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Queries to Keep in Mind While Developing a Mobile App

31 Mar 19  

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In case your startup and business need a mobile application development company to effectively execute an undertaking for you, making your requirements clear is the first major step. A main reason behind the poor and clumsy application is a disregard for a well-planned requirement process, usually known as the discovery stage.

A mobile app development customer poll is an awesome beginning stage for requirement gathering and establishing a strong foundation to build astounding software items that satisfy a customer’s expectation. Above all else, it helps in improving the whole application development process. It will assist the application development companies to be more educated and expert about their work from the initial phase of another customer relationship.

In here, you will discover a set of inquiries separated into sensible classes by an application development company. If you are feeling overpowered, we are here to clarify you the most noteworthy inquiries you should have to go through. 


While characterizing a mobile strategy is as similar to the lines of a business plan. A portion of the customers may have a strategy with competitive analysis, SWOT examination, elevator pitch, GTM pitch and all that you can consider it. Having a well-considered product development plan fundamentally expands the odds of an application being effective. Here are a couple of inquiries related to mobile strategy, an app development company may ask.

  •  What is the main objective of your app? 
  • Are there any references or comparable applications? 
  •  Need help with refining application idea? 
  •  Need for guidance in implementation approach & selection of technology?
  • Need guidance for competitive analysis? 
  • Need help with characterizing business model? 
  • Need help with making the outline of the application? 
  • What is the expected number of application users? 


With a design driven development process, your application development company can give a development team with a reasonable understanding of your necessities, keeping your undertaking on schedule and within the budget. Since a quality UI/UX needs certain expertize in design, consequently, you should search for organizations with a significant experience in mobile design. What’s more, you should be prepared to answer the following inquiries for quality design related results. 

  • Do you have the sketches or wireframes prepared? 
  • Do you have visual mockups of the considerable number of screens? 
  • Do you require individual designs for iOS and Android? 
  • Do you have any branding guidelines we have to look up to? 

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Target Platforms and Development Approaches

You can go with native apps for both the stages (iOS and Android) for a better user experience. If you have less budget for building the same, you can utilize a cross-platform application development approach.

Development Approach

  • Native application development – Java, Swift, Kotlin? 
  • Hybrid using Ionic and PhoneGap? 
  • Cross-platform utilizing Xamarin? 
  • Web application – Responsive layout? 


Every apps are different in some way and the procedures are continually progressing, yet this is somewhat of a standard procedure while creating mobile applications. A mobile application development process principally incorporates Scoping, Project Kick-off, Development, and Deployment. 

Language Support

A decent application development firm will provide the multi-language support with mobile applications empowering internationalization. Multi-dialect support can be enabled on all the key application stages like iPad, iPhone, and Android applications. You can choose from various languages you need to be in your application. Some of the dialects we utilize while building up a mobile application are:

  • English 
  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Arabic
  • Others 


Every day, a new app hits the market, likewise hackers works hard to utilize these applications to embed malware. Application designers should be ready about the security to protect client data. In case you are planning to develop a mobile application, security must be your main concern. Here is a rundown of a few highlights and questions identified with portable application security that will help you to pick some for your mobile application. 

  • Verification 
  • Password encryption 
  • Securing delicate information with SSL and utilizing testaments 
  • Approve email addresses by sending activation messages 
  • Approve mobile numbers by sending initiation SMS 
  • Session timeout establishment 
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to scramble information in transit 
  • Any security checklist we have to look after? 
  • A particular security consistence like HIPAA

Third party Integrations 

You may likewise require some extra outsider integration for your application. You can settle on a personal choice from the following list or ask the organization to include more.

  • Push notifications 
  • SMS administrations 
  • Email administrations 
  • Streaming server 
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Advertisement integration 
  • Analytics Integration 
  • ERP/CRM/HRM Integration 

  Server and Deployment

  • Do you need us to take care of deployment? 
  • Preferred provider for cloud service – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure? 
  • Preferred model for app distribution.
  • Do you require assets creation like application icon, banner images? 

Cost and Timeline

In spite of the fact that the cost of an application development undertaking would depend upon the response to the above inquiries, having a rough budget before approaching to an application development company can helps in catering the solution in a much organized way. 

  • What is your rough budget for the project? 
  • What are the expected timeline for the project? 


The requirement gathering is necessary to an application development venture particularly when there is no legitimate reference or documentation accessible from the customer’s side. Disregarding this stage can bring about mediocre outcomes, more development time and increasing costs. Having a brief knowledge regarding the above mentioned queries can help to avoid such situation. 

We at Mindster have a complete discovery stage as a major aspect of the whole application development process to enable all our customer’s to get the greatest ROI in their planned budget and timeline. If you are in the verge of developing an app for your business, do your homework by evaluating the above queries and feel free to contact us if you require any guidance.