Testimonials at Mindster


"They have been able to already demonstrate their expertise by implementing key processes for the Space Research Institute in Saudi Arabia. It illustrates that our partner program enables companies all across the globe to quickly adopt and master Intalio| BPM. We are looking forward."

Arnaud Blandin

Vice President Alliances,
APAC Managing Director, Singapore


"With Mindster’s team of talented people, one will have peace of mind as all his requirements will be met and delivered on time with excellent quality. We experienced that at the time we had to produce a complex mobile App for one of our projects in Africa. Sure, we are looking to partner with them in projects to come."

Georges Courson

IT Consultant, EdenRed,
Middle East and Africa


"We are a trusted partner with Mindster since 2004 for implementing portal and automating many internal processes. We are really delighted with the technological excellence, consistent performance, flexibility, and support offered to us as a reliable IT Partner."

Gerry Mitchell

Chief Officer Information Technology, Oman Air, Oman


"We are really pleased with the business relationship we have with Mindster. Their service is highly dependable, friendly, and open over the years. They pay high attention to detail and are always willing to listen to our requirements which is extremely important to our company."

Azaam Fashir

Operations & Groups Manager,
Saudi International Travel Agency, Saudi Arabia


Thanks to Mindster's hardwork, the solution was delivered succesfully, making the client satisfied with the results. The team was highly efficient in creating designs based on the client's requirements.

Gautham J



"Their project management must be greatly applauded."

Igor Kikena

CareCrown- Nashville, Tennesse


"We’re incredibly pleased with Mindster’s work."

Daniel Cohen

Director, National Finance and Exchange Company (NAFEX), Bahrain


"Our experience with the Mindster UI/UX has been excellent. They have been very professional throughout."

Pradeep Naithodu

Co-Founder &CEO, Trippers Tech Private Limited Ziffy


"Mindster’s input and expertise enhanced our ability to work with large credit card companies and other APIs."

Shumaiz Abdul Salam

IT director, Financial services company, Dubai, UAE


"Their project management gets the work done. They interpret … requirements properly."

Thomas Merine

Director of sales and marketing, Commercial technologies Plus, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka


"I liked that they took the changes I requested and always found a solution."

Faisal Al Harbi

CEO, Inwan.com, Saudi Arabia


"Whenever we need their support, they're always readily available to help — they're a reliable team."

Salim Shariff

Product director, Payroll service provider, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"The quality of their work was superb."

Manila C. Mohan

Editor-In-Chief, Truecopy Magazine LLP, Kerala


"They were completely dedicated to their work and put in all efforts to achieve the milestones."

Vivek Madhavan

Director & COO, Zinfog Codelabs, Kerala


"They were easy to communicate with because they valued our time, effort, and inputs."

Neeraj Gupta

CEO, web development company, Kozhikode, Kerala


"The project was delivered before the predicted completion time."

Muhammad Midlaj

CEO, Travel Company, Vythiri, Kerala