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Key Features to consider for an Online Grocery App Development

3 May 19  

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a man holding a smartphone in a supermarket

There are a wide variety of features that contribute towards the success of an online grocery shopping app. Below mentioned are some of the most wanted features:

With the increasing desire of saving money and time and for organizing the daily routines of every people effectively, a lot of improvement in the technology is also found. Most of the time doing household daily chores becomes an unpleasant task for people. And grocery shopping over this make the situation even worse and tiresome. 

There are many survey reports that show more than 60% of the shoppers shop their household items through their smartphones and other handy devices. The mobile app developers are utilizing this scenario and are taking advantages of this business opportunity.

For an Online grocery app development, businesses need to consider user’s requirements. There is no doubt that people are looking for an application that responds properly to the demands and needs of their customers. They expect an easy to use and intuitive app so that their impulsive spending get reduced, and they can manage efficiently their monthly budget. In the end, users will stick to those apps which will help achieve all these things.

Businesses should make an app where users get all the things their customers require in the shortest time. There are several options that businesses add in their apps such as giving regular coupons, discounts and loyalty programs. This helps users to save money and also spend more time on such apps. 

There are various features that contribute towards the success of an online grocery shopping app. Some desirable features are described below:

1.    Ability to track the spending habits

In order to cut down the shopping costs and handle the family budget, it is very important for the users to track their spending habit. Businesses should provide a feature, which includes infographics and overview to indicate how and where users have spent their money and some suggestions on how the cost can be reduced.

2.    Shopping list reminders

Many times people become so busy in their daily schedule that they even forget to shop. Therefore businesses can add a feature in their mobile app which keeps reminding the users to buy some standard groceries like egg milk, bread etc at regular intervals.

3.    Have loyalty programs and  coupons

Almost all the users get interested in the coupons and loyalty programs. Businesses ought to develop a mobile app that can help the users to turn these coupons into user’s real investments.  There is yet another option to add some coupon hunting games. This makes people interested in those apps.

But a point businesses should keep in mind is in order to make their apps stand out in the crowd, they need not add the unnecessary features to it. Users don’t want their apps to be slowed down due to unwanted irrelevant complicated features. Periodic reminders and lots of notification can be proven as a major negative for your business.

Here are some most important functions that all the users expect from a high-quality grocery app.

1.    Shopping list

There are many mobile apps for shopping groceries which have an inbuilt list of items to shop along with the dictionaries. All the entries made will be automatically added to the dictionary for a future easy reference. It can also include options like email sharing, online list updating etc. 

2.    Grocery coupons

To reward the loyal user’s grocery apps must use the grocery coupons which can be either digital or paper. Each time the user adds a new item to the cart the coupons are redeemed and hence a good amount of money is saved at the time of checkout. 

3.    Barcode scanners

This is another most important feature that must be added in the grocery apps. This helps the users to access as much product information required they want in the shortest time. They may also provide additional information about the product like nutritional value, and other dietary recommendations along with their prices.

Businesses should always ensure that the online grocery shopping app is able to best satisfy the needs and requirements of their users. Proper attention should be given to the UI as well since this is very necessary for your app to stand out.