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UI/UX app Design Services

Mindster builds futuristic and visually stunning designs for all our mobile applications. Our designers are highly talented and deeply informed in the field, and integrate each design element to best suit the needs of our client companies. By prioritizing brand understanding, we ensure to deeply learn the audience to realize their interests and develop an effective design and user experience that properly communicates the app content.

Our mobile app UI/UX developing services

Our team handles the entire UI/UX design lifecycle. We prioritize brand understanding to design accurate and appealing user experiences.

Discovering your business’s target audience, and their requirements and expectations are our first step towards developing your application.

Discovering target audience

It is important that the visual design of any app that we build is attractive and catchy for its users. And our designers work hard to bring the optimum visual structure to the apps.

Visual design

Before we finalize any application, we ensure that all its aspects are properly functioning by conducting various levels of usability tests.

Usability testing- beta run

Our mobile app UI/UX development strategy

User-focused design

We develop apps by focusing on the users and their requirements. We ensure the designs are created in a way that it appeals to the end-users and provides a good user experience.


Clarity and simplicity

For any app to be effective, its content, structure and the overall workflow should be clear and understandable for users. And the developers at Mindster ensure to keep this in mind while designing apps.


Consistent design

Another important strategy we ensure to follow is to provide a clean and consistent design so that the apps feel unified and easy to understand.


Visual hierarchy

We also provide a visual hierarchy to the apps in order to guide the users through its content.


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Our mobile application solutions

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What our clients have to say

We are experts in building company-specific frameworks by leveraging latest technologies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The biggest difference between User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design is that user interface focuses on the aesthetic elements used by people to interact with the product, and user experience focuses on the experience a user has while interacting with the product.
UX is extremely important as it helps to provide a positive experience for the people while using the product, thus fulfilling and satisfying their needs. It helps the product to have a positive impact on the users and therefore make them loyal customers of the product. The basic concepts of UX design includes empathy, strategy, usability, inclusivity and validation.
Yes, we provide services that include redesigning and rebranding of existing enterprise and B2B softwares. Our expert team will surely guide you through all the processes, helping you achieve your goal.
UI and UX designing could take about 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity and scale of the project.
You need not build two separate designs, rather, you could follow a hybrid approach where the design logic is shared between the two platforms while the core functional components are designed for each of them separately. This approach will save you a lot of time.
Yes, Mindster also provides app development services for both mobile and web. Our team has successfully developed and designed a wide range of applications. Please check out the ‘works’ page in the website to view our past projects.




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