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5 Unique features to include in an Online Taxi Solution while Developing

28 Jun 19  

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upside view of taxi cab

Most of us depend on apps over smartphones to book a cab, a ticket or for ordering food. This happens when we as users get what we are promised to get. What measures can help you make a successful taxi-app solution like Uber, Lyft and Grab? These are after all the biggest and most established taxi service providers in the industry.

As Uber recently invested in starting, a new line of business- Uber Health which is a newly launched service that delivers a ride-hailing platform. Uber has precipitated from a simple cab ride platform to providing customized department specific services, recently for healthcare providers available particularly for hospitals clinics and rehab centers etc. and assigning quick and easy rides to patients and clients from centralized dashboards. The riders do not have to specifically own a smartphone or an Uber Taxi solution to enjoy the services.

Venturing into a completely new line of business can be a task, more while you are not sure if you need to or not invest and unclear about what type of business model to pursue. We adjust to our current lines of business by sensing our target audience and opportunities after earning years of experience. Here we suggest defining your target audience primarily, understanding their requirements and accepting them as they are. As the saying goes: “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it must be a duck.”

Taking the examples of taxi booking app, Uber provides on-demand app solutions and is distinguished in food delivery with UberEats that helps you locate local food restaurants near you and deliver food to you with a single click. Furthermore, Uber has tied up with Airways to carry customers safely from home to airport and vice versa after their flight. It’s easy to book a ride, with the help of downloading a mobile app and selecting Uber within the navigation menu. After you are able to successfully book your flight, you can even schedule an Uber ride based on your travel date. That is easy. Uber trucking and Uber delivery are other similar examples.

Taking into consideration the huge success of Uber, a lot of businesses wish to build a taxi booking app like Uber. What matters the most is that who utilizes their unique talent in terms of quality, price and on-time delivery to give to others.

If you are trying hard to develop your own taxi app solution, you must ensure that it has some of the unique features that will help to stand out from other apps that are prevalent in the market. While you look towards developing your taxi app try to consider these 5 unique features that will make your app exposed and be audible in the crowd and be as successful as Uber, Lyft and Grab.

1.    Managing Trip parameters

It must be easy to place special requests within your ride like availability of a wheelchair for the old age customers, a baby seat for the parents who are traveling with their babies.

2.    Car Pooling

Bike rides or easy carpooling will allow passengers to share a ride with the other passengers. This is an option that will enable budget travel for regular passengers.

3.    Prime Membership for Riders

Hire a mobile app developer to build a taxi dispatch software like Uber that is technically very enhanced and enriched with features like the facility of prime membership for the riders that can enable them to choose or buy one membership plan according to their requirements and enjoy the rides daily. Such trips can be configured according to the number of kilometres for free ride and validity of the offer.

4.    Packages of the Day

Keep an option to provide your customers with packages that meet your convenience. Give them an option to book their car with a personal driver for a specific time. Configure different day packages with an allowed number of kilometres and time period in your application. Charge your customers with the kilometers they have traveled. This feature will help to make your app stay forth from other similar taxi booking apps and give your riders the experience of driving their own personal car.

5.    Outpost component

Give an option to outstation passengers to book a taxi for some other city in advance and economical one way or round trip, with a different vehicle and trained drivers to choose from.

Cost of an app like Uber, Lyft, Grab

Estimated total hours required for development, graphics design, QC/testing and managing the project will be around:

  • 496 hours for user’s iOS application
  • 226.8 hours for the driver’s application
  • 575,6 hours for the User’s android application
  • 273 hours for drivers android application
  • 511 hours for web services, Frontend & Backend Websites

Ending Up

Don’t suddenly increase your prices when the demand increases. On-demand taxi solutions like Uber are supposed to find a golden medium wherein supply of drivers matches with the demand at an economical and basic price. This strategy seems to be outrageous to some of the riders and it eventually results in churning out a lot of customers who always look towards finding alternatives at affordable prices.

With the increasing number and surge in free taxi riding apps, the one factor that is surely going to convince people in driving the people’s attention towards your taxi booking app is cost. Thus it is imperative to consider cost factor for your cab service solution to enhance the experience of the ride back home.

Apart from this, some extra features of Uber, Lyft like app development are:

  • Fixing up the budget for development of the app
  • Decide upon timeline for developing the application
  • Have to decide whether a single app will work for both drivers and customers or need to develop a separate app for both.
  • Is the app going to work on multiple platforms
  • Whether it is possible for the drivers and customer to communicate on chat over the app?
  • Try to think of new ideas like a taxi dispatch app exclusively for the women and children that the women drivers drive. Use only those features that simplify the booking process between the women drivers and the women passengers. 

Get in Touch with us for your Taxi app development and we will help you fulfill your requirements, so your app can rule the stores with the Lyft, Uber, and Grab.