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How To Build An Uber-Like Taxi App & How Does It Benefit The Customers In USA

3 Oct 19  

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Bineeta Thomas


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Mobile applications are evolving to attain a new level of sophistication with the advent of contemporary technologies. With many advanced features and high-end personalizations, mobile app development companies are making their products mandatory in an average human being’s daily routines. 

Hiring a taxi was considered a luxury a decade back. But when Uber swarmed in with its taxi hiring iOS app, the whole concept of taxi rides were disrupted. As time moved on, Uber began widening its territory by bringing in luxury car hiring and then carpooling in an attempt to satisfy the customers to the zenith. The taxi, which was once the privilege of the elite, now became the need of the layman. Thanks to Uber. 

Since Uber began getting all the limelight, people started discussing the possibilities of developing a taxi app like Uber for themselves. Many of them succeeded ad is running successfully. Let’s take a quick look at why exactly do you need an Uber like taxi app or how does it benefit you as well as the users. 

Why Do You Need An Uber-Like App

Having an application to manage your taxi fleet is a lot more useful than you can imagine. If you are running a taxi business and still do it the traditional way, let’s list out some of the things a taxi dispatch software might do to make your business better and hassle-free. 

uber like app

  • Managing the whole fleet is possible through a single portal. Think about the way you manage your fleet now, without an app — lots of phone calls, confusions, and complaints. Much of your time is getting wasted over verbal communications. With the integration of your business with on-demand services like Uber, things get as comfortable as a few swipes and clicks.   

  • Tracking the rides and drivers is easy with the GPS facility integrated with the app to ensure security and authenticity. Such facilities will prevent drivers from going rogue many times. 

  • The possibilities of widening your network without owning cars have gone high. When the car drivers join your app, you will get the commissions without even taking the struggle. The whole thing is automated and secure.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how apps like Uber are benefitting the owners, it’s time to get a better understanding of how did Uber become famous within a short period. Let’s do a quick analysis of what, Uber as a taxi dispatch app, has over the other taxi services in the market now.

Why Is Uber Getting All The Limelight?

Uber, the pioneer in the taxi-hailing mobile app services, has gained all the popularity it’s enjoying now through intuitive UI and on-time intervention with the right solution. Also, it will be unjust if the thought put into developing each feature is not appreciated enough. To understand Uber on a more intimate level, we should go through the features of the driver app and the rider app.

Rider’s App

Booking a ride to your destination was never so easy before. Uber, with its one-click ride availability service, has reinvented the traditional taxi-hailing business and digitized the whole process. Some of the features which make the Uber rider app noticeable among the other taxi services like Uber are listed below for a quick reference. 

  • Real-time ride detail sharing
  • Ride scheduling 
  • Multiple drop-off locations possible
  • Fare splitting integrated
  • Calendar syncing with Uber
  •  24*7 support
  • Book ride for a friend

Driver’s App

Uber has the largest pool of drivers and is still growing. The drivers can create their profile in Uber and start riding in the mentioned location. Earning has become so easy with apps like Uber. Waiting for endless hours in the taxi bay waiting for customers is an old story now. Let’s take a look at some of the features Uber offer to its drivers.

  • Driving at your convenience
  • Weekly payments
  • Destination filter
  • Uninterrupted support
  • Guidance to find rides
  • Track your earnings
  • Long trip notifications
  • Trip type preference
  • Setting arrival times

Theses are some brilliant features that make the Uber driver’s app the talk of the town. If you want to provide Uber-like services for your clients, then ensure that you integrate the best features into your app.  

Things To Keep In Mind When You Build An Uber-Like App

uber like app

Since Uber became a massive success in its area of operations, many businesses tend to create apps similar to Uber. Before building an app for yourself, make sure that you understand the need and capacity of the market that you wish to launch the app. Proper planning is quintessential. Following the trend is usual, but giving an innovative touch to your application can make it the talk of the town. Let’s carefully go through some of the points which should be given due thoughts before developing and deploying your app into the target market.

Study the market: Ensure that you have thorough knowledge about your target market — the number of possible drivers and an average number of taxi rides per day. The figures might be vague; still, you will have a number. The market knowledge will also help you integrate features that will attract the users and drivers to your app. 

The App: The app should not just be one among the many others. Make sure that you have something unique. Choose the perfect mobile app development framework for your business. Identify the factor which might take you one step higher in the app chain and execute it flawlessly. The look and feel of the app are equally important. UI and UX designs do matter a lot as well. How your app is presented to the user is a way too important factor. Ensure the hassle-free menu and user-friendly designs to direct the users seamlessly through the app functions. 

Quality Check: This might take a day or two more, but launching without the final quality check is like jumping into the deep sea without a life jacket. The test will bring up any bug which might pose a threat to the smooth functioning of the application in the real world. 

You can also hire mobile app developers to get your application live in a time-bound and result-oriented manner form different mobile app development companies. 

How Does It Benefit The Customers In USA

taxi app development in USA

Since mobile screens are taking over the web and other big screens, your application must be mobile-friendly in every aspect. Mobile app ideas are sprouting up every single day, and your mobile solution might likely get pushed behind if the app is not up to the mark. When it comes to taxi apps in the USA, the number is growing at an unprecedented rate. Even though there are some big players in the market, the growing ease of life coming along with the mobile apps serves as the cherry on the top. That being said, let’s see how taxi booking applications like Uber are helping its customers in the United States. 

Coping With The Busy Life

Since technology has pressed the fast forward button on the pace of life, everything is faster than before. People want everything ‘NOW’. The taxi booking apps could quench this thirst for quick transport. With the one-touch taxi booking solution, taxi apps have created a whole new era in people’s lives. Uber like apps taught its users in USA not to wait anymore. The users get their rides just minutes after booking one. The pace of people’s lives got much faster as things are available only by a click. When the wait ended, everything started working faster and quick. 

Safety Guaranteed

When safety is mostly at risk these days, Uber-like taxi apps provide a great deal of safety features. Some of them include sharing real-time ride details with your friends or loved ones so that they can track where you are going. This will also ensure that you reach the exact destination that you intend to visit. Mobile app development trends are swaying towards advanced safety features as it is one of the most sought after features in mobile applications these days. Data encryption and customer security will ensure that the users in USA and anywhere in the world trust the app. 

Affordable For Everyone

taxi app development

We all have a notion that the people in United States are rich. The thing is some people struggle to meet both ends of life even in the USA. So when the Uber cam in with its prices slashed down, the taxi services became accessible for even the lowest section of the society. 

Developing a taxi booking app for your target customers around the globe is always a calculated risk, similar to many other businesses. But if the calculations are intact and made after comprehensive research, the result will most likely be successful. 

While approaching a mobile app development company in USA to develop an Uber-like application for your business, ensure that you understand the points mentioned above so that things might not go wrong at any point in time.

The future is mobile and lets this be your first step in building yours. Providing online mobile solutions for your customers will make things easier and faster, which is what everyone is looking for today. 

Mindster, a leading mobile app development company, will assist you in developing intuitive taxi dispatch applications for your business. Our expertise is spread over a wide range of app development. Other services are web development, UI/UX consulting, CMS development and many more.