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Doctor appointment apps are the future of modern medicine. It empowers doctors, patients and healthcare enterprises to capitalize on a simple but powerful technological device i.e the smartphone. On-demand doctor booking apps can help the patients connect to doctors instantly, share reports and get prescriptions from home. Our mobile app development team with an industry-wide experience of more than a decade is well-equipped for this task. Our budget-friendly and easy-to-launch solutions ensure that your app provides the right experience at the right time. It brings together all stakeholders - doctors, patients and other health technicians - into a single platform.

Being a top doctor appointment app development company, we create apps that are simple and usable. Our on-demand doctor app is easily customizable to expand on the basic features like booking slots, report sharing, etc. The new elements of telemedicine like video-consulting, quick movement of reports, smart notifications, etc will make your app more appealing to every user. Packing all these features and much more, the doctor scheduling app we craft for you is going to be the most searched app in the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

Top features of our on-demand doctor scheduling app

Our on-demand doctor apps are designed and developed through extensive study of use-cases and research. It is the perfect solution for your situation.


Hassle-free onboarding processes to facilitate quick login into the app


Easy login

Patient can set up his/her user profile quickly to simplify future interactions


User profile

Convenient time slot can be chosen after confirming the doctor availability


Appointment booking

In-app chat enables the users to communicate within the application


In-app chat

Users can easily locate the doctor’s place for easy travel and time estimation


Doctor location

Doctor’s fees can be remitted in-app at the time of booking itself


In-app payment

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Doctor can create and update their profile anytime for patient's reference


Doctor profile

Daily appointment details can be viewed and updated if needed


Appointment status check

Appointment slots can be edited in case of any inconveniences


Booking slot edits

Booking accept/reject feature available in the doctor app


Accept/reject booking

In-app chat enables the users to communicate within the application


In-app chat

Online prescriptions can be shared with the patients in case of emergencies


Online prescription

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Single login account for safety and highly secured password


Secure login

Channelise booking slots and make edits whenever necessary for smooth function


Manage booking

Patient management to ensure fraudulent transactions and bookings


Manage patients

Circulate informative articles for user updation and information circulation


Circulate articles

Check doctor profile and approve after confirming the authenticity


Manage doctor

Booking app management to ensure things go as planned and no last minute surprises


Manage booking app

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Make Booking Appointments Simple With Our On-Demand Doctor App

Our online doctor booking app is easily customizable for the specific needs of your business.
Whether it's for a clinic or an individual doctor we have the technical capability to design an app that meets your expectations


We help startups looking for a fresh start into the health sector with our powerful on-demand doctor appointment app.


Health clinics can expand their scope of health services with our doctor scheduling apps and other mobile solutions.


Keep track of your patient's health with our powerful apps that makes it easy to communicate over an internet connection.

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We are experts in building company-specific frameworks by leveraging latest technologies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Building a doctor's appointment app for your business can improve efficiency and simplify appointment processes. Furthermore, it improves management capabilities and eliminates errors.
An average cost for developing a doctor's appointment app is between $40,000 to $1,50,000. However, there are various elements like features, functionalities, frameworks, architectures, and technologies used in the development process that can influence the cost of the app.
Developing a doctor's appointment app can take from 14 days to 20 days. However, this could vary depending on the features and custom requirements added to the app.
With our years of experience in the field of app development, we ensure to provide quality solutions that best suit our client businesses. We also provide readymade and on-demand applications to cater to all the needs of our clients.




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