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A User-centric Taxi Calling app

PIU is a first of its kind on-demand taxi dispatch app that operates on a pan-India level. PIU is on both Google Play Store and App Store.


PIU - A User-centric Taxi Calling app

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Taxi Booking App


Mysql, php, go, javascript, jquery, bootstrap. yii2, html, css.

PIU is a first of its kind on-demand taxi dispatch app that operates on a pan-India level. PIU is on both Google Play Store and App Store.

How the Idea Stuck
our Client

MindMaster Technologies, the client being a provider of many technological solutions in the social sector, was keen to change the monopolistic taxi business scenario in India. The answer was to create a mobile app that inclined for the cause of drivers without hurting the commuters. It led to the idea behind PIU, which integrates an annual subscription model instead of the commission per ride methodology. A brilliant business model was created, keeping the driver at the center of business architecture.

How our client
found Mindster for
his unique app

Our client wanted to develop a taxi dispatch system based on the annual subscription model. Client requirements presented the following challenges :

What our client

As the customer wanted a swift technical solution within few months product delivery without compromising on the quality was a real challenge for our team.


Time Constraint

Being an ambitious and determined startup ready to take on big players like Uber and Ola, our client wanted a wide area of operation. The challenge was to expand the framework to fit the whole pan-Indian taxi network that, too, within a matter of weeks.



the client expected a full range of services with deep roots in the whole state of Kerala. It presented multi-dimensional challenges at stakeholder level viz. driver, driver-cum owners, passengers, and local agents.


Multi-service compatibility

The client requirement to incorporate every possible digital means to ease passenger’s life presented another challenge.

The Solution

The technical requirements of the app fell within our expertise. Our team of developers took up the project with enthusiasm. Most of the requirements fit into the framework which we had developed from our long experience.

Mindster developed a compact platform to serve the multiple stakeholders in the taxi industry. The solution works on iOS, Android, and web platforms. It provides service throughout the state of Kerala, both rural and urban. Mindster addressed the challenges in the following way:

We handed over the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) within nine weeks. Mindster team’s domain expertise in the taxi platform helped to fit the requirements into our already available customizable framework, which expedited the app development process.

The client expected a system that could handle about 100,000 drivers within a short period of six months. It required intelligent management of loads. The intense load from the interplay of the driver, passenger, and other data, etc. was handled by using multiple servers.

To accrue to all stakeholders, our team proposed a distinctive app solution with three apps, one for the driver, one for passengers and one for consultants. It took care of the whole range of services that the customer expected through the app.

Payment modules, including net banking, Unified Payments Interface (UPI), credit cards, debit cards, etc. were made available. Wallet facility with pay-in and pay-out feature is also provided along with the cash option.

Our system handled the challenge of the simultaneous launch of the taxi services in multiple cities entirely in spite of the geographical and market challenges.

of PIU

(A Complete Taxi Dispatch Solution)

A user can instantly login with their mobile number, and the OTP, offering a secure and facile way to start the app.


Another addition to the modes of payment that PIU supports. You can send money to your wallet, receive referral bonuses, etc.

My Wallet

The notifications are sent through SMS to the registered mobile numbers.

My Rides

A user gets to choose his ride, depending on the location. Sedans, hatchbacks, autorickshaws, etc. are among the many options that PIU provides.

Ride Type

It retains a record of the payable amount and also serves as an estimate for future rides

Trip Invoice

PIU gives power to the user with this feature. It helps drivers to respond to better efficiency and customer service.

Rate Your Ride

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PIU mobile app got an enthralling response from the passenger and driver community. PIU currently has thousands of takers in the Appstore and PlayStore with the corresponding number of drivers and consultants to balance the rising demand. The response is very positive from all the stakeholders. PIU is an inspiration for budding startups all over India and encourages entrepreneurs to invest in mobile app solutions to further their business.


The dealer, sub dealers and agents make use of these apps to make the processes hassle-free.


The dealer, sub dealers and agents make use of these apps to make the processes hassle-free.




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