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How to Get Innovative App Ideas for your Next Business in 2018?

14 Apr 18  

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Fazmeena Faisal


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How to get an app idea? Suppose you are searching on google ‘I have an app idea’ or ‘how to create a million-dollar app’, Google will never be able to answer your but can only serve you with the great app ideas that are on the top. Every startup started has their own app ideas, but the question is what are the great app ideas that don’t exist in 2017 but the ones that should be in 2018.

To create a million-dollar app you first need to have an app idea for your startup. And that idea won’t come suddenly overnight, instead requires a lot of research and brainstorming. Most of you will now say that I have done a lot of research but still, you have top found answers to a few questions:

  • What are some simple app ideas that make money?
  • How do you make money from an app idea?
  • I have an app idea where do I start?
  • Where to sell app ideas?
  • Who can make an app for me?
  • How can I get capital to start a business?

This blog with a series of steps to follow can help you do the right research and find the best app ideas for your business in this 2018

  • Niche App ideas for business

The essential step is choosing your niche mobile application business ideas. This step will choose the whole journey of your application based business ideas to step up. Here are the things to remember while choosing your innovative application ideas for a business niche: 

– Think about Future Perspective 
– Give The Priority To Your Hobbies And Interests 
– Observe Existing Business Related To Your Niches 
– Work On Problems And Gaps Of The Existing Business 
– Look at How You Can Transform Your Hobbies Into An application based business thoughts 

The Most Important Step is Brainstorming best app ideas that haven’t been made, and how to think of app idea to tackle problems, So remembering all the previously mentioned points and analyzing what can be the best app solution for the issues which the common people are facing. You can deliberate ideas regarding this: 

The solutions to this problems can be:

– Endeavor to change these application solutions into business strategies 
– Sort these plans according to the benefits and investments
– List out Top 5 application ideas for business from these plans 

  • Speak With Experienced People 

After brainstorming the main five application ideas for organizations which you believe are the best for your application based business idea startup go ahead and discuss it with the reliable and experienced people. 

– Check will’s identity your rivals 
– Accept exhortation from experienced business visionaries 
– Affirm Simple application Ideas 

  • Who can create an app for me?

Presently after choosing the inventive application idea, need to make an application and thinking about hiring somebody to make an application or pay somebody to make an application for you?. You require a mobile app development company which has an experience of working with your business niche application ideas.

Here are the things to remember while choosing the best startup app development company in 2018: 

– Search for the customer reviews and feedbacks
– Look at their portfolio 
– Discuss the experience of the developers
– Look at the coding principles 

  • Begin Your Project As Soon As Possible 

You have to keep the ball moving rather than considering your project and idea. Imagine a scenario where your competitor came up with a better element before you. so keep in mind the following things: 

-Continue requesting the reports on the task procedure 
-Discuss the due date for your application advancement venture Ask the designers to go for different testing of the application 

  •    How to promote your app?

To create a mobile app Visible To Your Customers it is important to find the ideal approaches to market a mobile app. You can essentially ask application marketing methodology with your app development company to help you in that. Here are a couple of things you ought to incorporate into the right app marketing strategy: 

– Request an appropriate app store optimization
– Run with an accomplished SEO and Social media group 
– Strategize the pre-app launch and post-app launch activities
– Begin pre-app launch activities at least 2 months before the launch of the application

Now you are all aware of everything you need to make your own particular application startup, here are few niches you can opt for your mobile app startup idea of 2018: 

  • Augmented Reality App ideas

Augmented Reality based mobile app ideas are invading all of the businesses in view of the intuitiveness it gives to its users. There are heaps of AR Based Utility applications like AR Exchange rate converter, 360 augmented party, Car Brand Recognizer using AR, Enhanced guided-tours, AR for a mental imbalance spectrum, 3D Databases applications, AR App for 3D advertising and where Apple ARKit, ARCore Plays the essential part. 

  • Voice Based and IoT Startup App Ideas 2018 

With the popularity of voice-enabled technology like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s home pod etc,  a few new businesses are picking innovative ideas to coordinate these technologies into day by day lives. 

  • Flower vendor and conveyance application 

Flower delivery apps are now winning the on-demand app market, still, it needs a great deal of activity of spontaneity and new patterns. The applications are still having numerous bugs and you can make your own particular app by teaming up with your nearby flower vendors. 

  • Wellbeing/Fitness applications 

Wellbeing and fitness Mobile applications help in accomplishing fitness objectives and keep up better health.

  • Area-based applications 

Geolocation Apps are the hottest trend. GPS has opened new ways for location-based startup ideas to set up businesses which we haven’t envisioned before. The most well-known categories of location-based startup ideas are Parking applications, Food delivery applications, and Taxi booking applications 

  • On-Demand App 

With the ascent of mobile solutions for every industry, on-demand service Apps are likewise developing. There are as of now a great deal of on-demand services that are blossoming with the introduction of mobile applications but still, there are certain services which are untouched. 

Here are a couple of cases of best on-request benefits applications: 

– On-Demand home services
– Taxi booking application 
– Doctor Booking App 
– Excellence Services At Home App

Finish your App Idea

It is not necessary to have a unique idea every time, there are several enterprises which worked on some popular ideas and win the market. There are several services which are popular only in limited parts of the globe, you can leverage those services for your local area as well.