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17 Best Online Shopping Apps In India for 2024

5 Aug 22  

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Thejas Udayan


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India is the world’s fastest-growing major economy. So if you can make something work in India, you have already conquered the world.

The same goes for e-stores as well. Since the internet revolution, Indian markets have been undergoing a sea change. The rapid progress in the field of mobile app development has contributed significantly. Flipkart became the first-ever online shopping apps in India to cross 100 million downloads in 2017. 

                         “ Do you know which was the first ever e-store to open in India?

                                    India Plaza, Google it, can you find them online? 

                                         Well, it looks like they have closed, right? 

                                   That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are there first.

                   What matters is where you are right now? And what you can be tomorrow? ”

The E-commerce industry has been seeing rapid growth in recent years, and the pandemic has accelerated the rise. The shopping trends have changed, and so has customer behavior. According to statistics, 58% of people expect to shop more online now than they did before. And shopping apps are rising up to the challenge.

Before we go into the contentious 17 best online shopping apps in India for 2023, let’s see what it takes to develop a top-class mobile shopping app in India or anywhere else in the world.

What is an Online Shopping App?

Online shopping is a section of electronic commerce where people buy things over the Internet. It mostly uses two mediums- web browsers and mobile applications. Ever since smartphones have become an everyday part of our lives, mobile apps have considerable influence on most things we do. Thus, online shopping apps or m-commerce apps have started ruling the e-commerce industry.

What’s the future of Mobile E-Commerce?

An infographic speaks more than 1000 words. Check out our cool infographics on the shopping apps that Indians love the most.

Business giants have been investing in mobile apps for over a decade, and the time to reap the harvest has come finally. Around 60% of the traffic today comes from mobile users around the world. The Kai OS and other innovative open-source software have further bridged the gap between the poor and rich. The budget phones have now had the essential features of a smartphone without compromising on utility. Mobile phones can boost your business in infinite ways.

So mobile is the explicit future.

Scope of Mobile Shopping Apps in India

It is now a common adage that “what happens in the US follows in India over a decade.” The way policymakers, business magnates, and people have been evolving; is a pattern that is hard to miss. Be it in public life or personal choices to the brand-savvy younger generation; the Indians are looking towards the US than to Russia (no political pun intended).  

If you study the shopping preference of Indians today, we see that nearly 42% prefer mobile to buy things. But this is only part of the picture. India is the only country with such a rich demographic dividend, and it certainly means that mobile and technology use is only going to multiply in the coming 50 years. So, as a strategic move, it is a very apt time to switch to an online mobile solution for whatever you do, because mobile is the future and mobile is now. 

Let’s now see what features make an online shopping app successful.

Essential Features Of An Online Shopping App

                                            Is your retail shop falling in business?

                       Then, it’s high time that you move your business online ASAP.

From the above discussion and stats, it is only natural that the best way to stay in the future business arena is to have an app for whatever you do. Because the world is moving and mobile is the world.

But before you build your online shopping app. You need to know the seven golden features of an online shopping app.

1. Smart Search

Why do we come to an online store?

Of course, to shop, you may say.

But we say, to choose, to see everything it has to offer you.

So, the crux of an online shopping app is the way your app can take you through one section to another, from men’s wear to electronic goods to board games. 

Make your interface as friendly and down as earth you can. The More complex it is, the more your users will miss, what they are looking for. So include useful algorithms that self learns the user preferences, to give them what they want. Make your UX innovative and straightforward. Check out the latest UX trends in 2019.

2. Proactive Push-notifications

What drives you again and again to those shopping apps?

You are just eager to know whether there are any offers to cash in a win-win purchase. 

So, that is what your customer expects from your shopping app as well.

3. Real-Time Stats

How many times do you check on the app after ordering your favorite pizza?

Well, it is natural to be curious when you are hungry. 

Every customer wants to know where his money is going. If they have already paid for their product, it is apparent that they will be eager to get to know its status. So a top-class shopping app will integrate and relate the whole journey of the product accurately. Even if a delay happens, the customer is always happy to know that his product is in transit. So tracking orders, their status, etc. must be a key feature, if you can sync it with text messages, it will reassure your consumer further about your commitment.

a man ordering food on swiggy on his laptop and tracking it's staus on his smartphone

4. Multi-faceted shopping cart

People often look up something and then forget about it in the hustle and bustle of life. A shopping cart is one of the trends in e-commerce among many. Sometimes while arranging parties, people miss out on goods, your cart can use the self-learning principle to suggest and send reminders and suggestions on categories like “party materials”, “Christmas Eve” or such types.

5. Rewards, Coupons, Referrals, etc.

Well, not every day is Christmas, and online shops may have their dull days too.

 But there is a difference, to be online is to be with the whole world. You can send out referral coupons, attractive rewards and big sale offers to boom your business. 

It is so easy online, to design a poster or do an ad. 

Let your creativity flourish to roll your business to new heights.

6. Payment Gateway Integration & Shopping Cart

Digital banking is the driving force of all mobile-related commerce. Hence it is imperative that your app offers a whole array of payment options to your customers to pay the way they want, faster and safer. Here are some of the payment gateways you mustn’t miss in your ecommerce app.

7. Review and Response

A person who hasn’t made a mistake hasn’t learned anything new. Reviews give you an avenue to introspect and see what you are missing on and what you can do. So this feature is as indispensable as intelligence. 

Secondly, respond well and faster. Nobody likes to talk to lifeless walls. So create rapid response customizations, so that your customer doesn’t feel ignored. 

Now let’s look at the top 17 online shopping apps that you should be using in 2023 to get the best online shopping experience.

Top 17 online shopping apps in India for 2023

1. Amazon

So here we go !!!

The battle between Flipkart and Amazon was almost even, but we have to give it to Amazon for its pace. Flipkart had about 2-4 years of freedom in the Indian market, which it failed to leverage. The mishap at Flipkart’s first Big Billion Day sale earns it a black mark in many hurt Indian minds. 

Amazon apps interface is classic, and it delivers a wide range of goods from electronic goods, mobile accessories, books, home appliances, industrial, etc.  Its reach is worldwide, and it has a decent service record in India. 

Features That Counts:

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is the first name that comes to an Indian mind whenever they think about online shopping. When the company started in 2007 its main focus was on book sales – one thing that has always captured the Indian minds. But Flipkart slowly built its customer base and services over the years and became the number 1 online shopping site in India. The FDI norms which eased the restrictions on foreign companies to invest in the Indian commercial market provided tough competitors for Flipkart. It was the Indian mark on e-commerce until Walmart subsumed 77% of its share in the world’s largest e-commerce deal.

Perks Are: 

3. Myntra

Myntra is well known in India, more for its funny ads than its services. 

The responses are equivocal for Myntra from Android and iOS app users. It seems that there is some glitch in the Android app which is not earning them as much customer experience as the iOS app is gathering. Myntra is particularly famous for the clothing variety it offers to men and women. They offer some classy wears for great prices. They also seem to be up to date with the latest trends in the market. It is one of the first choices for fashion enthusiasts in India.

Why Go For Myntra? 

4. Ajio

AJIO brings in their slogan, “Doubt is Out.” Reliance enterprises have not left its magical name “JIO” from its new curated shopping app. AJIO brings in an extensive collection of clothes, and overall ratings are more leaning towards clothing than other categories.  AJIO android apps are behind their iOS apps. It brings the best selection of international brands and with a giant like Reliance, holding it, buying and selling products through AJIO is a long-standing investment. 

What to Look for in AJIO?

5. Shein

SHEIN started in 2008 by a group of New Jersey citizens has today captured the imagination of the whole world. Whether it is trendy western clothes, beach wares, swimsuits, and any other woman-centric items of clothing, SHEIN should be your first option. For the best deals online for the best trial room experience, SHEIN apps provide a slide color facility and models of all physiques to impress buyers. It even offers men’s and kids’ wear at the best discounts possible.

Why People love SHEIN?

6. Nykaa

It is the best place for mother and baby products. When coming to baby products, we need somebody whom we can trust through and through. And Nykaa is still living up to its name. Founded in Mumbai, it has today a vast customer base. Nykaa mobile apps are also fascinating with interactive and eye-soothing user interfaces. The specialty of  Nykaa is to deliver area-specific skin tone-based products. It seems to be a team with in-depth research in its area of work and quality to strive for perfection that is undoubtedly pushing this online shopping app in India to fame.

What Nykaa is Known for?

7. AliExpress

AliExpress has got quite a several downloads, maybe the Alibaba factor. AliExpress has a mixed response. It has a solid customer base with many of them pledging loyalty to the app. However, many of them are either from China. In India, the app is harboring mixed responses. The Android app needs to reform itself, and the brand needs to be more considerate toward its Indian users. It is what the reviews are showing. Anyway, what AliExpress does best is give you the lowest price ranges for quality products. Exalted customers say that the app is addictive for its stupefying offers.

Here’s what AliExpress is worth trying for:

Some Rising Online Shopping Apps In India

8. Club Factory

Club factory has hit immense success in the store mode of business. And is slowly growing in the app department as well. The primary factor driving it is the multiple brands it allows you to combine in your single order, and the dip point is the time it takes to deliver. The quality of the products is also uncompromised. It has a good future ahead and is a star on the rise. 

9. Bewakoof

10. Craftsvilla

How can an online shopping app list go without the ethnic colors of the most diverse country in the world? So here we include Craftsvilla, which is the right place for all those who value their ethnic culture and traditions. From the kalamkari arts to Ramadan lehengas, the list is ever-expanding.

Almost all ethnic possibilities have been explored in their beautiful site, though the app needs to remodel itself. The primary complaint has been the app interface and design, but we expect this standalone ethnic online shop to do it soon and join the race for the best in India.

11. TataCliq

The Tatas were the last of the big guns to join the online shopping market. The unfortunate episode with snapdeal derailed their progress. But now they are steering carefully and stealthily.  With a lightning refund process and an interactive and intuitive app, Tatacliq aspires to take over the market in slow and decisive steps. They provide you with the additional advantage of exceptionally lower prices and surprising warranties. Tatacliq is a lion waiting to leap, so beware.

12. Koovs

Some competitors turn up the heat by bringing some brave and unbelievable qualities. Koovs is top of the list in the new heart-throb of the shopping world. The approach Koovs is on increasing customer service and handling. Koovs brings together both trend and class. Its app is intuitive. It has zero delivery cost on most orders. Though it is centered around the customer, it takes a man and woman to utility approach. Hence, they have a compact yet meaningful list of items, with quality and accommodating service personnel.

13. Voonik

Voonik is considered a women-only place. But it is so wrong. It exudes traditional Indian aesthetics. It has a section on kids as well as home decorations besides men’s and women’s wear. If you are looking for traditional silk sarees, then Voonik is going to woo you. It is one of the best classical providers among the best discount shopping apps.  Be it Kancheepuram silk sarees or Uppada handloom; you have it all here in this one comprehensive app. 

14. Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall is an online shopping platform launched by Paytm, one of the leading online payment systems in India. It offers a wide range of products to users, from fashion to electronics to furnishings. An unbeatable advantage of this platform is the discounts and cashback that it provides using promo codes. Being tied to a reliable financial service makes the platform secure and trustworthy to consumers.

15. ShopClues

Known for its great selection, known price, and speedy delivery, ShopClues has rightly tagged the Band of Trust. Gadgets, home decor, clothing, home appliances, sports essentials, food, and beverages- ShopClues covers everything you need. Its customer-friendly policies and superior-quality merchandise have helped it carve a spot in the top 17 online shopping apps in India. 

Some Fading Online Shopping Apps 

16. eBay

Once the top among the horses in run eBay is vanishing steadily. The website is pretty engaging, but the mobile app needs a total to revamp. The one place which still comes to the top in Google search results, but many are skeptical about its ranking too. 

eBay, however, has almost anything. It always comes up with a search result below horses. Let us hope that eBay bounces back, for the brand is a nostalgic relic for many internet users.

Where did eBay need to immediately work?

17. Snapdeal

Snapdeal needs to up its game, or it will soon snap off. The humble beginnings and then the rise to fame on the shoulder of big investors like the Tatas and the terrible fall all seems to be going too fast for Snapdeal.  

It is one of the best shopping apps in India if you are looking for more than just clothes. It provides valuable computer and electronic items, mobile phones, home appliances, books, and a wide range of products.

Snapdeal needs to up its game in :

So, start your Online Shopping Apps with Mindster.

We have made some stunning apps like Lifetime Needs, safe basket, and many more. Mindster offers you a whole set of complete solutions with the latest trends and user behavior patterns all well-analyzed into our sturdy designs.

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