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Why Every Grocery Delivery Service in the USA needs a Mobile App?

31 Oct 19  

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Bineeta Thomas


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The past decade has witnessed the rapid influx of technology at an unprecedented rate. 

The line dividing the physical and digital dimensions are growing thinner by each passing day. 

Every other service has an online app today. 

This blog explicitly analyses grocery delivery service and the necessity of an online grocery delivery app for a physical grocery business in USA. 

Improving customer experience and user satisfaction are the apex features to rate an application. 

With the growth in technology and change in people’s perspectives, meeting the standards have become a tad more comfortable than before. 

Nowadays, people reach out for their smartphones to even check the date and time. 

So, going online is not only wise, but it is going to be inevitable in a few years. 

The mobile app development sector is gaining momentum as people are choosing mobile apps over physical shopping and other web apps. 

Accessibility of mobiles are gratifying like never before. 

Developing a mobile application for your grocery business will be a boon in many unpredicted methods. 

Why Should Your Business Have a Grocery Shopping App?

Statista researches state that, by 2021, the US online grocery business is estimated to generate 29.7 billion US Dollars. 

The millennials are glued to their phones, and the best way to grab their attention is to go mobile. 

Many of today’s working professionals are finding it challenging to balance the work-life equilibrium. 

Here’s where the best online grocery delivery services come into play. 

Let’s take a quick look into the benefits of having an online grocery app and how it helps people to manage their lives better. 

1. Getting Over the Location Constraint

A physical store always possesses a location barrier. 

The online grocery delivery mobile app trounces this barrier. 

The user can surf through the store aisle for the items they need from the comfort of their homes or the way back from office after a busy day. 

The items will be delivered at their doorstep within minutes with minimum effort. 

This is a strong marketing factor in luring customers to your mobile application. 

By setting up a mobile app for your grocery business, serving the customers beyond a particular geographical area also becomes possible. 

Appropriate ads and awareness will magnify the reach and flourish the business. 

2. Better Customer Engagements

Online grocery apps are a boon for grocery delivery businesses in the United States. 

The physical store might face an issue of inadequate customer engagement. 

Lack of store executives or guides are a reason. 

This is getting solved through a mobile application. 

Mobile applications provide access to the whole range of products available in the store at the user’s fingertips. 

The user doesn’t have to walk up and down the aisle, clueless. 

Grocery businesses will be able to serve their customers better and retain them through quick and prompt services. 

3. Spreading Brand Awareness

Going for a grocery app development will boost your brand image. 

A mobile app provides your business with a 24*7 platform to interact with your customers. 

Sending notifications or offer alerts is more accessible when the app is installed on the user’s smartphones. 

Above all, building an app brings credibility to your business. 

But, the point is, developing alone won’t give you the desired results. 

From receiving the order to delivering it to the user, the business should be responsible and quick to ensure customer satisfaction and ultimately, customer loyalty. 

How a Grocery App Will Assist the Users?

Now that you’ve understood the benefits a grocery app will bring into a grocery business, let’s take a quick look into how a grocery app will benefit the users.

1. Ease of Life

There are many applications online, and many of them provide the best online grocery delivery services. 

Let’s take the example of a common man here. 

He should take up a 9-6 job to look after his family. 

It might be hard for him to find time for some of the basic things, including buying groceries. 

Usually, they squeeze this act into their routine. 

Now, when a grocery delivery app is being introduced into his life, he gets some time to spare as it is one less thing to worry about. 

He can use the time of commute or those at home can order. 

The items will be delivered at their doorstep within minutes. Goodbye to pitstops! 

2. Track your Order

No worries about your order getting lost. 

Live order tracking is possible with grocery delivery application now. 

While businesses approach a mobile app development company to build their grocery app, a tracking screen is necessary for completion. 

The users will get an additional factor of security for their orders and a promise that their items will reach within the estimated time. 

3. Offers and Discounts

If you’re someone using an e-commerce application, you’ll understand the offers and discounts accessible across the platforms. 

In the case of grocery delivery apps, personalized offers will be presented to you based on your purchase habits and frequency. 

If installing an app can save money, why not go for it. 

4. Payment Options

Millennials are opting digital money over physical cash. 

Grocery apps provide a secure payment method for users through multiple payment options. 

Since carrying money is being considered too risky and inconvenient these days, having an in-app payment wallet or any other online payment methods are far too handy for the users. 

Future of Grocery Delivery Apps

While stating something about the future of the food industry in the USA, there are many factors to be considered. 

Some of these are growing population and other economic influences. 

However, the trend always tends to go upward. 

Also, the trend is never showing any signs of coming down unless anyone swarms in with a phenomenal breakthrough. 

As the adoption rate of new consumer technologies is faster than ever, the future might look very different from now sooner. 

The future of food marketplace will offer a plethora of options which we’ve not even imagined today. 

Personal digital assistants will do most of our planning, even if it’s in the case of planning your pantry and grocery needs. 

Artificial Intelligence will crawl into mobile app ideas to make it more lucrative and sensible. 

Being integrated with such advanced technologies which are already in use and are yet to be developed, inventory optimization, maximizing delivery efficiency, handling customer interactions, and many more functions will be efficient and smart. 

As technology tightens its grip on society, physical activities are considerably reduced. 

People are becoming conscious of their food intake. Many are going for a controlled and healthy food intake. 

The grocery delivery service apps might make use of this situation and come up with personal diet guides and food advice. 

We all love a bit of private touch to anything digital. 

The grocery delivery services are working every day to ease out the pain of customers. 

Based on research, ‘Food with a function’ was one of the top five food-related search trends in 2016. 

Millennials now outnumber the baby boomers, and most of the millennials tend to buy products from brands that support a cause. 

Soon, digital personalities of people will be interacting with each other. 

If AI is given to take permissions to take decisions based on the umpteen amount of data fed to them, even grocery purchases will be made by our digital self shortly if the technology is advancing at this pace. 

The next ten years will witness unprecedented technological advances in every industry. 

Needless to say that the food industry will be transformed as well. 

Voice and video interaction will grow manifolds and integration of future technologies like AR, VR, and AI are introducing a new aspect of grocery shopping. 

Final Words! 

As the mindset of customers are in the phase of transformation, a change in the current food production and supply system is inevitable. 

It is estimated that by 2050, the demand for protein will increase by 80 per cent. 

The distance between supply and demand will reduce considerably and also the possibilities of alternate energy sources which require less input will be taken over the present ones.

As the nutrition habits of people gradually change and the time they get to spend on activities like grocery shopping, grocery delivery services will get to flourish if introduced with proper features. 

The challenges are already listed, and opportunities discovered. 

Now it all depends on how customers will accept the change and adapt to the new situations. 

Mobile app development companies are strategizing their moves to develop futuristic products which will last longer in the changing phase. 

Ultimately we all want tasty and healthy food. Why say no to an app that can help us pick the best for us?

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