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Odoo ERP Customization

We deliver the finest Odoo ERP customization services for your business anywhere around the globe. The best results come after the climb and we’ve done our part with years of experience in Odoo customization services and Odoo app development.

Why Choose Mindster For Your Odoo ERP Customization?


Mindster, renowned Odoo customization partners, knows how and when to move the bricks to present you with the perfect Odoo solutions. By implementing the Odoo Software designed specifically for you, we can promise you that things are not going to be the same as before. Odoo ERP software is a life saver in the phases of expansion. If done right, the whole process is going to be a cakewalk with the Odoo integration. For this, we analyse your whole business and go through the processes thoroughly. This will help us get a grip on the customizations necessary to make the internal and external processes hassle-free during the stages of transition or expansion. After the analysis, the research data will be transferred to our experienced analysts who will then suggest the perfect ERP solution with the customizations relevant for your business.


Our Odoo Services - An Overview

Business Analysis

When the requirement reaches us, the first thing we do is data collection and analysis. We hate running blind. This data will give us insight into how your business functions and what changes you intend to bring in with Odoo documentation and integration.

Odoo Customization

Every business is unique in its own way. The idea which fixes your competitor’s problems might not be helpful in fixing yours. Here Odoo comes to your help. With unlimited customizations and personalizations, we build the perfect solution which will help you manage your business better.

Odoo Integration

After the detailed analysis and customisations, it’s time for integration. We integrate the personalized Odoo software into your system to sync in the data for better understanding and performance. We fix the glitches and ensure that the software runs smooth.

Odoo Installation

It’s time for the big work! This is when all the efforts are paying off. Once we implement your customized Odoo ERP software, it will take over the processes once and forever. Now sit back and concentrate more on your business strategies because everything else is taken care of.

Odoo Development

At Mindster, we’ll assist you in developing cutting-edge Odoo ERP modules for your business. The expert resources will ensure that everything is on point - nothing less, nothing more. The team, with years of experience up our sleeves, will build flawless solutions for our clients across the globe.

Odoo Consultation

We provide business specific Odoo consulting services for those who approach us. Our experts will analyse the problems and then come up with a solution that solves the situation efficiently.Nothing will skip our eyes and every solution we present will be future-proof and accurate.

Mindster's Odoo Development Process

Requirement Analysis

We know that research is the key to deliver the perfect end product. So we ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. We sit with the clients and understand their needs and how they need them to be taken care of.


Based on the research data we’ve collected from the client, we decipher a plan that suits best with the requirements. We design personalized modules and understand how each change works to solve the situation.

Develop & Configure

Now that we have a clear plan on what the customer wants and how they want it, we develop the Odoo modules. Our expertise in developing flawless code will catalyze the process.

Quality Check

Once the designing of the personalized Odoo solution is done, the next step is the testing. Our experienced testers will ensure that the software works flawlessly. Nothing will skip their surveillance.


It’s time for the show. We deploy the fool-proof solution and there you go! Now on, managing your business is hassle-free and fast. Our best developers will work hard to get you your perfect solution.

Support & Maintenance

Mindster offers 24*7 support for our clients. We ensure that the products perform with the same initial perfection till the time you need it for your business. Our engineers will help you with any queries or confusions.

Odoo Apps
Odoo POS

Odoo POS software is simple and reliable. It helps you to set up a new store anywhere anytime with just internet access. Once the setup is complete, the store can work online.

Odoo CRM

Odoo customer Relationship Management(CRM) module helps you to manage yours leads in a hassle-free method. Converting a cold lead to a client is easier now with Odoo CRM.

Odoo HRM

Automating Human Resource Management is a cakewalk with the Odoo HRM module. With the software, HR managers can oversee all sensitive information, receive alerts, make necessary information public,etc,.


Odoo POS Restaurant module assists restaurants in handling multiple customers at once. Also, product sorting and bill splitting is possible with this module. Booking is available for customers to save time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mindster provides the best Odoo customization services for our clients across the globe. Our experience in Odoo customisation, Odoo implementation and Odoo ERP software development stands out in the industry.

Odoo software makes everything simpler and faster than before. Odoo customization is a life-saver when it comes to managing the business hassle-free. Our agile methods will save you from the worry of being left behind.

The cost factor completely depends upon your expectations from the odoo customization. Quality of the services ,the duration, and the features you require further determines the cost of the service you desire.

When compared on the basis of pricing, freelancers might seem a reasonable choice. But, you cannot be sure of their credibility or expertise. Our Odoo developers are certified and have years of experience in the field.

Why Choose Mindster?

We develop mobile applications which solve the daily situations in people's lives to make it simpler and fast.

Global Mindset

We think globally and act locally. We understand your needs and how to meet them efficiently. This global-local mindset has become the most successful and cost-effective approach for everyone involved.

Proven Methods

The experience of working with numerous client base and latest technology has enabled Mindster to adopt the best practices and proven methodologies. Our agile methodology has earned us an enviable track record.

On-time Delivery

From the company head to development team, we communicate and collaborate promptly to make the client confident and comfortable with our services. On-time delivery is one thing we never compromise at any cost.

Competitive Pricing

At Mindster, you get the product that is worth your money. We provide best in class solutions at the most competitive prices. Our budget-friendly and reliable services ensures that you receive the maximum ROI.

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