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Passenger Features in Taxi Dispatch App

22 Mar 19  

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Do you think the “app” way of getting passengers is beneficial and better than your traditional offline taxi business? Drastic changes are seen in the personal transportation in the last few years due to the introduction of mobile app-based taxi hailing system. The benefit of app solution has made the taxi business more significant. You need more customers to stay ahead in the business these days, and mobile app attracts limitless customers. 

No one likes to run behind or chase a taxi, or pray a taxi appears all of a sudden as a miracle, but even though unwillingly everyone does this to get a taxi, almost daily. Website platforms and mobile applications makes the booking process easy and make the payment transactions without any delay. There are plenty of attractive features all people wants to add to mobile taxi company apps.

Features Engineered on Passenger’s App

The passenger app is fully systematic letting passengers book their taxi from anywhere and at any time. Scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling a taxi can be done with few taps and sliding of the screens over the smartphone. Some of the superior features to be included in your cloud taxi dispatch system include:

Easy Onboarding

The user can start using the taxi app solution with a simplified sign-up. It will only ask basic information of the user. As soon as the sign up is completed, the user can book the taxi anytime and anywhere in a single tap with the help of their email or mobile number.

Fare Estimates & Seamless Payments

Passengers arguing with taxi drivers is a very common scene, this can be minimized now. They can approximate the fare estimates by providing their destination even before the trip begins and then make the payment. The fare payment can be made online so that the customer can simply walk out of the cab after the trip.

Notification Alert

The customers get important alerts via push notifications, SMS and emails about the cab availability, cab arrival etc. This will help the customers to track their ride perfectly.

Track Driver with Location

Passengers never like to keep calling drivers to know how far they are from the pickup location. With this app, the passengers have the option to share their location with the driver. They can get the real-time location of the driver to hire the nearest taxi in their locality with live tracking of the taxi’s position.

Driver Feedback & Rating

Feedback is essential for any business to prosper. Customers can rate their ride experience and provide honest feedback with this feature. The business owner can also discover who is the best driver which leads to improvement in business operations. Consistent low rating will issue a warning to low rated drivers.

Trip History

Your app must allow the passengers to see the history of bookings they have done. History of all the trip taken along with the details of the driver and the rider can be listed. Customers often need to keep track of the different journeys they have undertaken. With this option, customer is able to view all their past and upcoming trip in one place.

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How do these features benefit the passengers?

Convenient and Faster Mode of Working Through Apps

Faster mode of working of free taxi dispatch system is the strongest reason for the fame of taxi apps. This app actually provides the potential customers with an option to call for a taxi with few clicks on the screen and book them in few minutes sitting at home.

Bring On Secured and Hassle Free Payments with Taxi Apps

Cashless transactions are preferred by the customers today. Transactions via credit or debit card adds security while paying. Ambiguity is rather removed by getting fare details for both passenger and driver. This helps the passengers to just leave the cab without worrying about cash payments.

User-friendly App Interactions

There are various other customizable features to add for the benefits of the customers. The pre-booking, auto fare estimation etc. brings more convenience to the user. Viewing the rating and feedback to the drivers greatly help customers to have a quality check.

An app enhanced with essential features, regardless of for what the business, is bound to bring in enormous achievements. If you are looking to give your taxi services a boost you can join us. Getting updated with the latest generation business technique is the only way to strive success. If you are equally excited about getting your business profits on a hike we are here to design the best and workable taxi dispatch app for you.