Camera is the result of one such effort. The app is intuitive, feature-rich, and available in play store free. Remote capture and auto stabilizations are some of the features which promise high quality and professional level pictures while using Open Camera. DRO and HDR modes are also available for accentuating the picture quality further. Manual controls, burst mode, slow motion, etc. are some other additions to the feature list of Open Camera. 

Download on the Google Play Store

6. Camera FV-5

There are many camera apps available, like dual camera apps, AI integrated apps, etc. All the applications have their unique features to attract more users. The applications like FaceApp and Prisma swarmed in with distinctive features to amaze the users with a big ‘WOW’. Camera FV-5 is the best HD camera app for Android as it gives you controls similar to DSLR. Professionalism is brought into mobile photography through this app. Manual adjustments can be made to almost every feature in the app. Built-in intervalometer and long exposure support are some of the features that make camera FV-5 special. Full-fledged exposure bracketing, all supported program modes, DSLR_like viewfinder display, manual shutter speed are some of the other features available along with the Camera FV-5 Android camera application.

Download on the Google Play Store

7. Camera 360

The best selfie camera application for selfie lovers. Face beautifying filters and makeup edit options gained popularity for the app among the younger age group. This app is mostly for fun with funny stickers and motion stickers. Camera360 comes with a real-time makeup camera and auto beauty cam for those who love a bit of colour in the pictures. A wide range of camera effects and filters along with PIP collage and Pro editing have nailed the whole app rating. If you wish to create a mobile app form your idea which you think might help the people in some ways, there are many companies out there to help and guide you through every single step.

Download on the Google Play Store

8. Footej Camera

Footej camera will give you a whole new photography experience with its advanced feature and brand new appearance. The app conquers the user’s wants and gives them the best user experience they’ve ever had with a camera app. The bloat-free user interface along with amazing video and photo quality are the features of Footej Camera. Other features include animated GIFs, slow-motion video recording, selfie light, panorama mode, and HDR+ are some more features to add to the list.

Download on the Google Play Store


The photos you take can be given a new touch with the powerful VSCO camera app. The editing features will transform your photos to a higher level of perfection. Photo sharing is also possible in-app with VSCO camera android application. The VSCO presets available will elevate your editing experience and make photos look vintage. To develop an android camera app, you can now hire mobile app developers. The team will guide you through the process and will help you change your idea into reality.

10. Cymera

Cymera is an exclusive Android selfie camera. The amazing photo filters and photo editing options will give the photos a whole new makeover. The app is entertaining, with its many features and effects. Live filter and face edit filters add much acceptance to the application among the younger generation. Lens flare effects or light laked effects, professional beauty tools and many more items are available in Cymera for fun lovers.

Download on the Google Play Store

11. Bacon Camera

Bacon camera is a DSLR for everyone. Device-specific camera apps are available today like camera apps for mobiles, camera apps for tablets, camera apps for iPhones, etc. Bacon camera allows you to manually control the devices that don’t support Google’s camera2 API. The live histogram in both RGB and luminance, virtual horizon, exposure brackets, panorama, GIF, tiny planets, etc. are some of the features that can be listed as the specialties of bacon camera. Although the feature list is long, Bacon camera doesn’t officially support camera2 API. So if your phone is in this category, this app is not for you.

Download on the Google Play Store

12. Z camera

If you are obsessed with taking beautiful and eye-catching selfies, Z camera will be your perfect choice. Z camera is the best android camera app for selfies. The camera app is rich with latest stickers and AR stickers, live filters, magical effects with different styles, body & face shape selfie editor, stylish eye makeup stickers, funny face swap features and many more. Beauty selfie and real-time aging features are some more features to the app’s credit. 

13. Manual camera

The manual camera is the fastest android camera app. Also, a manual camera is the world’s first fully manual android camera application. The application runs on Lollipop camera2 API. Some of the features of the Manual camera are listed below:

  • Manual ISO
  • Manual shutter speed
  • Manual exposure compensation
  • Manual white balance 
  • Manual focus distance

Timer and RAW are also available with the Manual camera android app. If you wish to develop an app and deploy it in the play store for public use, the best option is to outsource mobile app development. The best developers out there will help you make your idea the best possible application ever.

Download on the Google Play Store

Final Words!

Photos are an emotion that brings back so many memories. A single picture might hold memories that will last a lifetime. The listed android camera apps will help you click perfect images of your happy moments. 

If you have an app idea and wish to discuss it with some of the experts who can help you with the basics as well as advanced stuff, we are here for you. We will help you with your doubts like the cost to develop a mobile app, the features to include and the platform to choose. 

Mindster is a top-rated mobile app development company in India. We forge futuristic and intuitive applications that transform people’s lives. Our expertise includes app development, web design and development, UI/UX design, e-commerce app development, and many more. our proven app testing techniques and in-depth knowledge of app development trends will be a boon for our customers while transforming their ideas into an app. For further information please feel free to contact us anytime.

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