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A Quick Guide for Offshore Mobile App Outsourcing

22 May 19  

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If you are wondering what offshore mobile app development is, remember outsourcing. The word ‘offshore’ basically denotes the fact that you’re sending your business operations to be executed remotely, with the help of other individuals. The most cliché view of outsourcing is that it costs less but lacks in ROI. However, that is just scratching a surface. Like every other business, if approached with care, outsourcing can do wonderful things. 
It is a hell of a job to develop a website or a mobile app when considering the time, assets, budget, people, collaboration, tasks etc… All you have to do is to get in touch with a reputed company and delegate the task. In this post let’s discuss, what are the upsides and downsides and best practices of offshore development. 

What is Offshore Mobile App Development? 

Offshore mobile app development is outsourcing projects to a third-party mobile app development company. Such services usually include web development, web application development, mobile application development etc.

Outsourcing can be performed in various ways: 

  • To individual developer or a company; 
  • Assigning the entire project or certain features; 
  • Hiring a devoted team of developers. 

Generally, freelance mobile app developers are experts in one or several fields. For instance, for developing a mobile game, you may require a concept designer, Unity3D designer, 3D show craftsman, UX/UI developer, or every one of them at times. No one could excel in every field, so a couple of mobile application developers or an organization is an outsourcing option. 

Nearshore, Onshore etc… 

Don’t get confused with the terminologies, but rather there’s more you have to know. Nearshore app development is essentially the same as offshore outsourcing, with the main contrast being proximity. A nearshore development company would be in a similar time zone or even in the neighbouring nation. One of the upsides of this technique is social and workflow comparability.
Onshore app development implies your partner company is situated is located within your country. Along these lines, it is adaptable, mobile and approachable to new changes, and additionally offers better control.
There are also a couple of terms related to outsourcing you should be aware of. Dedicated team model isn’t geographically particular however is revolved around control and ownership. The vendor and the organization who hires such team developers have full control over it during the project.
Smart sourcing is the approach of dealing with a division of tasks, for the most part is delegating non-core tasks to a 3rd party. Such practices are usually employed by organizations with enough experience in outsourcing projects. 

Best Practices of Offshoring 

To minimize the dangers with offshore app development, you have to address the following issues like preparation, determination process, and working practices. However, the important thing is to prepare yourself before looking for companies. Having an idea and few representations aren’t sufficient for app outsourcing. 

Begin by addressing the following:

  • Study the marketplace and your potential specialty, choose what features your target audience would need, collaborate with potential customers. Find out about competition, discover what they are getting right and the features missed out, what technologies they utilize etc. 
  • Set up together a guide with breakthroughs to achieve well-organized app, a priority list if needed. Likewise, ensure that what you are going to develop meet all the legal guidelines, particularly in situations where applications make use of personal data and cash payments. 
  • Create wireframes, mockups, sketches etc. needed for your mobile apps. Analyze from a user perspective: who’d utilize an item, what for and what they’d be able to do with it. 
  • Examine what features, abilities, technologies and tools will you have to get it going. Research accessible outsourcing models and select the one that suits the best. 
  • Finally, set up a detailed specification of project requirements and quality principles. 

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Instructions to Pick an Outsourcing Company 

There are a large number of outsourcing companies globally. But, how to locate a reputed one? Asking for reference is always the best to start with. Learn out the customers of the company and ask their feedback, in case you could open up such a customer to discuss the offshore team through which you may discover both the concerns and region where they sparkle. 
The groundwork is essential. Settling on which offshore mobile app developer to pick requires significant time and evaluation. A decent approach is to contact a few companies to review what they have to offer. Choosing which outsourcing model fit best to your project, characterize your features and monitor how it would match the qualities and service on the opponent side. 
Don’t get attracted and diverted by customer portfolios and don’t rush. Check out their blog, their LinkedIn profiles, check the style of the content, code if possible, endorsements etc. Conducting a test with potential partner company with respect to technical requirements will help you settle on a decent choice. 

Tips on the Most Proficient Method to Conduct Offshoring 

  • Set the quality standards: you could keep the quality in check by monitoring the quality standard of architecture and code. Keep those standards documented and share it with the offshore development team. Additionally, perform general code audits. 
  • Arrange rates and set deadlines: Discuss developing rates, mostly not to chop down a price already low, but rather get a company or a person to demonstrate their capacities. When all such criteria’s are settled upon, set strict deadlines for each stage and ensure they are comprehended on the opposite side. 
  • Collaborate and track progress: Weekly reports are great and obviously essential, yet genuine two-way discussions and meetings will help you with substantially more knowledge. 
  • Protect yourself: Colleagues should sign NDA and non-compete agreements. Intellectual property rights and privacy terms should be known and clear to everyone. Moreover, set up a private repository for the code.
  • Handle office organization tasks like printing, document sharing with tools like DocuSign or HelloSign. 

However, there has always been a discussion about the significance of outsourcing, what offshore mobile app development is and when it is really helpful. The dangers related with another nation, another time zone and diverse language, are too huge to entrust a significant piece of business. Other issues are hidden costs: even with a fixed price model. Basically, the genuine cost of offshoring is more than hourly rates.
Offshore mobile app development is the most feasible option considering the pricing strategies and negotiation options. With the right business partner, you can grow your business globally. Mindster has the potential to match the talent and technology you require. Contact our team to know more.

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