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How can Blockchain Redefine E-Commerce and Retail Business?

4 Apr 19  

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We all know what Blockchain is and how they can revolutionize E-commerce and retail business. Yet, there are a few who have less knowledge about its potential. 

Imagine a business without centralized supply chains, un-altered logistics, exorbitant fees, or presenting clients to unsafe transactions. This is precisely what a blockchain system can offer for your E-commerce business. 

The blockchain is bound to change the way the retail business function. By 2021, 25% of the Global 2000 will utilize Blockchain benefits as an establishment for digital trust. The time has come to embark on your Blockchain travel now. 

What is Blockchain? 

As a decentralized model, the Blockchain innovation carries alongside its transformative capacity to streamline all the retail operations including; supply chain, logistics, product validness, instalments and trustable design of a system of operators. 

Digital exchanges between business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-customer or consumer-to-business initialing a web-based shopping can be named as E-commerce. But, the advancement in global digital change poses a challenge for any business irrespective of the size. Security, consistency, cost, time, quality, responsibility and risk come as key components to consider while maintaining a business online. Appropriated and decentralized frameworks like Blockchain is considered as the solution for this issue. 

When a business exchange is coded in Blocks by means of Smart Contracts and associated with an arranged Blockchain, it is then named as Blockchain Ecommerce. 
There are many advantages of dealing with your digital business exchanges with the Blockchain innovation. 

Conveyed and decentralized record technologies, brilliant contracts guarantees to offer streamlined work process, predictable and secured capacities without the intervention of any middlemen. Trust of such exchanges is built up by means of a technology structure and not by any human administration. Records of each of the exchanges are put away in a record like Hyperledger. Since the entire procedure is done cryptographically, trust is initiated in the information itself. 

Things being what they are, Now What? 

The E-commerce market is booming every passing day. By 2020, Majority of every organization will rely on the capacity to deliver items, services and experience in a free manner in light of the evolving client desires. 

Will the interest and investment in a blockchain be worth it? 

As far as the retail or E-commerce industry is concerned, client expectation outpaces the brand’s capacity to evolve and allocate resources to the upcoming technologies. This implies organizations need to change quickly as per the evolving innovation. This is one of the basic reactions expected to fulfill the clients and hold them. Organizations in retail should transform to accommodate the advancing clients and specialized advancements. This isn’t about changing your business, however, it is about the way your business function. In case you are slow to adopt this change, you are certain to battle.

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How can Blockchain change the way of your business transaction?

One among the well-known Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has gained a huge popularity now. Ethereum too is in the race. A few online business sites have very much embraced the change and have begun tolerating such currencies. Soon, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could well be the most payment options. It’s smarter to be prepared. 

Value chains handled by Ecommerce Blockchain 

Production network  

  • Computerized supplier validation 
  • Computerized supplier payment 
  • Tracking asset
  • Logistics partner contract offers/Execution 
  • Capacity monitoring 
  • Inventory management


  • Spare time, cost and labor 
  • Eliminate mistakes and deferrals 
  • Deliver high value and trading relationship 


  • Robotized delivery system once payment is completed 
  • Tracking the item development with savvy contracts 


  • Error-free 
  • Cost-Effective

Tokenized Ledger 

  • Tokenizing resources like resources: stocks, land, gold, oil, and so on., that are not physically transferable or dividable. 
  • Tokenizing intangible resources like brand name, patents and so on. 
  • Tokenization of fungible things 


  • Decrease complex paper and legal agreements
  • Decrease overhead cost 
  • Security, speed, and simplicity in transferring the assets 
  • No manipulation 

Smart contracts 

  • Digitally coded solid exchanges on Blocks – Each exchange is computerized, time-stamped and connected to the previous exchange. 


  • No outsider intercession 
  • Cryptographically secured exchanges 
  • Irreversible 

Customer relationship administration 

  • Secured blocks carry the right data of every client 
  • Such profitable blocks are client controlled 
  • Information hampering by any user is completely ruled out 

Business process mechanization 

  • Keep away from divided frameworks and utilize shared record to deal with your whole business process. 
  • Blockchain makes the following level of mechanization and joining 

Both operational and business benefits 

Now What? 

To flourish throughout the following decade, organizations in E-commerce should take a shot at extremely basic capacities to incorporate Blockchain as their running model. The technology has been great for Cryptocurrencies. Alternate ideas are also being tested. The potential is evident. Your prosperity relies upon how well and how rapidly you receive this innovation and push forward. 

In the event that you still need to wait-and-watch, or wandering then you will find it hard to make up for lost time with the power as the technology has just begun taking shape for the retail business. In this way, it is worth to put resources into Blockchain and transform your digital business productively. 

If you are still unaware of the latest trends happening in E-commerce app development, Feel free to contact us. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals will help you sort every issue.