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How Can AI Possibly help the Future of E-commerce App Development?

18 Apr 19  

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Artificial Intelligence systems are developing at a quick pace. eCommerce app developers recommend that in a couple of years you will see AI in each business sector, including sales and marketing. Because of the high-significance of AI, numerous e-commerce business organizations have just begun integrating AI into their marketing and sales methodologies. Here, we will share viable and powerful ways where AI can be used to improve e-commerce applications. 


Despite the fact that technology plays an essential part in our lives, we cherish the human part in all that we do. A countless number of people avoids the e-commerce businesses on the grounds that the search does not show relevant information. AI can be used to enhance e-commerce search and handle this issue. As per experts, machine learning can be utilized to help AI software consequently tag, sort out and visually search content by labeling the feature of video or image. E-Commerce companies need to craft bespoke systems which can be utilized to teach the AI software any idea or concept regardless of whether it’s item, logo, or aesthetic. You can utilize these models to seek media resources utilizing labels or visual similarity. The AI-powered visual searches are empowering the online shoppers to find products that have similarity in shape, size, color or even brand. With AI integrated into e-commerce applications, customers need not enter the keywords to search for items but rather they can utilize visuals/images to find something comparable in online stores. For instance, if they like their friend’s shoes or dresses, they will find a similar one in the store. 


As per a research, 33% of leads are followed effectively, and an extensive number of pre-qualified potential purchasers become lost in the sales funnel. Today, organizations are overloaded with customer information, however, that is rarely put to great use. In fact, this information is a goldmine of intelligence that can be utilized to upgrade sales cycle. For instance, if a customer spends a significant amount of time searching through a specific category of items, that data can be utilized for their next visit. The next time the customer opens the e-commerce app it flashes offers on that specific category of items based on the user’s dwell time. 


At present customers are intensely influenced by various streams of media and you have to understand your customers better before offering custom-made solutions. You can install AI in e-commerce apps to make a right inquiry to the users. For instance, if the user is searching for a coat, AI can be utilized to outline questions like where and when the user will be using the coat. Checking the real-time customer research and climatic conditions of that particular place, the AI can show appropriate coats that will enable the customer to take the correct buy choice in lesser time. AI can be utilized to guarantee the customer is always shown the appropriate items and customer don’t invest time and energy in irrelevant searches. 


The present-day people utilize various channels to complete their shopping. For instance, the client may look for the items on a bigger screen (laptop or PC) and finish the shopping on mobile phones. e-commerce companies need to utilize AI in each stage to guarantee a reliable and personalized experience for the customers. They have to utilize the AI engine to monitor customers on all platforms, gadgets, and channels, make a universal view that will help in delivering a continuous experience to customers. For instance, if a user is looking for iPhone cases on your site, you can send a message pop-up on the mobile informing about a flash sale for iPhone cases. This will eliminate some unwanted steps in the sales process and empower the customers to finish the purchase quicker. 


Utilizing AI, e-commerce apps can now provide a highly personalized shopping experience for each user.
One innovative application of this technology is through personalized video software, which tailors product demonstrations and advertisements directly to the consumer’s preferences and past behavior. This approach significantly enhances customer engagement rates by showcasing products they are most likely to be interested in, adding a new dimension to the AI-driven personalization in e-commerce.

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Who is now utilizing AI in online business? 

Large e-commerce retailers like Amazon and Flipkart are utilizing AI in various approaches to support e-commerce business and also make it more secure. Amazon utilizes machine learning in making suggestions and recommendations with respect to the browsing behavior. The worldwide retailer additionally utilizes AI to know whether the client will turn into a paying customer in light of their activities during their earlier week/month. They also utilize AI to recognize spammers, bots and fake users based on their browsing activity reports. 

Netflix is another company that utilizes AI to recognize what you need to watch before you watch it. The AI algorithm utilized by Netflix learn and acquire insights from the client’s activity. For instance, suppose you watch the first video of a series yet you didn’t like it. You are requested to give your input after watching a content on Netflix. If you rate it low, Netflix reaches a conclusion that you won’t like watching the second episode and you don’t like such shows. Subsequently, it will keep such shows far from your recommendations list. 

Summing up

It is almost certain that Artificial Intelligence is enabling e-commerce businesses to give more customized and personalized experience to the users. AI has made it possible for organizations to analyze a lot of customer interactions on an everyday basis and to give customized services to prospective customers. It has also helped companies connect with customers at the right time by conveying the right message. AI technology is probably going to tremendously affect online shopping business in the near future. It will undoubtedly play a vital part in helping customers find the best products on the web. As an expert mobile application development company, we at Mindster have delivered AI-based e-commerce solutions and different applications and have seen a significant increment in user fulfillment.