About Mindster

Delivering Mobile App Innovation to
Entrepreneurs, Startups and Businesses.

We develop mobile applications which solve the daily situations in people's lives to make it simpler and fast.

80% of our expert team is an amalgamation of designers, developers, creative thinkers and some badass managers who knows how to get stuff done.

10+ years of overall experience makes us one of the pioneers in the industry.

250+ live projects on the app stores can never be missed.

Our Mission

Develop innovative and contemporary mobile apps which makes the world a smaller place through faster services.

Our Vision

To provide better lives and days by solving everyday situations with the help of flawless mobile applications.

A Journey from Inception Through Development to Present

There is no future without paying tribute to the paths we've travelled in the past.


Mindster was introduced to the world and started its maiden voyage.


Bringing our vision and passion into fruition, we successfully completed 30 innovative and effective Android and iOS projects.


Landed a prestigious international project for Oman Air for developing a flight booking app on both Android and iOS.


Widened our vision by moving to Government Cyber Park with a set of 25 skillful and dedicated staff.


Launched C3 Card app dedicated to ensuring safe and secure online transactions.


Expanded our empire by moving into a spacious office with 35+ skillful and dedicated employees working towards making your tech experience exciting and engaging.

Core Values

We hold close some values which drives us forward evertime. We will continue holding them high.


Be Authentic

When we do something, we keep it real. Authenticity is a quality we hold high up in our daily duties.


Stay Accountable

We take responsibility for what we do, be it the worst or the best. We are the parents and we own our products.


Prompt Communication

Prompt and clear communication is something we are very strict about. We demand them from all of us.


Be Proactive

Proactiveness is a value we expect everyone at Mindster to deeply embody and propagate.


Customer Satisfaction

We have been recognized as one of the best mobile app development companies and we make sure that the standards meet the recognitions everytime.


Self Improvement

The last act we need on our team is being stagnant. We always encourage our team to learn new skills and be updated.

Where We Stand on The Global Front

Mindster is recognized for its world-class projects and high-quality deliverables.

Listed as Top app development company in Good Firms.

Earned 4.9 in the Acquia rating as the best mobile app development company.

Recognized as Top mobile app developers by Clutch.

Ranked as the top mobile app development company by Appfutura.

Mobile development.net rating as the best mobile app development company.


It's time to build up your career with Mindster. With the best ever working environment, we nurture the talents to bring out their best.

Our Team

We have a back up of more than 250+ projects successfully completed and implemented to our credit.

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