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Features to Lookout in Mindster’s Taxi Dispatch Software

3 May 19  

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some taxi cabs parked under a tall building

Taxi dispatch is the best technologies developed ever for the taxi drivers and the taxi companies to serve the customers quickly and efficiently. Now a single tap on the screens has replaced the days of hailing a taxi by shouting or waving hands with the help of new taxi dispatch software that allows booking a taxi on the go. Now people all over the world find it very comfortable and easy to get a taxi via their smartphones.

Now you might have a thought, what is the need of having your own taxi dispatch software to compete with the leaders in the taxi industry like Uber, Lyft, and Hailo as they already offer varying potential advantages. The taxi giant Uber has gone through a number of controversies from the debate of self-employment to the safety of the riders. So now, a huge number of public resentment is growing against taxi giants.  So here is the right opportunity to take back your market share you invested in some local private hire companies.

Our aim of developing a cab management system is to deliver a reliable service from booking a cab to managing the payments. We work extensively to outdo the competition in efficiency and comfort with enhanced travel experience. Mindster’s cab management system is a comprehensive set of mobile solution that is accessible to the passenger and driver, web-based dispatch software, web panel offered for the admin.

Admin Web Panel

This is the control unit of our taxi dispatch system. Admin panel home screen is designed in such a way that they seem to be arranged in an orderly manner with the functions and displays organized in the best way to give improved user experience and easy navigation. The home screen displays important details including a map indicating the driver location, statistic graphs showing the trip flow, booked trips, canceled ones, online users etc. Fare details of every cab type, ongoing ride, and rejected trips are also shown on the screen. Setting up Currency and language can be done with quick navigation on the home screen along with displaying all driver, passengers and trip history report.

The dashboard on the home screen of the admin panel includes all tools and functions for the taxi management. All functions including the driver management, passenger management, cab management, fare estimation and details are included in the admin panel.

Driver app

Our driver’s app offers a user-friendly experience for the driver who can easily familiarize the taxi app without much technical knowledge. Our app design layouts give smooth navigation experience throughout the app. He can set his status to online or offline depending upon the availability. After receiving the ride request the driver will be informed about the pickup location and the destination of the ride. The driver then notifies the passengers on arrival and begin the journey. The distance and fare will be calculated automatically.

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Passenger App

A great user experience with advanced features makes Mindster’s taxi passenger app better than any taxi aggregators today. The users can hire the taxi/cab via their smartphones, choose their desired vehicle type and set the pickup time. The passenger can find out the driver’s location through GPS facility while the driver arrives. They can rate and comment the driver. All these features give the passenger a hassle-free booking service, which compels them to use the taxi service again.

Some business benefits of Taxi dispatch software

  • Improves your business performance with the help of push notification for both the passengers and cab drivers.
  • Enhance the business productivity by monitoring the booking requests.
  • Improved quality of service by streamlining the process of cab booking on the go.
  • Leverages the benefits of auto fare calculation, integrated payment methods, and invoicing system.

The introduction of innovative technology to the industry of taxi business has become a strongly favorable change. If you are able to start a business that has the potential to combine the trust of a local firm and technology style of a global company, then undoubtedly you are going to succeed. With the rise of smartphones, people would like to have the booking on the go.  With the development of taxi dispatch software solution, you can deliver your customers the ease of technology to leverage taxi-booking services. 

Now get a professional taxi dispatch software with our technically innovative on-demand fleet management solution to achieve enhanced visibility for combined user experience. Create your own customized taxi dispatch software with our dedicated team of developers to bring opportunities to the business and consumers as well.