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Reasons Why You Should Choose Flutter For Enterprise Mobile App Development

20 Oct 22  

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Ezzat Abdul Ghafour

Ezzat Abdul Ghafour

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why choose flutter for enterprise app development in 2023

In today’s world, where mobile apps are widely used, every organization is trying to develop custom and user-friendly enterprise apps for their businesses. But for any organization to efficiently develop applications, they must use the right tools. And when it comes to tools, Flutter for enterprise app development leads the list.

Furthermore, enterprises require a broad spectrum of business applications to fulfill their various needs. From managing internal operations and streamlining supplies to managing customer relationships and using varied marketing channels to attract customers, there is much to be done, which calls for a wide range of mobile and web applications. And in this blog, we hope to discuss why it is a great choice to use Flutter for enterprise app development and how we can help you throughout the process.

What Makes Flutter Framework Different?

So why Flutter? Another question we often get is how it is different from other cross-platform app development tools. Well, Flutter IS different! Its amazing features and benefits make it a quicker and simpler approach to developing mobile applications. Since it allows the creation of multi-platform apps from a single codebase, it reduces app development time, effort, and cost. 

Furthermore, it comes with a software development kit and UI library that assists you in compiling the code into native machine code, making the applications work very native-like. In addition to all these benefits, Flutter includes a widget tree, pixel rendering system, hot reload functionality, an API for desktops, and its own rendering engine. All of these components together assist developers in creating, designing, testing, and debugging applications.

Another great reason to choose Flutter for enterprise app development is its ability to build beautiful animations and interactive user interfaces and its fast performance, productive app development, and object orientation. These unique elements allow Flutter to distinguish itself from other cross-platform app development tools.

How Flutter Assists In Better Enterprise Mobile App Development 

To know how Flutter assists enterprise app development, we must first know what it means to build enterprise apps. They are designed for specific uses and cater to various operations within an enterprise. Therefore, any organization, both big and small, that intends to create large applications can go for enterprise app development. 

One of the first ways Flutter assists enterprise app development is by not requiring hybrid code. It allows administrators to handle data centrally, implement large-scale automation, and maintain a smooth workflow. However, for any enterprise app to be effective and functional, it requires a few features, higher security, and a seamless and high-performing UI framework.

Below let us discuss some of the key requirements for building enterprise applications and find how Flutter fulfills those requirements. 

Layered architecture 

Enterprise applications are large in size and, therefore, require layered architecture to ensure seamless functionality and better productivity of the diverse team of developers. When the layers are interceding, developers will struggle to find ways to get better access to documented design patterns, coordinate work between a large team of developers, and easily understand the varied features of the app.

Flutter provides simple and secure networking to web resources, local storage, SQLite databases, and access to hardware via library plugins. This enables the organizations to eliminate the concerns mentioned above. Here is how Flutter does the same-

  • State management is central to Flutter’s app architecture. Also, Google recommends using the Provider framework, an easy-to-understand and learn the framework, to build applications.

  • RxDart is a great tool for asynchronous programming requirements because it seamlessly integrates with Flutter and state management frameworks.

  • Background processing of Flutter allows developers to perform computationally intensive work on the app while maintaining its UI responsiveness. However, depending on the complexity, you may also need to adopt native platform features.

  • Dependency injection is a design pattern that makes code easier to test, and developers can use it to make app code units independent and reusable.

  • Deep linking provides proper website navigation or push notifications to launch specific app areas.

  • Local storage is a small storage space that Flutter provides, which enables you to store valuable data that allows your app to work even when it is backgrounded.

  • SQLite allows you to work with large amounts of structured data.

Development environment

Developers can choose Android Studio, IntelliJ, or Visual Studio Code for their Flutter interface development environment. They are all well supported by Mac, PC, Linux, and Chromebook. These IDEs enable developers to achieve building, device deployment, debugging, and performance profiling. All you will need to do is hire Flutter developers with a great experience.

In addition, Flutter app development companies can spend most of their time on the Flutter/Dart development environment while deploying Flutter apps. However, you must know how to build and sign apps and provision profiles to implement a successful Flutter app.

User interface

An app’s interface is important in providing a better user experience. Therefore, developers should put great focus on developing excellent user interfaces. And to meet these requirements, Flutter provides a comprehensive set of accurate renditions for Android and iOS. Here are a few things you can integrate into your app using Flutter-


Flutter provides a full-fledged 2D vector animation library that you can use to customize enterprise application interfaces seamlessly.

Paging or infinite scrolling list view

This is a common requirement when you need to display a large amount of data to the users without using much device memory. Infinite scrolling is a recent trend in mobile app services that provides rich content repositories.

Image loading or caching library

Flutter provides a loading and caching library that allows developers to manage large amounts of images easily.

Hardware features

No matter how brilliantly you customize and develop your apps, it is incomplete without the support of hardware features. Some essential features include a camera, accelerometer, GPS, biometric authentication, and microphone.

App security

Securing app data is one of the biggest concerns for any organization. Therefore, it is essential that you integrate proper security measures while building enterprise applications. Flutter’s Simple Auth caters well to the authentication requirements like biometrics, thumb, print, two-level passwords, and more. 

Some other authentication providers you can consider are Amazon, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Dropbox, Azure Active Directory, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. SSL certificate pinning is also a great tool to consider, as it reduces the possibility of attacks due to shared servers.

Other requirements

Apart from the requirements mentioned above, some other significant ways in which Flutter supports enterprise app development are-

  • Flutter includes Adobe and Firebase analytics libraries
  • Its Sentry library is great for reporting errors
  • It includes a long list of third-party and open-source libraries that developers can use.
  • Flutter provides advanced QR code scanning features.

Flutter’s cross-platform support beyond iOS and Android

Although the above points talk about Flutter’s support for native Android and iOS applications, we must know it does not end there. Flutter is expanding its web, macOS, Windows, and Linux support. Through this support, Flutter enables developers to build applications that they can seamlessly deploy on all these platforms using a single code. 

However, it is important that you understand that all features are not supported on all platforms. You can target mobile and web simultaneously by leveraging the potential of Flutter and its wide range of widget libraries. Moreover, Flutter apps provide responsive screens that look different according to the device, all using a single codebase.

Other Benefits Of Flutter For Enterprise Mobile App Development

Besides the Flutter assistance mentioned above, it also provides various other benefits for enterprise app development. We have listed a few below.

Ease of use

Flutter is designed with simplicity and a user-friendly design so that it is easier for developers to understand and work with it, making it a good option for new developers. Also, since it does require any specialized resources, it allows companies to cut down costs.

Backed by Google

Since Flutter is an app development tool built by Google, it provides better assurance of its reliability.

Easy integration with IDEs

Flutter can easily integrate with tools like Android Studio and Xcode. This enables your apps to function seamlessly even when you add features from other programming languages.

Open source development

Flutter is an open-source tool, meaning the community has complete access to its engine and a wide range of third-party modules and APIs. Also, since developers are not limited to using Flutter’s APIs, they get full control over their applications. 

Test-driven development 

Since Flutter enables developers to write tests alongside the code, it helps ensure the quality and security of applications. Test-driven development also helps to develop more stable software.

UI and business logic separation

Flutter separates UI and business logic so developers can work on different app parts without worrying about the rest. It makes Flutter a low-risk option for enterprises that want full control over their apps.

Mobile-first design

Flutter has a mobile-first design which ensures that you can access the app from any device, allowing you to maintain consistency across platforms. 

Leading Companies That Have Used Flutter For Enterprise Mobile App Development

Now that you know the immeasurable benefits that Flutter provides for enterprise app development let us go through some of the top companies that have used Flutter to build their applications. Many leading brands have chosen Flutter for enterprise app development due to its creative animation implementation, cutting-edge performance, pixel control, and other technical and user-side features. Below are the top-most among them.

1) Google pay

Google pay is an online payment, transaction, and reward collection application developed by Google. It chose Flutter capabilities to manage its massive user base.

2) Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is a leading Chinese company. They used Flutter to ease their development process while building the Xianyu app, a cloud-based e-commerce platform.

3) BMW

BMW is a leading automobile company. They chose Flutter for scaling their Vehicle Companion App to all global mobile OS users.

4) eBay motors

eBay Motors is an online car-selling and buying platform. They used Flutter to speed up their software development process and reduce time-to-market.

5) Dream 11

Dream 11 is an online fantasy cricket-playing platform in India. It was developed using Flutter and had over 50 million users.


Tencent is a Chinese multinational technology and entertainment company. It used Flutter to provide front-end support to many of its underdeveloped app projects to increase efficiency and app parity and boost developer experience.

How Mindster Can Help You In Flutter-based Enterprise Mobile App Development ?

Using Flutter for enterprise app development is currently a trend in the mobile app development industry. This is due to its exceptional benefits and ease of use. It provides impeccable services to all its users while providing a cost-effective solution. Companies that leverage Flutter for their app development are more likely to roll out their digital service innovation with full thrust. 

Furthermore, it is safe to say that Flutter is the most feasible solution for all businesses to develop mission-critical apps. And this is the very reason why Mindster, a leading Flutter app development company, took it upon ourselves to promote Flutter and develop amazing applications for different company types. We have a team of expert developers and designers who have deep knowledge of Flutter tools, enabling you to leverage its benefits fully.

With our quality services, cost-efficient solutions, and unprecedented designs, we will assist you in taking complete advantage of Flutter for your enterprise app development requirements. Get in touch with us, and let us make your apps flourish!