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On-Demand uber-like truck booking app development

Integrating a mobile solution to your logistics business will always make things easier and better. Mindster, the best mobile app development company, will develop an uber-like app for your trucks. With this app, your customers will experience an elite service. With the ease of booking and managing the consignments, the whole process will be a lot more time saving and hassle-free.

Truck business has its own importance in every economy. The ready availability of trucks makes most processes smoother and faster. Developing a truck booking app will transform the transportation industry at a large scale. The app will facilitate a more transparent process and decrease expenses. Join us and build your uber for trucks today.

Features of mindster’s truck booking app

The applications we develop are equipped to meet all the requirements a user might wish for.


Tracking your consignment in real time is possible with our truck booking application now. This makes the whole process a lot more hassle-free


Real Time Tracking

In app payment methods to make the whole process simple and hassle-free. We will integrate payment wallets into the app if needed.


Hassle-free Payment Methods

Scheduling is possible if the consignment is pre-planned and could not be missed.


Schedule Booking

Login and registration is made simpler with phone numbers and OTPs.


Quick Login & Registration

Booking history available to check any details later on after the consignment is delivered safely.


Booking History

The basic fare can be calculated by entering the destination and trip details.


Fare Calculation

We develop brilliant user interface which takes the user through the sections effortlessly.


Seamless UI

After the experience the user can leave their ratings and reviews in the section provided for the reference of future users.


Ratings & Reviews

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The development of a truck booking app can cost between $70,000 to $80,000. This amount can vary depending on the complexity, custom features and requirements of the app.
A truck booking app can take 3 to 4 months to complete development. However, this may vary if more additional features and customizations are added to the app.
An app for booking trucks can help ease and simplify the booking process. It also allows us to keep track of all the trucks, the booked and available ones, and various other details regarding those trucks. Overall, it helps in better truck management.




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