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How to Create a Mobile App and Make Money: 9 Easy Steps

5 Feb 19  

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Well, there are some things that you must keep in mind before making an easy to discover the native mobile app, that satisfy the customer expectations considering the functionality and quality, which will help you get millions of download and make that amount of money you have in your minds.

Here is all the information you require on ‘How to create an app and make money’.

How to create an app?

Step 1: The App Idea

a smartphone with a lot of applications

You might be wondering, but the fact is that you are developing thousands of ideas each day. And most of those ideas will be solutions to daily life tasks. But the reality is that we fail to realize the fact that our thoughts and ideas can also be a solution to other people’s problems too.

Another problem is you have different ideas, but you don’t which among them are good or excellent.  In general, we can say any concept that can solve a problem is called a good idea.

But how to get a great app idea?

The most compelling part of creating a fantastic app comes up with the most innovative ideas, and the apps are no exception. Your app idea is going to define the success of your app. If it is simple or complex, owning a plan is the only thing that can keep you in the race. Moreover, you should keep in mind that most successful entrepreneurs have built their app through multiple ideas. Therefore, do not limit yourself with a single idea.

Therefore note down all idea that comes to your mind, find the ones that fall into the same category.

Step 2: Categorizing your app ideas

a lady playing on a smartphone

Categorizing is one of the critical parts of creating a successful app. If you are able to classify your ideas, this means you are going to create something innovative which is going to make your app a huge success.

Choosing the right category of app is very important since a number of factors like download volume, how much money they make, competition, etc. that arise significantly between categories.

Moving from ideas to Models

People usually think that once they have an app idea they should begin building the app, and they often forget to analyze the revenue model before building.  You should, in fact, be thorough “What your goal is and what you can get from your business app?” Knowing the purpose of creating an app keeps you focused for long-term since it’s more for a business than the passion. Of course, building an app starts with ideas, but you need to plan strong models to make your dream a reality.

Identify the goal

All your ideas must have a purpose. Starting a business without setting up proper goals end up wasting the dollars you have invested. Therefore, setting up goals is very important to determine the growth of your app. What you have to do is recall an app idea, then pick up an app in the market and then analyze what the app is actually doing.

So on summarizing the app idea concept- You should build a new idea for your app and you want to translate that idea into an app.

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Step 3: App idea into Paper

wireframe design exchange on a business meeting

If you are too excited and you have a lot of questions How will I build an app? Or can I learn how to create an app and make money etc. we are going to help you with everything, stay right with us.

How you need to realize that you have already decided the goal and purpose of your app. Now what you need to do is put that idea into the paper as precisely as possible. For this, you do not want to be an artist but go with the basic shapes. Though it might look unprofessional, it does not matter.

Step 4: What you require for a wireframe or mockup?

wireframe of a mobile app

A Wireframe or Mockup will help you represent the skeletal framework of your mobile app in the most organized manner. With wireframes, you can give the basic design to your app and give for reviewing. There won’t be any difficulty in using wireframes since it is as simple as anything could possibly be.

Step 5: The IF-THEN mindset in app design

a thinking brain image

This is one of the most crucial factors that will help you make your app a huge success in the app market. An if-then planning is a powerful way to achieve any goal in your life. Though your idea is built on creativity and innovation, programming is not. If your developer did not understand your vision, you are going to get a lot of questions and a lousy experience ultimately.

Therefore, while designing your app, you must have if-then planning ahead. And the best way to represent if-then planning is with an arrow indicating the directions.

Step 6: Leveraging App wireframes for Continuous Improvement

an iphone with violet background

There are many benefits of creating wireframes for your mobile app suppose you need to get suggestions from people.

After sending the wireframes, you can tell them the essential opportunities of your app. Later you can follow up and inquire if the app idea makes sense and if it can attract more users or not. After updating the wireframe again, you can send to more people for suggestions.

Step 7: How to avoid the common pitfall

a man thinking problems

With so many suggestions, you can be excited, and we are sure that you really cannot do it all alone. During the development phase, you need to pay careful attention to your dream app by putting extra care to work on the details. Only if you do not have specific skills, you should hand over the control to the developers since they are not going to think the way you feel about your app.

Step 8: Seeking Outsider’s help to develop an app

a smartphone with an app

Many mobile app development companies are able to help with this process. They will discuss your app vision and can turn your ideas into the real mockup.


Once you have handled all the details, you have to relax and approve everything about how to make an app.


This is going to cost you much more than you thought about earlier. And it is impossible for the third party to get your idea exactly how you want it.

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Step 9: App idea to the paper: Summarizing

an app screenshot which shows weather

Now you have an app idea,

You have set why you need that app,

And you have brought that app idea into the real world.

You are done!

With the rapid increase in smartphones and mobiles, the app market has grown intensely. Millions of apps are available in the leading app stores like google play store, app store, etc. in a variety of categories. Different app owners make money creating apps and are building leading businesses. And the experts in mobile industry predicts that the app economy will have impressive growth over the globe in the coming years

Now let’s see how revenue can be generated from mobile apps including paid apps, in-app purchases, ads, affiliated programs, etc. To ensure high revenue is generated, app owners need to select an appropriate model that suits the nature of their app. These are two widely used ways to make money with a mobile app:

In-app purchases

This has developed and used as a beneficial way to earn good revenue through apps. The in-app purchase allows the sale of digital products within a particular application. Most of the app developers usually use specific tools and resources to improve the functionality of the in-app purchase feature in order to make the selling process far smoother. In-app purchases can be included in the app in several ways depending upon your requirement.

According to the best available data IAP has become the most significant revenue driver for the app owners, there are thousands of apps that are making billions of dollars with the in-app purchase feature.


Ads are one of the most effective and most straightforward ways to earn revenue through apps. App owners can subscribe to ad networks and showcase banner, interstitial or video ads to the users on their apps and drive a right amount of revenue through it. There are a lot of monetization networks which allows app owners to maximize their revenues from ads.

So now if you have a great app idea, you can share it into an app with the world’s leading mobile app development company. You can also make money by merely advertising your app among different audiences. You can even monetize your mobile app with the help of ads or earn revenue through in-app purchases done by the users.

Mindster is an innovative app development company focusing on developing on-demand solutions like taxi dispatch software, online grocery app, shopping apps etc. So promote your business by collaborating with Mindster and enjoy recurring revenues for years to come.