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Exceptional Business Directory Solution Apps For Your Business

Mindster is a leading Business Directory solution app development company that provides well-structured applications for your business needs. With it’s extremely skilled and experienced set of developers and designers, Mindster enables creation of well-structured, high-quality and authentic business solutions.

If you are looking for a company that can help you build a business directory app with categorized listing and navigation facilities, location-based search options, business user dashboards and many more useful features, Mindster is the right choice. With their expertise and experience in the field, and detail-oriented approach towards app development, Mindster and its team will be able to help you build an app that is perfect for your business.

Features available in our business directory solution app

Navigation made easy with a categorized list of products


Categorized navigation facilities

An advertisement section added to view ads on any updates or products.


Promotional ad banners

Search options based on location made available for locating required products easily.


Location-based search options

Users can add reviews and ratings on the products they’ve purchased.


Reviews and ratings

An enquiry section for users to find answers to their enquiries.


Enquiry options

Subscription options available in two models for users to choose from according to their needs.


Premium and free model subscription options

Each user will get a personalized dashboard with the help of this feature.


Business user dashboard

Why our BDS app services are the best

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Pre-packaged solution

Our Business Directory applications are pre-packed for a faster time to market, without having to spend significant time or money.

On-premise implementation

To give you full command over the significant data generated, our Business Directory applications are transferred to your private servers.

Accept payments globally

Our applications accept popular payment methods that are accepted globally, and have the capacity to add new options according to the business’ needs.

In-built user experience

Our Business Directory application development and web interfaces are well-designed to offer an appealing client experience to all the users.

Flexible and robust

Our applications are extremely flexible and robust in order to be scalable and upgradable according to business requirements.

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What our clients have to say

We are experts in building company-specific frameworks by leveraging latest technologies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A business directory is a collection of important and useful information on various types of businesses. It includes contact details, address, customer reviews, images etc that allow users to easily contact, locate, and interact with these businesses.
The average cost of developing a business directory app is $14,500.
The development process of a business directory app can take upto a week. There may be a slight difference in case there are more added features in the app.
All the important details about a business must be included in the business directory. Some of them include business name, address and contact details, opening hours, photos, inbound links to the business website, and directions.




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