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Impact of Mobile App on Society

10 Feb 19  


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‘Checking your mobile phones for updates in Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram’-The first thing you do when you get up in the morning. Yea! That’s what everyone does. From dawn to dusk most of our time is probably spent on smartphones. Be it anything personal or office activity, we rely on that handy device even more than our desktops or laptops. From school kids to senior citizens owe at least one. And the best thing about today’s mobile is its apps. The wealth of mobile app space is exploding. From hiring a taxi to purchasing groceries at home everything has apps and this has made life easier than ever before.

With the cab booking app, you can pre-book a taxi, and you can reach  your destination without hunting for one. Or with the Online grocery app, you can shop groceries online and they are delivered at your doorsteps. Thus mobile apps are promising us an easier and convenient living. With this growing acceptance of apps today, every business owner shifts their business into smartphones such as online selling, digital payments which brings more revenue to businesses.

Why do you want a mobile app for your business?

  • Broader access to users
  • 24*7 visibility and availability
  • Convenience in functioning guaranteed
  • Effective product marketing practices
  • Offer perks of earning loyalty points
  • Improved availability to customers
  • Better at Customizing according to customer needs

Now, just having a mobile website is not enough. Only apps can guarantee convenience to customers. Studies have proven that businesses which have adopted apps have generated more traffic than the non-adopters. This is why app development has become the hottest among entrepreneurs. App users spent more money in aggregate with their purchases. This is due to the app features provided. The most commonly used features will be related to special offers and loyalty rewards. 

Because of the interactivity of apps, the users get a feeling of control as if they are experiencing the world around them with technology. 

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Advancement in mobile app development field.

  • The mobile app development company offers hybrid app development.
  • Applications with integrated GPS technology.
  • Guaranteed security and consumer apps
  • Big data integration
  • Prioritized navigation

Some of the features of mobile apps which adds to the impact of mobile apps are:

Quick Feedback & communication

A quick feedback feature is very important for every mobile app. The easier it is to send the feedback, the more feedback you are likely to get from the users. Most of the best ideas are received from customer’s feedback, so it is not advisable to miss the feedbacks. The mobile app also enhances the communication and interaction between you and your customer. 

Share Button

Integrating your app with social media is another important feature. This makes it easy for the users of your app to share your advert through various social media.  The easier it is to share, the more shares you get. And sharing can’t be made easier than using a share button.


This important feature will help you keep track of the necessary stats of your app. This report for various analysis will help you to upgrade your app. This will also help you to determine the feature that adds traffic to your app and the ones that are just redundant.

Search and filters

This is another absolute necessity if you have a long list of services and products.  Thus instead of scrolling through, customers can just enter the filters and go for the search directly. 

Performance & Security

Your app should load very fast without getting stuck at any point even at low internet signals. Poor signals are often becoming a challenge. It should also protect the confidential information of all users.

Some big impacts of mobile apps on business that will be observed are:

  • This year will see a leap in small-business mobile apps.
  • Location-based services (LBS) will profit by GPS.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and utility apps will be integrated.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will show up in more innovations.
  • Internet-of-Things apps will connect the world.
  • Mobile apps could produce $88 billion in revenue.

Clearly, mobile app development is becoming pre-dominant over all the industries. To excel in mobile market, build a meaningful, seamless, purposive strategy providing customers exactly what they require. So, schedule a meeting with our team for your mobile app soon, else your customers will leave you for your competitors who already have a functional app. Now technology has made app a necessity for every business owner to have their own business .

Try not to hire the very first app developer that you come across no matter how impressive their terms and services are. Make all possible comparisons which can’t be done talking to just one developer. Perhaps there may be better services at lower charges. Join our team to experience the balance between experience in app development and affordability.

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