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A Complete Guide to Outsource Mobile App Development in 2024

10 Sep 20  

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Fazmeena Faisal


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Every day a new mobile app is born. Every day an idea becomes an app and enters the market. The cost of building apps has come down because of mobile app development outsourcing. The skewed network of quality developers who are cheap and affordable for growing companies has led to massive outsourcing. The outsourced app development trends, as shown below, are favourable to the Asian region due to low cost and high work quality.

If you look at the various professionals mentioned in the list, you can see why outsourcing has become an economically viable option for companies worldwide.

The Asian and Latin American regions offer a very favourable labour cost for companies. It is the resource haven for companies running on low budgets, startups with low investments, and individuals looking for a talent pool to transform their mobile app ideas.

Why go for mobile app development outsourcing?

Starting something is often difficult. There are many questions, and answers are hard to find. But the mobile app development outsourcing question is not that difficult to decide upon. All you need to do is to see whether you need the following: 

A Talented Team of Developers

a group of peoples discussing about outsourcing mobile app development

Talent is a top factor that drives any organization. If you are in a location where it is difficult to find a skilled workforce, then outsourcing is a realistic option for you. The companies looking for talent go for outsourcing app development to get the best outputs. Destinations like India, Latin America, China has a wide pool of talent. The very structure of companies there is to align with foreign clients who outsource work. So it is pretty easy to work with them.

Savings on Time and Work

Outsourcing helps you to save time and work resources. When you are building an app yourself, you will need time to hire the required talent. Further, the team would take time to get to know each other and understand the overall goals and ideas. In terms of work hours, this will stretch your budget. Outsourcing app development solves both these pain points for any enterprise.

Flexibility in App Development

When you create a mobile app, the requirements and targeted output could be one thing. And in the process, it could change to become something more sophisticated, sometimes the cost would be cut, budget allocation sized down, and anything can happen. To do it through your in-house process could be a huge task. But once you have outsourced your mobile app project, the onus is on the mobile app development company. They have been doing it for years and would know where to cut things out without compromising the final product’s efficacy.

Outsourcing and In-House app development

peoples are on a meeting with the laptops on desk

The question of building one’s team comes to many startups, usually when they are in a geographical location with a very high rate of labor. But the same problem chases them when they build an in-house app development team. 

While in-house app development teams offer more significant opportunities to collaborate, work together, and coordinate, it has cons like the higher cost of management, maintaining team, etc. On the other hand, outsourcing app development will help you cut-cost, get the best and skilled-workforce to handle the job. You can bring in any changes in the app mid-way through the development process without incurring massive losses. You don’t have to worry about hiring mobile app developers, teaming them up, assigning tasks, etc.

What are the different outsourcing options?

While outsourcing a mobile application you can go for any of the following modes:

Hire an app development company

The one answer to all your mobile app development troubles is a full-fledged agency. It gives you the complete skill, technology, and analytics on what you are about to build. You can specifically go for any android app development outsourcing options or an iOS app development outsourcing company if you know which platform you need. The mobile app development company will have more reliability, a time-bound delivery mechanism, and resources to alter, re-design, and brainstorm for the app in your dream.

Outsource to Freelancers

a freelancer working on laptop and drinking coffee

The best cost-friendly way to start on your mobile app development frameworks is to hire freelancers. But it has drawbacks like a one-sided perspective, testing difficulties, skewed skill level, as a mobile app developer need not be outstanding in design. So if your requirement is urgent and you are running low on funds, go for freelancers.

Freelance Team -Building

Then there is this third possibility, which we call a freelance team-building approach. It helps to assemble the right talent for your already existing team or fragmented team. Then you can pay them on an hourly basis to work with your team on the critical aspects and collaborate the whole operation of the project.

How to outsource mobile app development?

So far, we have been talking about outsourcing from a peripheral angle. Now, let us go deep into outsourcing and what you need to know when you outsource app development?

Here are the things you need to be clear about while outsourcing :

1. Clarify Your Ideas and Expectations

We often swallow what we want to convey, either due to poor communication or because we are not very clear. When you outsource app development, be wary of this!!!

Communicate with the company or team very clearly. Tell them your end objective, the budget, the time-frame, etc. explicitly. Often companies follow mobile app development trends, and clients expect a standard well-to-do app. 

Further, ensure that you have pitched your needs rightly—your target audience, your users types, marketing strategies, etc.

a man explaining about the project

2. Get a Project Plan

Once the round of discussions is over with your offshore mobile app outsourcing company, get a detailed project plan in hand. The program could have a timeline of deliverables. Some aspects may be flexible and may not be exactly pinned, which is entirely ok. But some can be pinned to a definite time. Let it be a benchmark for you to assess the app development progress and track the work hours and hence the cost to develop your mobile app.

3. Set Clear Expectations

Be realistic in your expectations. The undertone of reality and practical implementation should define your engagement with the company from the very beginning. Both of you can be deluded about the results, and the outcome can appear as messy.

It is best to interact on a similar level. As and when new developments happen, you are on the board, and you can comment and say go ahead or review. It is not like baking cake and waiting for the last time to intervene. It won’t yield expected results that way.

The key benefits of outsourcing your app development

We have discussed many of the critical advantages of outsourcing your app development process. Yet, the real reason that you might want to consider outsource app development will be :

1. Saves Cost and Time

The cost of staffing a permanent team of developers, managing them, further recruiting to maintain them, coordinate them, etc. could be an excellent cost for many budding startups. The total time to roll out a mobile app for an experienced mobile app agency is shallow. Because they are good at what they are doing. 

a group of people working on a project with their laptops and ipad

2. Quickly Start Building

When you are trying to build yourself, the idea, communication, assembling, and hiring developers, setting the team up, etc., could well take about 4-5 months. However, you can have an app in just three weeks to 3 months, depending on your idea, with a company as experienced as Mindster

3. Get end-to-end services

You get to access the complete set of services from designing, business analytics, marketing, quality testing, coding brains, etc. The hands-on knowledge of the developing team and project team will give you many intangible benefits from handling many projects.

Where to find the right outsourcing agencies for app development?

a lady with a magnifying glass

Now, the task is to find the right company for you. The right freelancing professionals whom you can team together. 

If we answer the question, “where to find good outsourcing companies?” the answer is Google. Way too general, right?

Yes, so we have picked up some fantastic websites for you to drop by and have a look. They are :

  • Clutch
    If you are looking for a development company, there is no place like It is the best B2B agency for mobile app development companies. The Clutch has a very sophisticated testing process to ensure authentic reviews from clients. Its ranking is quite challenging to achieve. And thus it happens to be the most trusted agency to consult.   

  • Upwork
    Find the best freelancers, the best professional individuals here. You can find a wide variety of freelancers, with varying degrees of expertise, low to high rates, with specializations, and diverse talent here. Upwork is the house of talented designers, web developers, QA testers, etc.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing is not necessarily a norm but a conscious decision. It needs a thorough analysis of the real conditions of your ground realities. The budgetary constraints, talent accessibility, urgency, etc. So we hope now you can take the mobile app development outsourcing decision with more decisiveness and clarity.

How to choose your outsourcing agency?

many color pencils on image

Once you have created a check-list of top outsourcing companies, then it’s time to tick on the one you want to work. Choose the companies after holding a first-round of discussion on the requirement, and get to know their team personally and close.

We can guarantee the success of this approach because Mindster follows a close customer relation to let customers know what they can expect from us in the very first meeting itself. Our process leaves no room for misunderstanding. We take you on a realistic plane, with your involvement in each stage of mobile app development. Our entire team will deliver its inputs to you and create multiple alternatives, pathways, low-cost routes, etc. for you to take your project towards successful implementation.

There are many white-label solutions for the quick launch, which are customizable, and easily adaptable to fit your specific needs. Hire the best talent from a company that’s been adorning Playstore and App Store with stunning mobile applications for more than a decade.