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How Driver App Features Benefit Drivers in Taxi Business?

18 Jun 19  

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The taxi business competition is becoming intense, customer loyalty is almost nonexistent, cheaper transport providers are stepping in. The traditional taxi services are becoming unbearable over the past few years. The market has been taken up by the Uber-like services. The world is not going to be same for the traditional taxi business. Maybe you are already running a taxi solution or you are looking forward to start one, an essential part is that you have to develop a mobile solution for your business. 

There are several types of taxi app for sale in the market.  Of this, one type is specially made for the established taxi businesses, where a mobile app complements their services and makes it easier for customers along with expanding the client base. The taxi app solution helps the drivers as well.

The different needs of The driver and passenger are recognized which resulted in building two separate app. This offers better and more personalized features to both passengers and drivers.  Therefore, the passenger and driver experiences are separated into two mobile apps-one exclusively for passengers- the passenger app and the next exclusively for the drivers to give you a driver-tailored experience – the driver app.

Must-have Features for Driver Apps

As more and more taxi apps like Uber are emerging, competition is being faced by everyone. And the taxi service that offers the best perks to the driver wins. A taxi driver app with driver-friendly features will gradually become a standard requirement for driving for all the drivers since it keeps an eye on the business with no manual efforts. 

The great features which make up the taxi driver app are discussed over here:

  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

The drivers always prefer mobile apps that minimize the efforts and offer best practices. The GPS tracking system pinpoints the passenger location and their destination once they share the permission. This helps the driver to easily track the passenger location.

  • Availability button

The drivers can mark themselves during the start and end of the trip. They can mark themselves as available-online or offline as soon as the trip begins or ends. With this, the driver gets notified for new requests along with the pick-up details when he is found available.

  • Driver dashboard

Drivers will get useful statistics and insights on their trips, overall performance, feedbacks and view the ratings customers gave in their dashboard so that they can improve.

  • Email & SMS alerts

The driver will get pinged with important notifications via email or SMS alerts from the passenger regarding any query or cab requests where he can also respond to the passengers with an accept or decline option using a simple interface.

  • Begin/ End ride

Destinations can be easily tracked with the help of maps used as an indicator to locate pickup and drop places. 

  • Automatic fare calculation & printing of e-receipts

The cost per mile is calculated with the help of GPS — according to the mileage attained in the customer’s route. The price of the ride needs to be submitted to the user as e-receipts before the cab departs.

  • Accept/decline cab requests

With this option, the driver has the privilege to accept or reject the cab request received from the passengers. The notification will be sent to the passenger’s app regarding the status of the request. If the driver did not accept the trip request within a certain duration (15-30 seconds) based on the company’s strategy, the request will be sent to the next nearby driver. 

  • Trip History

The app should allow the drivers to see the booking history they have received. This helps the drivers to maintain a track of the journeys they have undertaken and it comes handy as reference information in case of any future disparities. In short, this makes the business quite transparent.

The outstanding advantages of taxi booking app to the drivers are discussed here. Apart from the above-mentioned driver features, there may be several other features that are equally important and can be integrated into your taxi app development which makes it more driver-friendly and functional. Building a fully featured app will help you become closer to your users and win new clients as well. This helps in providing quick service to the customers.

No company in transportation can survive now without a mobile app especially if the competitors already have one and that too with improved features. As expert taxi booking app builder, we provide you with assistance and solutions for taxi business thus bridging the gap between taxi companies and customers.

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