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30 Oct 19  

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Mahavir App

A Grocery App with an Integrated Product Scanning System

Mindster Technologies developed an on-the-go grocery shopping app. The app gives shoppers the freedom to shop at ease.


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Grocery Shopping App


Android JAVA






Mahavir Best Price is a grocery shopping app with all the essential features of an on-the-go shopping solution. It is a bridge between the conventional and contemporary shopping experiences online. The users can take the traditional route of going through categories and add products to the cart and they will be delivered at their doorstep.

Consumers may choose from the various pathways available to them. They can place orders by just scanning from the catalog. Orders can be placed through Digital Store and it will be delivered without the usual ordeals a customer face at a busy store.

How the Idea Stuck our Client

Aurangabad – ‘The City of Gates’ is where our client has established his business. Operating an ordinary grocery shop in a buzzling city, he was captured by the ways mobile apps can transform his business for the future. Starting initially with a opencart online store, he wanted to make life much simpler for his customers. This sparked the idea of introducing a mobile app with a product scanning system.

How our client found Mindster for his unique app

Our client had decided to build a mobile app solution for his grocery store. He started his search for the rightful technology partner online. The search for mobile app development company lead him to us, as we ranked in the very first page of the result.

The apps our developers contributed to the Play Store and App Store made a strong impression on him. He was convinced that our team of developers can transform his business the way he wants.

What our client sought?

Mahavir Best Price aimed at becoming the best product and service provider in Aurangabad by 2020. They intended to achieve their goal by leveraging the latest technologies to improve customer experience and satisfaction. So our client’s primary requirement was to integrate a product scanning system into the e-commerce mobile app.

Our client wanted the mobile app to be light and easy to use. He wanted it to offer multiple modes of placing order for the consumer. A consumer should be able to place orders in : the conventional way of searching; the advanced way of scanning codes in the catalogue and through voice search functionality. After studying his requirements our team of developer offered this :

The Solution

Once we identified the exact client necessities, our team of developers proposed a comprehensive app which offers a range of solutions to the consumers. The app took all the dimensions into consideration viz. future growth, rising demand, mobility, order placing and tracking delivery.

The customer uses his credentials to login to the app’s landing page. Here, the latest offers greets him along with the categories of the products that our client offers. The dashboard hosts the wishlist, order tracking, QR scanner, profile, contact us along with terms and conditions. If a customer chooses Rice under Staples categories, then they see all the variants of rice along with the current prices.

We wanted the app to not just operate at the online store, but have utility at their physical grocery store as well. The QR product scanning capability lets the consumer just take a walk around the store and scan on the prowl. Once the scanning is done they can just relax or have fun in the visitor’s lounge. They can collect their items at the exit and avoid tiresome waiting in long queues.

Features of Mahavir

(Grocery app with a QR based product scanner)

My Profile

A user may register with the app using either a valid e-mail or through mobile number. The profile is verified using an OTP and a confirmation mail. The location is saved automatically and the app is ready to use.

My Wallet

Users can direct cash flow into their wallet and do instant payments. If any order has to be cancelled, refund is immediately made into the wallet. Thus, creating another opportunity to utilize the refunded amount.


A grocery shop’s success is in responding to customer demand. The Wishlist helps in planning the right map to expand with newer products.


The user can narrow down their search with the category list. Staples, rice & grains; bakery and diary; beverages; household; personal care; ready meal etc are some of the classifications available.


The app allows users to shop while roaming. The user can simply scan the QR code on the product and they get added into the cart. There is also an option to scan directly from the catalogue as well.

Voice Search

The smart use of Google Speech Recognition API makes it easy for the user to call the products they are searching for and it appears in the search results.

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After spending approximately 3 months, we successfully developed thisQR based e-commerce app, allowing users to shop with ease. The app got astonishing response from the consumers and continues to serve a large number of shoppers across India.