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Best eCommerce platform for small business in India

5 Jul 19  

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The e-commerce business is evolving at a fast pace along with the innovation in technology. As per the report from the U.S. Census Bureau, the sales figure of e-commerce business has achieved 80.3 Billion, which shows that it will soon rule the online market. Today, every business needs to make its online presence as well, as it is the best method to get associated with a lot of customers. 
It might appear easy to develop an online website today, as there are numerous choices available in the market. Yet, things get somewhat entangled, when we have to pick the best from them. So, here we are going to discuss some of the prominent platforms for each e-commerce business. 


WooCommerce is fundamentally a free WordPress plugin, which enables the client to get every benefit related to building up a WordPress site. This platform is being utilized by more than 13 million clients over the world, due to which it has been positioned as one among the best development platforms. 
The clients, who utilize WordPress don’t have to change to any other platforms to use Woocommerce. If you are on the verge of developing a content-based website, or you are going to blog daily with respect to your products and discounts, it is the best platform when compared with Shopify or Magento. 


Shopify has been voted as the best e-commerce platform for now in view of its simple setup, quicker loading speed, and secure payment portals. It offers an instant solution for e-commerce aspirants to dispatch their site in less time. Shopify delivers everything that is expected to launch a site straight from domain name to ship integration. 
Alongside Shopify, essential functions like Adding items, design customization, domain name set up, shopping and payment settings can be performed in less time. In addition, you won’t require any development team, and the support team will be sufficient to get your work done. 


Zencart is an online eCommerce platform, which makes use of MySQL database and has been designed particularly for online vendors. It is an open source platform that has been utilized by more than 100,000 stores over the globe. It benefits 100s of in-built add-ons, which can be downloaded and modified as per your requirements. 
The user can likewise set preferred currency settings, time zone, expenses and language according to the requirements. In addition, you can also track down the performance of your products too. It additionally helps you to showcase products with multi-lingual functionality and secure payment processing gateways. 


Magento is without a doubt the market pioneer in e-commerce development platforms. This framework made its debut as Magento Go and later launched an updated version Magento 2.0. It holds over 29% of the market share and still is developing quickly. 
It is an open source eCommerce platform that gives the online business a flexible and versatile online store along with a control over the content, functionality, and a feel of a web portal. 


OsCommerce may not be an effective contender when compared with others, but it does have certain characteristics, which makes it a best alternative for some users. The primary quality among them is its price, it is relatively cheap and can be downloaded effortlessly. 
The second quality of this platform is that it doesn’t require a specialist coding team for design and customization. A large portion of the updates for OsCommerce-built stores are also accessible free of cost. 

Joomla ECommerce 

Joomla is fundamentally a free and open source content management System (CMS), which has been developed to make the development of e-commerce platforms less demanding and speedier. 
It has been downloaded more than 100 million times over the globe till November 2017, which implies it is getting utilized by a whole lot of designers. In addition, it also includes page, RSS feeds, printable pages, news flashes, online journals, and search. 


Prestashop is an open source e-commerce development platform, which can be effectively downloaded and used to develop your own e-commerce site. If you get your site developed using this platform, it will increase the visibility in search engine due to their SEO friendly nature. 
This platform is getting utilized by more than 1,25,000 online stores, which implies that in case you are thinking to run with this framework, you will have a big panel of engineers to help you out in coding. Moreover, it supports 40 languages and you can additionally buy its paid version from Prestashop store. 


OpenCart, as its name resembles, is an open source platform, which is priorities in making the development of e-commerce sites less demanding. It offers a good set of highlights, which offers an organized way for order processing and a robust inventory functionality. 
It is free to utilize this platform, however, paid extensions are additionally available to use as per your business requirements. It is honored with a user-friendly interface and furthermore packs its own ‘How to utilize’ manual for a guarantee that work becomes more convenient.

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Founded in 1997, 3dcart is one of the oldest companies to provide SaaS software for eCommerce merchants. Over the past two decades, they have remained at the vanguard in this ever-growing field, never slowing down and constantly optimizing their features. Even customers on the lowest monthly price plans have access to innovative and highly versatile solutions, making it a great ecommerce platform for India.

3dcart’s extensive suite includes everything a new or established online entrepreneur may need or want for their store. Customers can customize any of their 100+ mobile-friendly themes and create a website that matches their vision. The enormous selection of tools helps vendors handle order management, blogging, analytics, SEO, marketing, and so much more. They offer integration with popular payment processors including PayPal, CCAvenue and PayU. Plus, 3dcart offers live customer service 24/7/365.


BigCommerce has its own importance in development platform market. Its most recent version BigCommerce Next (BCN) has made its position steadier in the e-commerce shopping development platform. 
Extra features of the BigCommerce Next include a selective structure for blogging, integration with Google Trusted Stores, updates in BigCommerce application store and activity monitoring that simplifies various advertising tasks.

Drupal Commerce 

It is an intense open source content management system (CMS), which is honored with the facility to develop capable online stores with simple installation and support. It is honored with an easy to use UI along with an instructional manual for making your work less demanding. It comes with a simple but powerful administration system and is fit for handling complex payment models, similar to those that are subscription based.

Each platform and CMS has its own plus and minuses and picking the correct one relies on your plan of action and prerequisites. If you are going in for a hosted platform, Shopify may be the best choice, whereas if you are searching for a Content Mangement System, then Magento would most unquestionably work best. This, in any case, depends on our experience and we would love to hear what your experience says.

Live chat with our technical experts who will answer all your questions about eCommerce platform and how to build your internet shopping site with the best eCommerce platform.