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How to develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App?

4 Jan 23  

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Manu Sanker

Manu Sanker

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The ability to quickly schedule a consultation online is one possibility that has the potential to alter the relationship between a patient and a physician. When it is difficult for doctors to manage their responsibilities, plan patient visits, and keep track of their calendars, patients may become irritated.

Due to its numerous benefits, developing a doctor appointment booking app market is expanding rapidly. The global healthcare market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 24.7% between 2018 and 2027. Since the market for medical planners is steadily growing, more clinics are looking into digital solutions to this issue.

Current statistics of Medicare apps

Creating a mobile app for your business seems obvious when looking at your current marketing strategies. Notwithstanding, before putting resources into provoking a specialist on-interest application, you should investigate factors that will assist you with making the legitimate execution. Your chief center ought to create inventive projects that meet the assorted requirements of your clients.

  • 82% of respondents agreed that technology should be accessible to get medical coverage as simple as booking cabs or ordering food online
  • 77% of patients said they would prefer to text their doctors.
  • 69% of patients would prefer to schedule virtual appointments with their doctors.

The cost of developing a doctor-on-demand app varies widely based on several factors and conditions. One of the additional aspects of setting up an e-solution software is the cost of a doctor appointment booking app. The position of software developers and designers, app accessibility on various mobile devices like Android and iOS, complexity, and other factors are a few of the components.

Key features to develop a doctor appointment booking app

You conclude that the time has come to develop an appointment scheduling application after reading about the benefits and revenue models of doctor appointment management software. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Any significant medical application needs to have essential healthcare functions that address the difficulties faced by the intended audience. To meet the needs of customers, an appointment scheduling app should have similar built-in features. Let’s now identify them:


A booking capability should be considered during the development of the medical checkup application. Patients can use this vital function to set up an appointment with a doctor. With just a few taps, the doctor can free up time for a hospital or medical center visit.

Medical Profile

For a medical profile to be prepared for each situation, and recognizable data need to be remembered for the patient records. Document scanning and transmission capabilities would be beneficial. Patient’s medical and demographic information must be analyzed by doctors.

Doctor Profile

Before scheduling a meeting, the patient must be given the option to choose the best healthcare provider. The creation of a doctor element is necessary solely to create and edit a profile. The doctor’s expertise, practice area, patient reviews, and the costs of various insurance plans should all be easily accessible.

Real-time statistics and reporting on how their medical practice is doing would be fantastic for doctors. The doctor could also use this as a platform if they want to provide materials for advertising and promotion.


The clinic’s online scheduling system allows patients to provide feedback and assist others in reviewing suggestions. Other customers may find it easier to select a suitable clinic or medical practice expertise thanks to this app’s functionality.

Functional Calendar

Simple online and offline scheduling options should be standard in any healthcare appointment app. It will help if you have a completely practical schedule and usefulness for following gathering status.

Reminders and notifications

Attendance at appointments should always be a priority. As a result, the appointment email, smartphone app, and push alert your medical planning tool should offer should all be fully functional.

In-app chat’s capabilities can undoubtedly be understood by patients. Specialists should be available through HD video frameworks with talk backing and nonstop help. To develop a doctor appointment booking app, maintaining a live chatbot assistance feature will allow clarifying all the queries made by the users.

Payment integrations

To regularly connect the patient and the physician, various payment options are required. managing bookings and processing payments immediately with ease by using a credit or debit card, checking account, or e-wallet. With the assistance of a dependable payment platform, such as PayPal and others, your users will have more freedom and be able to pay for scheduled appointments through the app more securely.


Consider incorporating telehealth capabilities into treating patients who live in remote locations. The app for scheduling medical appointments needs to be able to hold online appointments using built-in chat or streaming video. Your services will be available to more people who cannot visit the facility for whatever reason.

WebRTC and VidRTC technologies have also become useful for facilitating electronic health records EHR interaction during video conferences.

Electronic health record (EHR)

Coordinating EHR (Electronic Health Record) programming to an online appointment system is a foundation. This function enables physicians to view patient records online. In addition, it enables hospitals and practitioners to offer safer medicines and boosts the output of medical professionals.

Medical recommendations

Patients will place a higher value on the doctor appointment web application if this option is available. As a result, patients can check the test results that their doctors have uploaded and see how their treatment is going.

Online prescription

Doctors must be able to prescribe the necessary medicines through appointment scheduling apps, and their receipts can be generated immediately. Customers can get their medicines from nearby pharmacies.

Advantages for clinics & hospital systems to develop a doctor appointment booking app

Patients can select their preferred doctors and book their slots using a healthcare appointment scheduling app. Time, effort, and money are required to create an app for managing doctor appointments. On the plus side, the finished product makes life much easier and more enjoyable for doctors, customers, and front desk staff.

Simplified billing                           

Healthcare software significantly speeds up the billing process by automating the necessary steps. The integrated payment options let patients pay their bills, and a mobile app lets healthcare administrators do the same.

Convenience for patients

Recent research shows that 43% of customers prefer to schedule an appointment online, and 57% use the internet to find health professionals. Current generations will undoubtedly adore the new approach to the health center and be more likely to visit more frequently if effective communication channels are in place. Medical applications will also be valued by people with busy schedules who don’t have much time to consult.

Improved management operations

According to a recent poll:

  • 60% of those surveyed consult with service providers online.
  • 42% of participants said it was a significant waste of time to be put on hold during a phone call.
  • In addition, 17% of participants require assistance scheduling a consultation outside of business hours at the hospital.

There are two ways that doctor appointment scheduling software improves performance:

  • Reducing the amount of effort required
  • By front desk staff when making an appointment and shortening the appointment-making process.

Effortless scheduling

Users can schedule consultations at any time through the general doctor booking system. Patients can reserve scheduled appointments and communicate with the doctors at the appointed time, depending on the doctors’ availability. In exceptional circumstances, the patient or the doctor may postpone the appointment and suggest a new time. In today’s digital world, smartphones are essential to the entire customer purchase experience.

Less human errors

Unfortunately, front desk employees frequently commit manual errors when managing patient and account statements. Automated testing can easily avoid errors or duplicate records that result in financial losses.

Consumer preferences are expanding in tandem with mobile devices as more and more people expect all information to be accessible with a single click.

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, there has been an increase in online doctor booking apps. The outbreak has encouraged users to communicate through these apps with doctors for medical consultation.


The global health system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.26% to reach a whopping 110 billion dollars in 2025. We help to develop a doctor appointment booking app to enhance business and meet business goals. With our core developing team, Mindster can fully-fledge utilize the potential of technology for convenience and effortless usage functionality for the users. We are ready to improve your user experience and satisfy you with comfort and convenience.