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Learning Management Software (LMS)

Our LMS software will provide you with an online learning platform which can provide a supreme learning experience to the users.

Best LMS Software to Train Your Resources

Mindster LMS software is an online learning space which is equipped with the necessary digital tools to make the training process hassle-free. The software allows organizations to finetune the resources who are dealing with clients and to train every employee to align with the common goals. Our learning management software also allows you to track the development of an employee and thus the growth of your organization beforehand. This will help you in planning your next step based on some real-time data. We provide learning management solutions for small business, medium businesses and even enterprise businesses across the world.

Our efficient team ensures that the LMS Software helps you in managing training programmes effortlessly through a mobile application. The customized learning management system we provide will allow the organization to equip your employees with unlimited data for training and learning purposes. Opting for the best among the learning management software is a promise of supreme quality and service.

Our LMS Software - An Overview


SCORM or Sharable Content Object Reference Model is a specification of our LMS solution that makes features like accessibility, and reusability of an e-lerning content possible.


The users have the freedom to choose the courses in whichever format they want it. There are all forms of data available and the user can choose the course suitable for him in the most convenient format.


We know very well how a class when unmonitored turns out to be. Our LMS software allows organizations to monitor the usage of each course you include in the solution. Permissions will be granted for the same.


The dashboard gives you an overview of the user's performances. The data regarding various activities will be displayed in a simple to understand manner on the dashboard. Users will have no confusion while using the solution.


Badges can be awarded to the users who complete a particular course which will be displayed on their profile. The criteria of different badges can be set beforehand with Mozilla open badges.


Communicating without exiting the software is always convenient and we know that. Mindster LMS solution has a messaging platform which allows you to chat and get notifications on various activities.

Features of Our Learning Management Software

Easy Management

With Mindster LMS solution, you can manage your training programmes hassle-free, even if the participants cross a thousand mark. The solution is flexible and scalable to ensure a smooth learning process for the users.

Mobile Application

A mobile application is used to manage the learning management software. The various training programmes can be scheduled, informed and conducted with the help of this application installed into your devices.

Infinite Resources

Mindster learning management solution helps you to create unlimited content to help the learners. And multiple file types are supported to ensure maximum resources availability. You can later add on or update details if needed.

Performance Analysis

Another amazing feature is that the LMS solution helps organizations to analyse the performance of an employee through his service. This will help you to give them adequate training and support if and when needed.

Cloud Storage

All the data, including courses, classes and information are stored in cloud-based storage so that the users can make use of them anywhere anytime they need the resources.

24*7 Support

Mindster will be at your service if you need us. With our learning management comes our support services. Any updates you need, any removal you wish or any edits of any kind will be done by us on your command.

Learning Management Software

Third-party integration with other platforms is possible with Mindster LMS to facilitate custom configurations for companies. These customizations are done solely on the basis of users feedbacks and suggestions. Integration with Google Drive, Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal, Sapier, SAML and many more platforms is possible.

Mobile App

Our learning management system app is supported in both Android and iOS platforms. Since the content is stored in the cloud, accessibility is not a constraint. The user can access it anywhere anytime without any difficulties. Our LMS mobile apps are easy to interact with and highly user-friendly.


A custom portal with company logo and other details will be available with our LMS software. This portal will allows companies to update the maximum details necessary for the users and to interact effortlessly with the software. Such personalized portal always makes the software appealing to the users.


Customization is our LMS solution’s speciality. We allow companies to customize all they want in the solution we provide. Customizing the URL, logo, fonts, colour scheme and terminology will give an indigenous look to your learning management solution.

Learning Management Software for Small Businesses

Mindster provides perfect LMS solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the world. Learning management solutions not only benefit enterprise business. LMS software is gaining popularity as time passes. The personalised training programmes for the employees at a small or medium-sized organization will not only boost their skills but also make them more aligned with the organization goals. Learning management software for small business is not a new concept. They provide a better solution than hiring a dedicated trainer and gathering the employees to hear the trainer out. This online personalized training software is accessible anywhere anytime for the users which makes it even more attractive.

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