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Top Grocery E-commerce Trends That Will Change the On-demand Shopping Scenario

23 Apr 19  

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It won’t be surprising to point out that this era is owned by the e-commerce industry, which has already fixed its deep roots in the global market. Studies prove that e-commerce grocery businesses are offering better deals in comparison to the retail stores. In fact, this is the main reason behind its growth by leaps and bounds.

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However, stats also say that 81% of the customers make a purchase from any e-commerce store only after thorough research. Therefore, it has become essential for the nosiness owner to be updated with the latest e-commerce grocery business trends to boost up the sales and thrive to remain ahead in the competition.

Latest e-Commerce Trends 

1.    Voice Search to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Voice assistants have already become prominent than ever since the arrival of google assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Voice search has become an innovative technique to gain more traffic to your web or app. Even one of the reports from the Consumer Research intelligence Partners suggests that Amazon’s customer loyalty has incredibly increased as the customers are utilizing Echo to make purchases.

According to researchers, about 40% of the millennials have already begun using the voice search even before making an online purchase. It would not have been easy to find a specific product on a large e-commerce platform. The customer has to speak the name of the product or brand and choose from the spectrum of options. It is imperative to update your business with the voice search facility, or you won’t be able to bring a broad base of potential customers who use this most recent trend to shop online.

2. 2018 will be the Year of Mobile Commerce 

There has always been a debate over which is better mobile commerce or the e-commerce sites. With the massive increment in the number of smartphone users in the recent times, the mobile commerce appears to perform better than the sites. 

Indeed, a study has revealed that 62% of the smartphone users made purchases utilizing their gadgets during the past 6 months and this data would rise in the coming months. Therefore, you have to shift your pattern and move towards a site that is best streamlined for smart devices. The best solution is an e-commerce mobile app development. One of the main features that we would probably witness is the introduction of face recognition and fingerprints technology.  Moreover, this will simplify the payments ad the user can do it with a click or tap.

3. The Influence of AR and VR

Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are no more rare terms in this technical world and the mobile app development industry from now. And as we are already in the middle of 2018, will only further grow as more and more companies have started to offer it. 

In fact, experts say that AR and VR will not only grow the shopping experience for the consumers and increase their sales, but it also would influence the packaging of the products to a great extent. One of the companies has been offering AR experience to its global customers by placing 3D product placed in your home. With this, you can see if it fits in that spot or not.

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4. Implementation of AI and Machine Learning

One of the recent trends that will prove to be a significant bonus for the e-commerce sector is the introduction of machine learning with AI. Machine learning not only recommends the best product for the customers but rather it improves their search experiences. And AI will help you to personalize your customers with improved focus. Moreover, you can also improve the interacting experience with the customers through Chabot service where you can then and there reply to their queries. This also allows you to handle the complex tasks smoothly and you can find suitable ways to solve any problem.

5. Research Online, Purchase Offline

The ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) is an emerging tool that has high capability to convert online research into offline purchases. It aims for those users who are addicted to shopping and always want to shop the items with the best available discount and price. And this is undoubtedly going to influence the online e-commerce business even more in the coming years. Now ROPO apart from helping their customers to availing the best deal on a particular product they also help in letting the business owners get an idea of the offline conversion tracking record.

6. Use of Cryptocurrency in e-Commerce

This is, of course, going to be a game-changing trend in the e-commerce industry as far as experts have predicted. The usage of cryptocurrency for making the payment will furthermore revolutionize the industry and take it to the next higher level. 

The use of cryptocurrency for conducting the transactions will not only make our payments safer but additionally nullify the risks associated with transactions. The e-commerce industry has not welcomed the blockchain technology, as it has not completed the trial mode. It Is taking its own time to adopt the new advanced technology with careful monitoring.

7. The Impact of IoT

The internet of Things as such needs no introduction at all.  It has influenced a large number of industries from healthcare to real estate. And apparently, the e-commerce sector is not behind in availing its benefits. With the passage of time, many devices are getting linked up with the internet, and this is positive news for the e-commerce business.

This is now going to be useful by helping in smart inventory management. With IoT, it will be much easier for the e-commerce business owner to keep track of the stocks of goods. It will also assist in the managing of logistics. You can keep a real-time check on the products that are shipped and check the delivery status. This will all improve the customer experience.

8. High-quality Images and Videos

A picture speaks a lot more than words do, and this is all the more applicable to e-commerce business also. At a time when we are witnessing some of the optimal camera-based smartphones and devices, the quality of videos and images are going to improve every day.

You can give a 360-degree view of the product from every; therefore, customers can scan the images of the item they are going to buy. An animated GIF can give a more dynamic look and exhibit more features of the product. You can easily create dynamic, eye-catching animated GIFs to showcase your product’s features using a GIF maker. These GIFs offer a more engaging way for customers to explore the product, leading to increased interest and potential sales. Even engaging quality videos can convince the customers to buy more products than an ordinary video. 

9. Faster and More Accurate Delivery

This is one central area where the major e-commerce giants are competing tough against one another as each of them is offering the benefit of the same day delivery to the customers.  And it is the consumer who will gain as he can get the items he purchased the same day.

10. Mobile Checkout Options

Today we have a lot of payment options that include Android Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, Stripe, etc. All these reduce the use of traditional payment methods. Just one tap and your payment are done. For this, the business owners have to ensure that their website is mobile optimized. Experts are working in order to simplify the checkout process further in the coming days.


The e-commerce grocery industry is one of the fast-evolving business sectors that has seen a number of changes from its arrival. This is the most competitive area where you have the most prominent players to compete with. Therefore, it is essential to update your e-commerce business tactics and stick to the current trends prevailing in the current market