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Cross-Platform App Development Company

The flexibility provided by one-code-fits-all is driving companies all over the world towards cross-platform app development. Being a feasible technology that saves development time and cost while building truly native apps, it is the future of mobile app development. We at Mindster are enthusiastic when it comes to investing our skills in forefront technologies. So we have a dedicated cross-platform development team to provide our clients with a superior experience.

Our products are known for their best quality in the cross-platform industry. We understand unique market requirements and design strategies and apply them to create the right solutions by leveraging the power of cross-platform technology. We make use of top technologies and specialize in a variety of cross-platform services to provide best-in-class results. Our expertise, experience, and commitment make us a mobile app development company, that stands out from the rest.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Services

We specialize in services such as UI UX design, web-based and AI integrated development, and wearable apps.
We guarantee to provide efficient QA testing and post-deployment support and maintenance.

Mindster’s Cross-Platform App Crafting Process

We create world-class cross-platform applications by following a well-defined process that gives importance to client requirements at every stage.

Analysis of Requirements

  • Conception of idea
  • Cost-quality study
  • Map span of audience

Wireframing and Designing

  • Research & compare
  • Client consulting
  • Unique and intuitive designs

Development Process

  • Program to infuse life to app
  • Design screens and coding
  • Perpetual client consultation


  • Reaffirm requirement
  • Intensive testing
  • Deploy the foolproof app

Our Cross-Platform App Technology Stack

We engage contemporary and easy-to-handle tools and technologies to develop
state-of-the-art applications

  • Xcode

    Ionic Framework

  • Objective C



  • Javascript



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